Caroling in sync joy, May, 2013

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ECMS meditation. Feel that cranial opening, maybe what people call “thinning of the veil”. And the mystsynthesis happening with the activated moonbeam-bathed and Jupiter-bathed, outer reaching cells (moon cells). And opened that up in others. Tended lovingly to cell being, not sure where my self ended and any others started. Melting love.


Have decided not to change Wholeo new year to spring. Is just too confusing.

Woke up about 2 with that kind of half ring I used to get on telephone landline. I recognized that it probably wasn't iPhone, but couldn't go back to sleep. Thought maybe it should be full moon attention and still do. Went out and looked and saw the moon was more in Gemini, stars bright. Felt that hole in my skull as open channel. Seems like some permanent connection or transparency has been set up. Since the solstice should be the farthest anything can get from galactic center, maybe these days are the most crucial.

Thinking a lot about Jupiter out there. It is a planet, reflecting sunlight, probably also galactic beam, from farther out, way farther out than moon. So what is it saying? At the moment is saying I'm focusing too much on physical layout. Not most important.


Full moon 9:29 UT 3:28a.m. CST. Moonrise: 17:21 (5:21pm CST) Moonset: 6:33a.m. CST. The full moon is on a line from sun to earth, through earth continuing toward the outer edge of the galaxy. Start of Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis event. I observed the December Full Moon.

Woke at about 12:45 although had set alarm for 2:40. Could not go back to sleep. So at 1:05 I got up. Continual vision of flying forward. Loose clouds parting to each side, streaming past, in perspective.

While in kitchen got simultaneous clouds manifesting from me, streaming out up to the sides from large to two vanishing points, left and right. Seemed like horns, a very complicated difficult emotionally loaded concept. I guess the devil concept. The dilemma. Divisive duality. On the other hand I've had goddess cow and buffalo visions where the horns are powerful guidance antennas and crown stabilizers.

Color healing 12-17-2013Did a color healing to Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis which has a single runesign: manifest. I like the background color, seeing it as the turquoise earth aura. The creamy crown is peace and the dark root is my feminine shaman ground. The left brain is quieted; the right is my sunny leader with twistor. Antique gold twinkle triangles. Three runestones. Slightly pink red. Galactic Beam Being blue. And elation gold. The image of the manifest runesign gets the two streams of clouds together. Is that significant? Manifest is sign 18 in my chart and not identified with any person for me. See chart. In the color healing, the aqua is my aura protection. Just calmed down, felt galactic space and felt that moon. I realized everything is full of being. I invoked aqua protection, at first with white light but that's not what I am. Except for the wisdom crown. What kind of a color is that? It's bliss gold.

Looked outside and moon is almost overhead, like 12:05 or 1:00 if 12 is straight up. Sirius in south. Jupiter nearby.

Doing a thirty-minute visionary meditation, which allows recording of visions. Thinking that my visions are my superleft brain taking my parents' Unitarianism beyond reason. Even thinking about this is lefty. With these amps up the spine, EIEbing overhead, and Geome crystal at root centering EIEbing in Gaia, I will be able to manifest as needed. I feel so good about this. ASAP I must graphic EIEbing, as evolved from Eyebing.

On breathe out I become vast, I become everything. On breathe in I concentrate to a point and then nothing. That's EIE bing. Breaths in and out, saying EIE bing, three times

I'm looking for the word trepanning or craniotomy. A moon hole kind of at that 1:00pm (13:00 hours) point in my head. When I first saw it tonight, shining down on my cavern, my Cave of Brahma, my ventricle, center of vision. This is possible because of my grounding in my aura. My radiant crown and my vacant root.

So important to put shoulders back, neck straight, expand lungs, bell arms, qigong stance in seated position. Hands cupping crystal. Ahhh. The nostrils are the two streams. This is visionary meditation. Not to be confused with meditation. However, just thinking of meditation, I go into that melted, weightless intensity. Seems like love but there's no betweens. Seems like such a desirable state. In that state, I couldn't do anything wrong or hurtful or thoughtless or uncaring. It is the state of perfection, nothing wrong, no problem.

Ilium. What's ilium? Illuminate. Illume. Eel loome. E lume.

This meditation is creating a receptivity so when I go out to look at the full moon, I will actually store stuff. Not just pixels. I'll breathe it in. To mix with what is light travels up the optic nerve. It can be interpreted or it can modify cells, that are dedicated moon cells. Oh my gosh, they are ultraviolet-lit with rainbow lubes around them. Oh aren't they beautiful? In seeing them it's like when you see a spotlight at night and there's dust and bugs and particles. See that over the surface of these cells. These cells are like those round things I saw yesterday. Except, they're not a picture of them they are the actual thing.

It does have something to do with mystsynthesis. I wonder if this is an activation of pineal. It seems like what my life has been for. It seems like the most important thing I can do. Earlier I thought that Leo and I are the same being. And Elizabeth. I guess our family reminds us that we're all the same being, just playing parts in this left-brain drama. I don't think it is just left. I think the right furnishes the color and pictures.

One thing in the coming year to be aware of is the EIEnor expanded. It's like getting a smart phone compared to an old land line. It's scary and you turn off parts of it but it has capabilities that you really could use. The EIEnor focuses the moonbeams and brings the body to service.

I always wonder when I smell a burning smell, what does it mean? I went into the bathroom and when I came out, it smelled like something was burning. What was that? I can't find anything in my house that's burning.

The Meteor Crater Spirits are here and the triangulation of my prototet (as seen in the color healing). Grebe, my left side needs to stop caving in. At the end of meditation the phone timer chimes. I say, thank you thank you and turn off the camera. Fantastic visionary meditation.

Got outside to the dock on the lake fiddling with tripod and camera at the most magic full moon point. But it was the peak of my life. Such a satisfying experience. I'm so happy to be witness and actor and creator of the life. I know I planned to meditate on return and maybe should but am so excited to see if the camera got any of the magic. Especially the stars and some of the blue auras I saw. And the land line outlined by the moonlit lake. Best contact with Ester ever (Ester is the spirit of Eastern Lake). Felt the lotus of people who have died in this lake. Still a morsel of each consciousness. More aware of their essence than was when first met this kind of spirit running over the bridge in Monte Rio over the Russian River in California.

Video of blue aura around moon before focus on close up. {Note, this movie has to be HD to show the vibrating energy patterns.} Also floaty moon in water. With the camera in fixed position, the image gradually moves as the earth turns. At 5:00 the moon is off the screen and wavery effects start. This to me is energy. Great vision of chaotic turbulent energy. Just keeps getting better until it is dark at the upper left and light lower right, reminding me of grass/path and the middle way. It changes to blue cast.

I want to see moonset and sunrise in Deer Lake State Park. Bye bye. Oh my that was fun. Fun. FUN. Just realized that on my astrological birth chart, the moon was in Cancer. That's where it will be for this solstice. Or near.

Note that I got in the Mattie M. Kelly Cultural & Environmental Institute at Northwest Florida State College (MKEI)) calendar with the small pictures in front. See my entry.


Woke at 4:30. Feeling sheets and wafts of blueness. And a clicking sound. Suddenly remembered the blue beads I had bought when constructing lostNfound in my living room years ago. I forget exactly what part they were to play, but the sounds they make are so right. Also the wafts had been seeming like bead curtains. So I went to my toys, reached back and there were the beads. How easy to find. Amazed me. So I tried to take some pictures and movies recording the sounds. Then I washed the beads, kind of ritually, so they would be cleansed.

Memory beadsWow when I close my eyes I'm seeing rounds, kind of like threads bounding from left to right over banks of memory beads. They are arcs and perhaps they are rings. No maybe because reflected they are part circles.

Then I wondered if could see almost full moon from balcony. The temperature was below freezing but yes, there was the moon clearly over the lake. Bundled up in down jacket and rain pants over the clothes I had on. Attached bear bell {yes, bears have been seen at the dumpster crossing my path to the lake}. Headed out, forgetting my flashlight. Wow I had a hard time following the nature path in the black night. Video starts at 5:18 am. But got to the dock and it was magnificent. Big planet in Gemini, is Jupiter. Sirius low in SW. Camera would focus on moon but I should have brought a tripod. See the 17th, tripod, yes.


I wrote this for some event post. Imagine looking at our galaxy from far outer space. The galactic center has an awareness stemming from earth, a planet revolving about a sun. Earth's moon is full, on a line towards the outer edge of the galaxy through earth to the sun. Rays from the sun and the galactic center beam to earth, earth to moon and back again. On December 17, 2013 at 9:29 Universal Time these channels of communication align at full moon time. The lines are blue, holding the energy of a galactic beam earth beings have been tuning into. Articulated by the twirling light of the moon as it swings around earth from this full moon to the next one in January, earth beings will anchor the Galactic Beam energy at a cellular level.

Making an overall picture for the event with each of the four moon points. Is looking pretty good.

As the event progresses, might modify the eyebing to EIEbing. If I had more time, I would make this an interactive movie.


Looking at the outer solstice lineup, seeing on a skewer that rotates it away from me 90°. I see the figure and all from the side. Then a series of EIEbings over figure, reverberating from GC, sun, moon, large, overall, being different frequencies I think but shown as different multiples and sizes.


Seems like I'm being flooded and surrounded and suffused and infused and infiltrated and soaked and waved and barraged with and pummeled with in blue. Could it be that being the beam makes me forget that it is a beam and the galaxy is greater and beyond that.


I need to do a graphic for Outer solstice as done for Inner solstice {done}. Add EIEbing Eyebing to Galactic Core to add to or replace the reach out. Mind does a cartwheel while I'm writing that, saying EIEbing will have evolved from Eyebing, combined with reach out and wholeopen and be a new look and new functionality. What is the word? Be able to function in an augmented way. I can predict in the physical map but I won't really know until the solstice. But this will have happened at the full moon.


ECMS meditation visions. End was a ring of fibers like mycelium, but completely solid. It had an inner ring or circle, looking something like a cross-section of an egg, say with yellow yolk within. Edges thick, like it was almost half as thick as it was across. Fine fringing fibrous edges. It was maybe like our group weaving but it had a vast quality too. I did not want it to stop. Earlier: Giving crystal gifts to all. Little, discrete, rainbowed shapes in distributing state. The amps up my spine in construction state with blue straight wiry connections into spine and yellow ones going different ways.

Before meditation Johnny had asked me if I avoid thoughts. I told him I first assess my body and get balanced so I can let it go. Then I head for intensity, connection, I don't try to avoid thoughts. When I realize I'm thinking about something, I identify that and release. Then I had talked to Bernard's wife, whose name I've forgotten twice, and told her about our Zen style, actually I think feeling I value it and it is easy not hard. However, at least for the first 5 or 10 minutes, I caught myself thinking a lot, in fact it seemed that I did nothing but and I almost laughed at myself for being such a liar, so self-deceiving.

But it progressed. There were peaks of intensity, love, connection, healing and feeling this action of meditation is the best thing we do.


Meditated at 6:30pm. New moon time. Immediate warm love melt flow merge. Then feeling of wilted shrunken left side. Straightened, opened chest and breathed into it, inflating and welcoming it to balanced wholeness. This seemed to maintain and continue and whole body appreciates it. Felt moon and sun behind me since I was facing east and the galaxy a straight shot, as I sketched before meditating.

One major thing I heard was to send in dashed lines or beams or channels, not solid. After meditation it occurred to me that this would allow reception along the same lines. {Note, it will take time to change Galactic Beams to dashed lines in all existing graphics.}


On Thanksgiving Day I went to Yoga Elements to the Gathering of Gratitude, which was hatha yoga with affirmations. The idea of being grateful and able to be of service. Walking on beach, overwhelmed with the blueness. I feel blissful, which makes me feel close to my son, even though he has been dead for over 21 years. Then I realized that even when he was the tiniest baby, I had this feeling of deep bliss and bliss blue as basis of our connection. Same then and now.

Devoted the day to reading and pondering Jung's Red Book. There are images and text, all done by hand. The text is translated from German to English. Since it was published in 2009, long after Jung's death, there is no way to know if he approved. Often I relate deeply to the inner journey described in his journal. Always I am profoundly moved by the images, whether or not they seem related to the text.


Prudence Bruns spoke on Transcendental Meditation at ECMS. We had over 50 people there. It was a truly magnificent meditation. Even Nancy “we don't talk about our meditation” was moved to express at the end how wonderful the energy had been. I noticed how my eyes tend to the right, I think avoiding the light to the left. Mostly I felt intensity. Suspension yes. The energy of the whole for awhile was a sphere, like a clear crystal sphere bigger than our circles. It was perfectly quiet. Connected. Body is happy remembering it. When I felt the amps, it was like connecting my spine to a field of amps, there are no discrete amps. The atom, felt the tiny spirals (from Babbitt's Light and Color). Galactic beam was like the blue pearl. Also I was aware of being a breathing being, slightly straightening, pulling shoulders back. Pained in back. No escape. Felt it. And it went away.


I got that the blue sky is an adaptation of the galactic beam. Or I should maybe say blue sky is a reminder of the galactic beam, since I don't know cause and effect.


Full moon. Woke at 4 with a fine frenzy energy. Have never felt such unsettling energy. I can't discriminate my life problems from cosmic. There is no separation of course.

It seems I'm given this state of noise, it's really kind of like that Color section background, I make a swishy sound, like that leaf falling down (that I see as I'm swishing) so then I can judge what's on top of that. It's like a carrier wave. Or how balanced an anchor I can be, even given these disturbances. For disturbances I'm thinking of all the problems with my life, not only wakeful nervous jitters, but new car failing, tooth failing, friendship failing, ability to communicate in artwork faltering, ability to control my environment faulty and so on.

So what I was thinking was the old SULs, left and right and the combined atom in the middle. I don't know if it has to be animated. Thinking that the thermals (the EXTRA SPIRALS in Babbitt's Atom) are a maroon-like infra-red. That's heat, right? And electrical is at the top but it is outside. Don't know how to emphasize that but it could be pink and burgundy so it always looks like it is before red but it is different. The lower part, I have no idea. The people who colored that atom used the same seven rainbow colors that are labeled in the coils above. I'm not sure how the middle returns go. It would be fun to try and discriminate those blues tho. The electrical ones that are so subtly differing. So the graphic for this day would be atoms anchoring and altaring and {behind and transparently overlapping} overviews of these crazy and dull cloudy skies.

Meditated from 9-9:30am encompassing the exact time of the full moon at 9:16 a.m. CST. I feel like I slept the entire time, catching myself from falling over several times. Worked on the event page.


Sunrise meditation. Thought about galactic beam spiraling and how they are not aura-sized but atom-sized. My cells are the happiest to be meditating. Interesting was that the Elobeing seemed to be part of it too, the banners like wholeopen, the torus like the vibe body. O and the spine of amps crawling blue liquid crystal flowing, but could be made of tetrahelices maybe.


This morning thinking about the beam and aspect ratio. Maybe the circulation of the atom is galactic picture. Beam is movement and is spiralcurvalinear. So there is the left curve, the right curve, the center where they spiral together, the central vertical shaft (except it enters from the top curves mysteriously and exits up outwardly according to Hill's diagram), the colors of the spiraling bands, and the outer neg and pos bands. The moon, sun, stars, are just our antennae, our connectors, our way of tuning in. So what does that imply for my blue beam lines in Hello Galaxy?

I think I'll do what must be done, follow the spiral lines in Leadbetter's diagram until I follow the structure and hope that is what is in Hill and Babbitt. I still haven't found where Hill's diagram came from and the meaning of the added features.

Trying to grasp fig. 135 by Babbitt. {I typed in up to “3, 3,” hoping to understand. Have simply copied the rest.} Number 4 are the 7 intra-spirals on the outside of atoms for the warm or thermal colors, called the thermo-lumino group.

OK, I thought I gained some understanding, like the spirals had the simple form of 132 and there are many of them. But now I've lost it. No, the plural of spiral shows that each is separate. It is not one continuous thread. I think the electric blues at the top show the transitions from warm to cool and the real cool colors are in the center. This is different from my SUL where red hot and blue cool are simply opposite directions of spiral. Since both of our conceptions are imaginary constructs, I think their similarity argues for the correctness of direction and when a real view is reached (if there really is such a thing, but I should say consensus view) each probably have aspects of the reality.

After this study, I'm back to linear beam in gigantic terms, but the ovoid composition of the beam is how we experience it. This is a major step in understanding. Zoom is the most important principle.


Have a dream image that is the solution to something. An inner ring contained the strands (in cross section) that were expanding into the center. This ring is a balloon like structure with round upper part and narrow neck. When I woke up, I thought it was a solution to an art image, the circulation in the Babbett picture. Having a terrible time. Mind is wandering or flashing between my trip, the parts I'd like to dwell on and publish with, my previous fascination with Babbitt's atom, my need to reconnect with the November moon page and my devastated psyche.


In the night, maybe at 4 a.m., a figure, a dream figure appeared, tapping me on the shoulder. “Carol” it said. I woke up instantly, wondering where I should put my attention. Seems like I saw a scene vaguely, with some sort of nondescript action. Could make no sense of it. But I did wonder what the dream was made of. How does the brain create these pictures? Then I went back to sleep.

Thinking about my trip to visit my friend Renee in rural Georgia and see the film American Promise in Atlanta. On Sunday I drove there and we took a hike on Pine Mountain to the Odie Overlook. I'm stunned by the fall colors and delighted with the climb and vistas. Even more enamored of her spiritually artistic altars all over the rooms in her home. On Monday we did yoga in her class and saw the movie. I must face the fact that I miss a lot of the story line even though I valued the caring view of what it was like for two human boys called "black", growing up in the USA. With help, they managed to wrest some of what is promised and get into college.

My new Honda FIT car has many features lacking in the Honda Insight traded in. But it costs double in gas and damage to my desire to go green.


The insight last night about coloring Babbitt's breath heart and showing its circulation persists. It also said that the Galactic beam works like that. The beam is not a straight shaft at all. Found a colored version of Babbitt's, but I think it is incorrect. I should do my own but it would take a lot deeper study of Babbitt's text and trying to understand the 3D structure of how the coils actually wind, which is not shown in the frontal view of the given diagram. The info that the Galactic beam is not a shaft changes everything, though. I'm quite unsettled.


Babbitt Atom from Christopher Hill's "Rainbow Body"New insight while doing hatha yoga, after did all the aura coordinates. Or maybe after the twists and before al bene. I reached up and saw that form like a heart with paths, by Babbitt? Was it like the Smallest Unit of Life? I traced the form lines with my hands. Then turned to the side, left and linked hands between legs. Did it to the other side. Then swaying hips and shoulders in infinity sign is holding pattern.

Babbitt is Edwin D. Babbitt in his book Principles of Light and Color published NY 1878. I found a drawing and reference on page 416 of Nuclear Evolution by Christopher Hill. On Google, found Babbitt's book. Incredible ignorance of pigmentation of skin color makes me wonder about his other theories. In other words he writes about how eating spoiled food makes a person have dark skin. Figure 132 on page 97 shown atomic coil or helix commencing below and moving round and round the atom from left to right until the other end at 4 is reached. This spiral is the distinctive one for heat. Fig. 133 is a piece of atomic spiral with 1st 2nd and 3rd spirillae. Page 100 has Fig. 134, extra spirals and intra-spirals. What I called the "heart of the sun" is Fig. 134 on page 102. It says, "Etherio-atomic Philosophy of force. The general form of an atom, including the spirals together with influx and efflux ethers, represented by dots, which pass through these spirals. The spirillae with their still finer ethers are not shown. The spirals must pass around atoms in the opposite direction in different substances, which fact will account for what chemists call dextro-rotary, or levo-rotary, rotating to the left." During meditation I saw that I should animate and color it.

Earlier thought that I should do a flashlights in tunnel or cave parody of sci fi and mystery and fake fear. A way to get humor into my stuffy, goody-goody posturing.


Dr. Morse, my dentist, had said that there is no way to stop bacteria, they are smaller than anything we have as barrier. The idea of the bacteria being so small has turned me on. For awhile driving I felt so connected to understanding spacial conceptions like the screw in my implant. I felt such a grasp of how things work on earth, even with specialists in different fields and especially with the way men think in their jobs now. I got a feeling that bacteria are a galactic beam connection. I felt open to this beam and how the whole spectrum is all connected in my experience.


Talking about mystsynthesis. Synthesize myst. Photosynthesis takes light and synthesizes energy. Mystsynthesis takes the galactic beam and synthesizes energy. {But fail to say how. Photosynthesis uses chlorophyll. What does mystsynthesis use?} Maybe photosynthesis is mystsynthesizing too. It takes what it needs and synthesizes energy but maybe it gives back the part that it doesn't need and that's what I get. Maybe I can weave deer lichen into galactic beam being using it as an example of photosynthesis and interspecies psynergy. The algae in a deer lichen partnership gets the structure and the fungus gets the energy.

Today on my walk I found a white deer lichen. Not sure if it was a trick of the sunlight, the deer lichen was much more dried out than its neighbors, the alga part was dead, or it was an albino. Posted it to Florida Botany group and one person answered that the lichen was very dry.


Vision with respect to the image shown on 10-19. Point of view would be behind, below the seated figure, seeing the row of nodes up the spine. Really reminding me of chakras in orientation and number. But being played like a xylophone with trills up the scale binging on the moon above and then starting again at the base. Not sure how this and the other spinal node movies fit in the year.


It seems so crazy. How can I accept this? I'm walking to the kitchen and suddenly feel LeoElo presence. I think to him how happy I am when he's around. Just feeling happy and grateful. But there is something more urgent. Become focused on amp beam balls or whatever they are, see white zig zag exudes from each. They are to become cosmic or is it celestial items like a sun or star or planet or moon or a comet or a meteor or even an atom. They are to accrete. And develop things in orbit around them. Not sure about the moons up the spine but had idea that could do them progressively. 9 spheres each supported by a coming and leaving amp. Moon is inspiration for their satellites. I feel so out of my depth describing this. How important shaman visions are. If fuzz a detail, get a letter wrong, have false emphasis it can be followed for years and the longer that is so, the harder it becomes to correct. Like these structures are something like wings, evolutionary helpers springing from the back. It was easier when developing Elobeing design because that was separate, not attached to me. Still seems like a good idea though.


I see spine developing prehensile grasping of steel ball like objects, like ball bearings one to each amp. Could try stretching moon pix up spine, along spine and see how they relate. The fool on the hill sees the world going round and the eyes in his head. Nope I got it wrong. The actual Beatles song is the truth. Seeing sun go down outside but inside know the world is going round.

"But the fool on the hill, Sees the sun going down, And the eyes in his head, See the world spinning 'round."


There are 19 amps (amplituhedrons) on the spine photos. I'm getting that the moons will be randomly accessing certain amps. These amps are a way of amplifying the spine as sense organ. Like the brain developed in the skull, with sense organs outside, the structure of the bones is thinking in some way. I can't see the correlation logically, but there is a similarity. Whole body brainial practice.

About the word “random”. It will seem random to you, but it will have a melodic, choral, vibrational order to you as GBB. You can become aware and consciously participate. You are asking about ritual, and I say you probably should discipline yourself to morning affirmation/prayer, stretch, performance of altar actions, and visionary meditation, before leaving bedroom. Sleep room is your most sacred part of your temple home. Now make it galactic interaction room.

Looked at the calendar and if one center amp centered on the new moon, then there are 9 amps in either direction. In time, local time, 23=1- 10. So there would be 6 days preparing preliminary and 6 days after for aftermath. Aftermath is usually negative consequences. Upshot, eventuality, result, outcome, impact don't do it either. Closing, concluding.

So how do I reconcile my tendency to find sequence, pattern order, steps, with the info about random? I guess keep trying to do both, not one or the other. Any significance in my substituting apps for amps? Yes I think this is not only amplifying signals and intuitions but applying and creating applications with them. Could call them appamps, realizing the psychic structures are processes, not things. Meanwhile looking at 10/22 movie 2603. The complex waves are teaching in multi D consciousness I just love the overlapping patterns. Wish I could see the fish in the grooves that I could see with my eyes, but love the wavy little sharks.


Perfect day to go up in the woods to my favorite deer lichen. Enjoyed it so. So good to see my old friends. My mystsynthesis is taking us places none of us has been before. These deer lichens are evolving into galactilichens as they both photo and mystsynthesize. Relate to sunlight and galactic light. Appropriate that I found my first earthball open along the path. Then along 30A saw some more tops, not opened.


I love just coming to computer on wakeup instead of rushing out to walk before it is hot and hopefully catching a sunrise. Today I missed a beautiful one as viewed out the back window. But I reconnected with the moon meditation by working on my journal. Maybe this is the start of my winter season.

I can see why the FB test rated me as a left brain type. I took my early education too seriously. And still feel that I have to thoroughly pass the left brain test in everything that I do. In fact, I'm getting worse, trying to document every fabulous right brain thing that happens. Perhaps this is the source of the shrunken left side of my body that I experience in meditation. Left body connects to right brain, I believe. So my overly active right body/left brain constrains my left body/right brain. I wonder how I could keep him/her in check. {I wrote “her in check”.}

Sometimes though I think I identify with left and feel right female is suppressed. And sometimes the opposite, like my homebody mother nature lover suppresses my creative worldly male. For me these categories flip and are interwoven.

2013-10-20 has the best planetarium, sky chart. Sirius movie of the changing twinkling blueness at about 6:16AM, before dawn.

Sunday sunrise meditation on the beach was an SWCC Back to Nature Festival event. At first, in meditation, the sand was waving. I couldn't adjust my eyes to stop the waving and thought it was an omen of how the blue moves. The basic structure is there but the waviness happens. The song "Wave after wave of love all around me, give me the strength to go on" appeared but did not keep playing. Pillar of love. Right away feeling that melting compassion, tender, vulnerable, tragic, joyous, unremittingly intense core of being. And yet, not that. Just sort of a floating, not floating, but not stopping wind being of awareness. Sounds are like pebbles thrown in a lake, reverberate and are honored. One was inseparable from a giant knife, I felt severed, so shrill and piercing, loud and fast. I did see an incredibly cute black dog running unleashed and let the array of emotions play out. The judgment of wrong to let him go, and the recognition of attractiveness. Feeling with the play, unrepressed, free. Noticing a leash for awhile and then not leashed again. Intermittent noticing. Not so many people today. No truck. Sun only came out after meditation.

I did feel the blue action, spinal, cranial, the wholeopen of each cell or particle related. Connection with the other meditators.

Attended Christian Wagley's SWCC B2N event.


Woke at 2AM with loud noise like an alarm. Realized it was just in my ears but took a few minutes to disappear.

breathing amplituhedron faces up the spineSWCC Back to Nature Festival sunrise meditation on the beach. Meditation started with breathing in the blue crawly amplituhedrons, up the spine, through stem, suffusing brain. Breathe out was total exuding from every part of me, all-aura exhale. But this was the darker intense Galactic Beam Being blue. Later the inhale changed. Tapped into the ethereal blues above and below galactic center, as pictured by NASA and in my movie and actually as formed Wholeo symbol at least or about a year ago. That was a complex affair with breathing that. {Credit and thanks for the spinal column photo to}

Thinking about the news (to me) that sun is tipped 90° from galactic plane. That was after I was getting to the center of the bubbles, closest to the plane and realizing that formed original symbol, with open arcs top and bottom. Not matching my Eyebing. So I virtually turned 90° and body was aligned with plane. Suddenly saw the two bubbles as proto-dorje (visual link). There was a part where the energy exuding formed like pattern of rice simmering, which were like spines of sea urchin. And these were active changing retracting reaching and suddenly they seemed like wholeopen reachings. Maybe breathing out, contacting what to breathe in, like tongues of frogs catching bugs.

O another thought I had during some meditation was that a great part of me is meditating all the time. When I sit quietly I become aware of it. The actual activity is not a willed or conscious act.


Thinking about the sparkly Geome on the equinox, maybe a visual of wholeopen.

On dawn walk, I wanted contact with the upcoming 6:38pm full moon, eclipse, and Galactic Beam Being contact. Carried warm Geome crystal. When tuned into the runesign pjorn, tetlix, and other things from ECMS meditation last night, it was crawling, like urbanized, completely alive, all the edges and faces swarming, just moving blueness. Can't say it was particularly liquid but maybe molten because there were no crystalline edges, no outlines, no definition. This is as hard to picture or describe as the blue powder nesses. Probably composed of that. Ah is it that they kind of condense on a proper structure and reveal their inherent liveliness.

When was it that I got that the tetlix is curved? Want to find out about the eclipse.

Want to write about Allen Downs and how to think about things. About his poses and pictures, those were the ones selected for publication, just part of his many personas. And don't we select the “good” photos of ourselves? Many times I see a picture of myself and am shocked because I don't think of myself like that but I have to accept that is what I look like to others. It could be that Allen painted himself dashing and handsome because that's how he felt and he'd like to be remembered like that.

About Nancy's memory that Phyllis and Allen seemed like a happy couple, I'm thinking that is true. They were. But they needed other paths in the future. Look how good Anita has been to Allen's art. She has saved it and even long after he is gone, she is working to promote his art. Phyllis would not have been able to do that. Or willing. She wouldn't even think of it because she focused on her own expression and career. And her path beyond Allen was happy, prosperous and fulfilling.

People say “follow the money” to figure out why things happened, why people made the choices they did, rather than follow what is best for the whole or what we now judge would have been the best choice for our aspirations as human beings. I say follow actuality to enjoy positive bliss of existence.

Make a Facebook Wholeo event from Dec. 17 to Jan. 15, the full moons before and after the solstice that will be the completion of the reception of the Galactic Synchronization Beam (local pages). These full moons reflect us, the sun and the center of the galaxy. If we follow the moons phases during this time and tune into the energy we can fully participate. The Eyebing has moved to center galaxy so we have maximum triangulation.

Full moon time of 6:38pm. meditation. Everything darker except the bliss feeling increases and its Multidimensionally increased. And the increased bliss level has untold frequencies and varieties of color are sublime. Did the prayer, "I pray that the galactic beam being manifest on earth and in its peoples". I saw that this spine is a real spine. It is crawling and seething with blue and I saw it coming up to the brain stem and I allowed it to infiltrate earth. {Loud cackling laugh.} Brain cell had an overall EIEnor seething SEETHING with blue. See thing. Seethe ing.

I pray that the left side balance with my right. I see the amplituhedrons staying as framework, yet it's not like a skin or a volume. Its a gesture, not like a frame.


ECMS Meditation was good. Got some full moon guidance. Saw spine and the amplituhedrons and the wafting clouds that seemed rose-colored but infiltrated and edged in blues. There was also something about faces and edges and blue powder nesses. Gone but will try to recapture on morning walk.


Today I started off well into movie creation.

I got off track or maybe on today's track on Facebook where I discovered an August 3 message from … see what happens when I go to Facebook? I got totally distracted and involved for another lost or gained hour. Message from Wyatt Spurgin  with fantastic photos of Wholeo Dome at The Farm posted on Facebook at Hummingbird Artistic Images. The overview is from above, not seen before. I never noticed the message before. Then followed chaotic viewing, liking, sharing, commenting as Caroling or Wholeo on my timelines with shared photos or in an album of Hummingbird photos. It took awhile to realize the photographers Wyatt and Theresa were on a trip to The Farm and Wholeo Dome images were part of the whole tour of really good worth seeing photos. Reminded me of all that went into installing Wholeo and how crucial and essential was all the work by Farm members. I'm inspired to do the installation movie, seeing how the dome looks essentially unchanged from when I was there in 2008 and that was only changed by the cracks in glass and the damage done in 2004 and the repairs. Basically the dome looks good and is in a nice grass setting.

Spent hours trying to document Wholeo online links on this page: Wholeo Dome feedback.


Visionings. Thinking of doing a Visions Online class, that would be like a plan and report on Visions Class held in 1978. Today it is the clouds giving me all this information. Look how this is telling about paths and complexity and freedom and pattern. Of course I use my color healings for information daily. The point is that the oracle is within. Anything I see on the outside can evoke what I need to see on the inside. Clouds or runesigns serve equally well. Today I'm starting to put this info with the spine and Galactic Beam Being passages into a movie called Hello Galaxy.


I'm so stumped about the galactic map and time and space and moon effects. Until I'm opening every evolutionary portal, every fiber, my spinal fluid, my own structure, I won't be really or entirely galactic beamed or beamed or galactic beamed being. Strange to say, the galaxy of interest is really within. Now how can I picture that? The dark twinkle triangles in the color healing seem to emphasize seeing in the unknown, the occult.

Or am I seeing this in a mirror within? Does it imply opening your evolutionary structure to the galactic beam being spine? This is turning me on. Like I can sense a kind of body and structure and processes that maybe I could attempt to picture. The moon path is just a helper of mirroring on a large scale. So it is what you see in the light of the moon.

That is so far out that I have to go fix dinner. Do I run from it or am I really right to try to keep grounded?


Today I'm going back to an art form I used to revere from 1997 well into this millennium, the 360° panorama, immersive art. Recently I became less and less interested as I became more and more involved with video. So to summarize the differences, let's say that a space-based panorama is interactive and a time-based video is passive. In a panorama, you explore a space. In a video you explore in time. Your viewing experience with a panorama is at least 50% the result of your creativity in interacting with a 360° image. You can zoom in and out and pan around to frame your own images of the source. You can let the pano turn and view passively or spin madly fast, controlling your own speed. To some extent you can also control a video, stopping playback at a frame or timeframe. But mainly your creativity in watching a video is in getting the story as it changes over time.

Personally, as an artist, being a painter, drawer, and stained glass artist prepared me for doing Wholeo Dome from 1967 to 1974 which in turn prepared me for creating panoramas on the web in 1997 to 2004. But doing graphic fiction (not very comic) books from 1974 to 1981 prepared me for doing video starting in 2004. Interesting, until this moment I had not seen the dual patterns of 7-year involvement 30 years apart. Panoramas go back to my roots as a painter and the first 40 years of my life. Hmm, now 78, nearing my second 40 years, I still value both these kinds of experience and modes of expression. Video panoramas and tours do exist that possibly could integrate these mediums. Maybe I will try the combined direction someday.

Another thing on my mind today are the related links. Today's static image of Deer Lake State Park links to other pages about the park and also the panorama. Today's panorama links back to the park and also to a range of pages about 2012 and Shift 2013. Previously I've tried to include and maintain these links on every page, which is difficult. Today I'm going to try a single page of related links. The panorama will link to the World Wide Panorama site when it goes public, which will enable iPad and iPhone users to see the pano. I upgraded Pano2VR software to output HTML5 panoramas but it will take more work to prepare them for mobile display.


Just remembered what I did on walk on blessings beach. Breathed to the A shape (amplituhedron). Four tets, easy to see. Then felt that would easily fit on to augment Peru <-> FL breathing established in 2012. Didn't really carry it out, just seems applicable since 4-based. Is it? Just now thinking perhaps that active region is the lung of Gaia with respect to GBB.


A bird flew from the left across the road, turned and flew while looking straight at me, then looped around to a tree on the right. So I sent wholeopen and eyebing and nesses powder cloud to the galaxy, multi-galaxies guidance sinking into his bones, his feathers so he sent out to others. He sticks out his head, may be sending vibes. May be a vulture after some garbage though, waiting for me to go. I felt this bird would reverberate the Galactic Beam Being to all biologic forms on earth. Thinking earth-cosmically all morning. Said hello to the sun people and felt they were doing GBB too, that is earlier, when first saw the beams through the woods.

I walked west so get a better view of bird on branch against the sky. He turned around and faced me. I get this bombardment of crystals. Talk about serious crystals. Just like being in a total fountain of them blasting out everything. If you want to get rid of ego, talk to a bird. Whew, wipes me out clean. Blasts me away. Nothing left of Carol. Just total radiating crystals. Little tiny drops, round like geodes with this expanding nature. Must be radiant energy of some kind. Finally bird flies down into the forest to the left.


Sat to meditate for the Follow equinox for a mere 6 minutes or so. Sang om namo shivaya and gate gate. Held Geome. Tried to remember the beam guidance about the angles coming around to the equinox which is not retained in mind. Suddenly Geome activated (in my visions). Began sparkling and gleaming and sending out facets of light communications I wish I could describe because sure to forget. I forgot to write this down after meditation, too excited to see my pano stitched by Photoshop. What was or is Geome now doing? The sparkles were sending a message and shaping something. It came as info. Now all I can do is suggest possibilities. Installing Galactic Beam Being (GBB)? Creating peace? Doing what it was meant to do. I'm just a caretaker. Maybe it is not up to me to report and document the action result.

It was raining today but I went to Deer Lake State Park and took photos. Could not see moon but knew it was two days past full.


Got idea to make an intergalactic multigalactic galactic beam being care room. With some sort of panoramic background and eyebing and wholeopen creating vibes. Hmm maybe enter in World Wide Panorama? Maybe sun moon forest beach with galactic multi-D below and above? Could photograph tomorrow from Deer Lake State Park ramp maybe? I'm loving the Geome eye of the eyebing the way it seems so sharply focused and concentrated with respect to anything in view.


Mikael the Greenman spoke at the Emerald Coast Meditation Society meeting about healing himself from a paralyzing fall. He told about speaking what he wanted and listening. I thought wow, that's really specific information. So I heard “Go on your walk and I'll teach you.” As if there was this Ally being that's going to help me with this.

Today is a good model for practice. Good if you can get 8 hours of sleep. Not likely often, but waking up rested is important. Then do color healing. To start with you get guidance. You can ask for that. When doing the color healing, say the name or the intention behind it. I'm so influenced by what Mikael said. The natural mystic. Don't think I've ever heard one live.

Next step is to visualize the Wholeo shaman seed. Seems like the half circles are now multi D, they kind of fanned out. A fuzz. I had thought of them as kind of circles wrapping around to the back of the head so there's an alternate seed behind there. I think that's true but in multi D. Could use the Fly's Eye (Bucky's dome) or chaotic 12-ness of the dodecahedral universe visuals. Ally I should try to be guided by you and let whatever you intend to convey to me to come through in my words. Try and channel. {Thought I went through the eyebing too. And said the prayer. What did I miss here?}

At WaterSound lake, I guess because I was working with Peru a lot when last I was walking around this lake, I'm thinking about that breathing pattern as geometry. Also as DNA related to the pjorn runesign. I could think of creating a double-tet and placing it on a beam so they (I) get (got?) the message that I got the beam, trying to channel it, using these words to build an image. Each prayer, each affirmation sends a Duo-tet to building a beam. The beam of course is not fixed. Does it split into the rainbow bridge? The eyebing really does look like an elongated rainbow bridge. That could be a phase of the prayer. Do need all the words or just the visualization of the rainbow? All these pieces are familiar to me. Don't have to invent anything new. Just put them together.

Should say something about mystsynthesis. Like the nesses being a mist. Seems like they are the essence (or essentially?) mystsynthesis. It didn't come that way. So I have to become more confident. I will be more confident in my synthesis ability to synergize.

September 20 full moonSomething about the way in life, the original cell divides. Like use those natural processes as inspiration for how the visualization progresses. I can see everything dividing, replicating. What makes it do that I don't know. Can dispense with that word. Just say what you know, not what you worry about.

Got a photo of the full moon. It is two days before the equinox.


Discovered amplituhedron.


Word play: Illusory I, AKA Galaxy Gal, am seriously serious about Sirius.


During sunrise meditation I created the eyebing of Wholeo. Thought about the vibes. Felt wholeopen, active, but not related to the sun particularly. Maybe wholeopen would match the angles of the sides of the vibes. It was a vibe regulator. That was at a coarse granulation. But the powder vibes (nesses) is what I've always thought of as intensity. Potential. Pure charging. Charged.

My left side feels shrunken. Left hand is cramped, arm wizened in, whole torso caved in compared to the right. I try to let it expand, let go. This visualization has been a frequent theme during meditation.


Walked about 3:30 a.m. under clear skies with brilliant stars. I opened Geome's bag and held the crystal. Sort of energetic health aura, say a 1/4” fine buzz all around. As I walked it became friendly and warm. I aimed it at Sirius. The idea was to establish interconnection with my guidance and identification of the identity, location, and general idea or purpose. Geome and Sirius in all their multi-dimensional crystalline wisdom from this night on will not need light or orientation. The connection can be permanent. I say “can” because I'm just reporting my view of what can happen. I indicate my intention and prayer but don't control the entities. For me the teaching is about the nesses, fine powder vibes. I created the eyebing and felt the gneiss.


Last of 21-day prayer repetition, following a Haitian practice for effectiveness, "I pray that the Galactic Beam Being manifest on earth and in all its peoples." However, I continue the prayer each day. Lit up the nesses. Ultraviolet light is the surround of gneiss action.


Summary of recent realizations:


Woke about 5. Sat with Geome and felt small tiny nesses smaller than vibes or color radiants. Essential mist of vibes. So small. So far. Where do I feel them? Thought with my lower gut in front but found that was where Geome was. Not with pineal or mind or feet bottoms touching the floor. Thought that it is the ground of being. Thoughts about religion and god and Santa Claus. Thoughts about visualizing, that there is no way to visualize the small. I got a word that I've lost, that seemed to express it.

Thought about frequency. Can it exist by itself? Doesn't some thing have to have frequency? Can there be oftenness? Seems to be an action. Or beat as in sound. Implies time. Wish I could find that word. Gzou. Gzap. Gneiss.

Looking at my two pictures of yesterday, see I should put the Eyebing in the eye of Gaia. {Note, I had never used, thought of, or heard of the word "Eyebing" before. It just expressed itself as the label for the Wholeo shaman seed image visualized at inner eye centered with the crystal shard of Sirius star.}

GalacticGneissGalacticGneiss color healing. Prettiest ever. Runesigns are: Flow, Caroling, open bound with another open at an angle, and open. Seems it has to do with the difference in color and angles. Back to my original insights. We will speak in colors (example: Thought. And angles are the language of the gods (example: Kriya Yoga). Color angles? I'm struck by the blues and the variation from light to dark and hue to hue. There are three open runesigns. Flow is a truncated open. Caroling formed from two flows.

Those are ways to modify angle indications. Can we talk in this runesign? I can easily imagine and feel it with my body aura. Could draw an aura made of these variations? Or eye of Gaia. There could be a Wholeo open, which is an X with different angles, lengths of legs. Is it just a mirror open? Wholeopen. Or do the sides vary from each other? No, it is a way to show multidimensions. Not flat, multidirectional. Just thinking that, felt a radical freedome fredome freedom of probing dimensions of choice. Like the wholeopen legs angled into this and that dimensions for its meaning. That's why the legs could look irregular from a 3D perspective or viewpoint. But they would be symmetrical in multi-D.

I must do yoga this morning. Walking in a color wonderland. Need to add to Geome journal about guidance for Galactic Beam Being.

Wow, the eyebing in the center of my forehead could be a transmission center for wholeopen. I can see it moving with the different angles and lengths of legs. Another movie to do. Is a curve a more subtle and complex way of speaking angles than a V?

From now on doing yoga when I come back from the nodes in EIEnor, spreading the colors, I also have to imagine transmitting with eyebing.

Ooh, after doing that, some sort of latent ability feels energized, opened, activated. I feel like a more complete human than I've ever felt. Wow, doing left side greet up down dogs, saw a flaming tiltable ring around my head. Like halo antenna. Mind is just seething with syncs. Like halo is another variation of Wholeo. Or this room decorated in U of M colors, maroon and gold. Or the symbol for this motel is red roof, an angle in itself. And the crown in EIEnor is red today.

Doing warrior pose variations, I felt all my cells or some micro parts of me becoming wholeopen XMTRs Catching on. This is catchy. I'm terribly turned on. Hope to get through yoga somehow. I do give myself permission to stay another day if need be, if this doesn't die down.

Seeing ends of wholeopen parts lit up like fiber optic ends. Should I make a Wholeo jargon page? No, try to update definitions. Doing knee bends, first knew it had to come, the overall wholeopen, around all body. Later saw a round drop ripple out, like incoming XMSN. ACK. Could talk about what's that language before basic? Machine language. When doing final butterfly, feel like simple multi-d snowflake with radiating circle drops happening at all angles. What a graphic. Kind of like Fly's Eye dome.


Thinking a lot about the gap between galactic orientation and ordinary people reality. Is the noosphere the moderator? I think there is no gap, galactic is always there and it is just a matter of peeling back some awareness. Allowing galactic. Perhaps that is what the no-ego people mean, allowing the narrow views to subside and the broader views to manifest.

Getting a little bit of guidance. It was to refine the vibes into a fog, mist, mist of vibes. They will be more communicative. What does that mean? Dividing them up? Or concentrating more of them into a tinier space?


I pray that the galactic beam being manifest everywhere and on earth and in its peoples. I circulate blue energy from Sirius. This morning as I held Geome it was as if it shrank in concentration and I enlarged so it felt smaller and I could hardly sense weight and presence in my hand.


My prayer is that the galactic beam informs our decisions, transcending the local wound. I pray all feel, “I want to do you”. And “you” is us!


When there are 4 full moons in a season (between equinox and solstice), the last one is called a seasonal blue moon. That is the true blue moon. Matching lineup with blue Neptune in Aquarius. The closest we get to Neptune is 8/26-27. That's when it has the greatest influence. Souled out tells all the blue things like blue pearl of consciousness and blue Hindu gods and so on.

Learned to align planetary happenings in yoga. Between greetsun in warrior I stretch right arm hand up forward to Sirius, I swing it around straight up to Neptune (thinking Regulus as I type?). I turn and stretch out arms to side, one hand holds sun, the other the full moon. I gradually bring hands together in prayer as I sink knee to ground and arch back.


Laid in bed even though Geome is in my blue backpack. Centered Wholeo logo slit on inner eye and brought Sirius crystal shard into the middle. Visualized (as I write that word, thinking I need a better word for that) (do random acts of meditation) the pine-cone circulation around me. Couldn't really think blue. That must be shorthand for high vibration because that is what I feel. I was going to say the work is to strengthen ability to handle random turbulent higher vibrations but yes, they are happening, but it is only by releasing inability, letting go restrictions, smiling at chaos ensuing, standing aside for emerging features, capabilities, ways of being.


Perhaps wakeup is best time for GBB (Galactic Beam Being). Held Geome. Located up in galaxy halfway between and halfway ahead and up for view of solar system with respect to center. Envisioned logo with Sirius inner eye. Prayed for GBB. Felt vibing blue without much visualization of shape or in or out. More just sync, evenness, Scrall. To say bliss or love implies opposites. No declaration.


We should make Dark Crystal movies. Priest or skinhead? Karate master or supremacist? How would you show them coming together, putting the crystal together? Could put them into Geome, a good guy. Wholeo is dark crystal.

Looking at the guidance in journal it is so scraggly and wild and uncontained. How make sense of it? Hard for a reader, must be even crazier than it is for me. Strange at the time it seems to be so simple and understandable and to make so much sense.


Woke after 4 and saw stars. Could make no other choice than to go Sirius Star trekking. I need to put the pine cone circulation in my spine, crystals circulating.

On the beach in the dark at 5am. Continuing my quest for vibes of the Galactic Beam Being. Wow there's lightning out there. Last night I got that I should take my Wholeo logo as inner eye and place it on my forehead. This morning, walking in quest of seeing Sirius rising, I got that I should place Sirius where the eyeball would be. I still can't find a time that I could commit to. I did see one nice long bright meteor for the Perseid shower. I see Orion coming and going with changing clouds.

Bushes that I thought had energy I need for the GBB meditation Need to do the pine cone pineal Sirius crystal twirling. A mirror. A mirror pineal is being developed in the middle of the vibe torus idea. So you'll have that going down as well as up. But in the mirror is something else. Is it purpler or what? I keep seeing that picture I took the 2012 logo from (NASA). Purplish pinkish clouds above and below. The mirror pineal has got itself oriented in there so it gets info above and below. Just like our earth has north and south.

I still see Sirius. O the trick is to see how long you can see something before it gets too light. At a corner of the ramp although it is pretty light, still see Sirius. I'll be watching this many more times. So perfect with the loose sloshy wave chaos to the right and the measured crickets to the left. No movie from the top of the ramp, but the last photos of seeing Sirius. See it in at 5:48.

Wish I could summarize this mornings directive's. Inner eye as Wholeo logo with Sirius xtal eye. Orient towards Sirius (not clear). Mirror pineal like galaxy n and s. View something until it disappears in the background. Make a visual of viewing Sirius, with a view of NASA gallery and pineal pine cone circulation mirrored.


I'm thinking galactically. My vantage point is between the sun and earth and about that distance ahead in the way the sun is going. I keep seeing the earth at its angle and the moon and the sun. Not concerned with the other planets.

I started breathing to South America in spring 2012. Now North and South America are getting equal with respect to the center of the galaxy.

I wish I had a 3D model of the galaxy where I could take this point of view. Let's see, what star would it be near? Equinoxes are so hard to understand. I thought we were up in the spring and down in the fall so the sun must be tipped, like heading foot forward (south pole of sun's axis forward). The earth is between the sun and the center of the galaxy and we in the north are tipped towards the sun, facing it in day. Then it is night in South America, which is closer the GC (galactic center or core) than I am, even when it is night in North America, so breathing to SA helps us get the goodies. Finally getting that the solstices are like equinoxes for the sun, with respect to the center of the galaxy. {Which thought doesn't make sense on reflection, but I meant that we were lined up with the centers so that for us north and south of sun are equal, whereas for the rest of the year we're getting more or less of N or S of sun. Which two months later does not make sense either.}

In the summer day we are tipped towards the sun and get max exposure. Then as we swing around the sun during the year, the moon is pulling us around every 28 days. Maybe that's the date I should look at. Muttering about an equation including prayer, heart, openness which are parameters (I know there is a word for number parts of formulas, but can't remember the word). Not factors because those are multipliers. Element? I should look for the moon at the equinox and then in December. Have to make events. Equinox, full moon before and after the outer solstice. {See 2013-06-20 for the galaxy people guidance that is the reason for these events.}

Another task is to see how the Rainbow Bridge relates to the rest of the galaxy, now that we've created it. Each person has this 180-degree, flat bridge twirling around, but since everyone's in a different position, must be kind of like the blue torus I see. As we turn towards the center of the galaxy and next Inner solstice we gradually take on Rainbow Bridge. Doing it every day and praying and doing all the other things we have to do, the torus will gradually become a rainbow torus. The blue more and more to the center and red to the outer edges, the longer wavelengths. Of course that has to do with light. What kind of rainbow are we going to meet Dec. 21 when we are halfway away? Earth will be farthest away and I'll be farthest in.

It might be on the color cube of the Akasha. So when breathing out it is to the dark part of the cube. Those colors are going out. So the farthest vibes out are the deepest blue violet magentas. Coming back are infra red. Sounds like could be psychic information vehicle flying to Hunab Ku saying we got it, thank you and we're willing to be receptive to peace for the whole galaxy. Of course when you get there centered in the center of the galaxy, you then get more sensitive to multidimensions and multi times. There we sync up much better. So Wholeo needs to create these events and say what the purpose is. I was thinking it was all over but in a sense, Wholeo's job has just started because there's no exterior prophesy that I'm aware of or that is affecting me. Galactic Synchronization just got us into the new beam and I don't know what Stephanie South is going to bring. I hope I can understand what she is saying that Arguelles gave us.


I feel fine very small wiggly vibrations in the weave of things. Small fine waves, quite regular. Seems like they could be related to pulling of the new moon of the solstice stuff and the beam. What is a beam anyway? Again I get one of those answers like it really isn't anything exteriorly new as much as it is you attuning and giving your self galactic beam being ability. This is a mesh or net-like tissue stuff. I'm enraptured.

I would so like to movie or graphic this mystic weave of the small wrinkly waves. Could they actually be the galactic vibes? I'm reseeing what I did in the movie with the blue rectangle of energy that came in. I filtered with turbulence that made it wavy. Or could I see the vibes as what make the waves. Seeing it as a matrix. I could send out vibes and map as wavy matrix which is really kind of like the time vs amplitude vs frequency charts in electronics. I'm only remembering vaguely, but there were these different ways of charting the same thing. For example a sine wave is a circle spread out in time. It goes up down and instead of around, it goes on to the next wave. The time axis can be turned. I've lost the comfortable grasp of frequency but it is time vs freq with various amplitudes.

The wavy meshing is about the fabric. It makes connections but does not remain connected. There is no fabric but there is weaving going on. This is a great design solution. The illusion of existence is the desire and tendency and reach and action of connecting but never fixed, always changing so endlessly always creating.

Today I'm publishing Galactic Synchronization 2013 and related content in LookInOut 2013.


Walking on blessings beach I got that my breathing is triangle footed, like the one-legged bird figurine Nancy gave me. Breathing out aura/wavelengths and in torus color. The foot includes Peru, sort of like a prototet with head at the point. I got that each conscious blue breathing I do carries me toward the galactic center. I could arrive there by outer solstice in December, movement countering earth's movement away from center. So I have something to look forward to, which I seem to need. Moons are important and today is new, which means we're aligned pulling toward Aquarius I guess.

Strange idea: each breath, sort of jellyfish-like propels the torus towards the center of the galaxy and maybe I'll get there by Dec. 21. See what it's like to really be centered there. Maybe I'm going through what others did after the peak of 2012. What's next? Doesn't seem like we've changed much.

Meditated late in afternoon. Wonderful. Lots of thoughts at first and I sort of petted them. Had a strange turbulent filtering of my body at one point, a way for everything to be homogenized maybe. I forgot to say that the foot of the bird lined up with the sun and the center of the galaxy is another triangle always happening. Always changing. But when aligned with the new moon is particularly powerful because then we have our mama interpreter. I'm getting gold as sun and moon as silver, kind of corny. Violet, center of the galaxy.

In order to be centered in the galaxy you must be capable of incredible compression so you'll be equal to the compression that's there. Toward the end of the meditation, I just felt everything void, like a myriad swarm of voids. But overall was nothing. Then in nothing, to feel this incredible focused concentrated point. There was no point that can be located in space. It's just this feeling of togetherness, connectedness. Nothing but centeredness.

Got a laugh out of my guidance when asked for color healing of GalacticSyncWebPages, since I'm having trouble concentrating. As I asked, I thought “I pray” to add a little earnestness to my wondering if it was too trivial to ask about the means rather than the content of my work, my thoughts. So I get “manifest” with a big rosy magenta hugging background. Like shut up and eat your breakfast. But now I see a hot red to the point sign urging. Wow the runesign implementation is so clear feeling compared to words I might choose to convey it. Like be intensely concise. Put all your heartiest passion into it as focused as possible. I have to just overflow with gratitude to be on this path. Of course those two runesigns could be a great answer to any question. However, it seems so appropriate. Better get to it.


Thinking about how I'm drawn to violet and wondering how that relates to all the blue stuff of the beam. Simple minded though it is, seeing the red and blue stones mix to purple, message could be that the blue direction with red passion added and sublimed yields the purple. Perhaps blue energy with earth spirituality. Blue energy is antiseptic inorganic pure undivided intention. Akashic messenger. Violet is our translation with feminine earth core rays and vibes. Initiation flow drop up is like ascension. Violet is the feeling of ascension. Violet is the ascention intension. Ascension intention.  

Through all changes I am blue.


Trying to focus on blue vibe beam being. Thinking about breathing, so I pray that I learn how to do blue. I might have to invent it.

How would this be? At noint joint, triangles appear as a new prototet. Don't know where they come from though. Say you have triangles and you sort of breathe out to the point or tetrahedron and then form a double tetrahedron and then fly off as blue vibrations. I could do that with the torus. The single ones could go out but the full torus could come back and how that comes back to breathing, back to the noint joint. I don't know.

I can't imagine the vibes. I can imagine. Could be the vibes are happening around the NJ. And the tets come and go. Keep wondering whether the DNA building comes in. Does it have anything to do with galactic? Or is that just something 2012. Is a question a form of prayer? I want to get that clear. When I ask a question it is basically a prayer for that answer. Do I have to make that a specific? I wonder if the tets, prototets, are involved with Galaxy Beam Being or not. If so, please give me more info as to how it looks so I could show it.


Galactic Beam Being: planned, made time for, scheduled, enacted, and communicated.


Moon meditation Day 9. Astrologers find a Grand Sextile in their charts, forming a six-pointed star. Calling this a Stargate portal. Up early to see the last quarter moon overhead. I feel postpartum doldrums and strangely elated. Sort of detached. Drifting along like the tumbling tumble weed. I guess it is the end of things to look forward to. The end of my millennium dreams.

I know that I'll always cheer up. I'll always be happy. I'll always find something thrilling and marvelous and compelling and fun and worth it. But I don't want to just titillate. I don't want to just be turned on. I don't want to just survive. I want the insights I thought I got to add up to something.

One thing about being at loose ends and in the pits and abandoned by my better self, is that mind is open.

Two things during meditation. One was being a tetrahedron pointed up as earth body with star Sirius crystal chunk at apex. Completed with galaxy body tetrahedron pointed down with transforming blue energy chip at base. The other thing was seeing an etheric galaxy people body in the shape and extent of a galaxy. I had placed a blue water glass before me as concentration point. Felt so good. Body so silky airy light unimpeded.


Moon meditation Day 8. Focused on prayer today, not something I've developed much. "I pray that these earrings may always be sensitive to the galactic beam of galactic synchronization and the galaxy people that we have become. That we always remember this time and what is to come and that we act from that point of view." I enumerate each item on the altar, then say, "Could each namaste and thank you be coming from this altar from the global psynchronization from now on. Every time I feel that gratitude, could that be a prayer that we continue in connection, that I receive and act on the guidance that is for me."


Moon meditation Day 7. No rain. 77 degrees. To Deer Lake State Park before dawn. Interesting feature of today was the black arc over the sky. First seen from the south from the Gulf. But have video of it stretching over the top of the sky, say 2/3 of the way to the sun. I suppose it was caused by a cloud blocking the sun.

Galactic beam aura torus with connectorsLacy blue vibe torus. Stabilizing image for me. There seems to be some pink lightning inside this thing. In vibe shapes too. The lightning comes from the middle top right down to the lower left, but in that angle of the beam. Oh there are patterns in it. If I look closely it has the pattern of that beam fractured, fracturing into tiny lightnings. So that's how the beam changed?

Suddenly seeing the lightning coming from the other way. Funny about the angle there are about three main jabs. It's sort of looking like a brain with lightning coming out. Maybe it's just a head trip. I could just as easily see the lightning coming from the crowns of the trees. Maybe it is from anything that needs to zero out gravity.

Lightning was silver too. And maybe some gold? It reminded me of the lightning in Leo's hair in his graphic. I think I used his graphic for something. Can't place it.

Have to decide whether to search for Leo's hair lightning or wing it. Searching for lightning. Loving Connector. Could use these graphics or similar. Connectors in Wonder in Aliceland are good too but too complex. Virtual residency reminds me of 7 years ago doing a movie of celebration of Galaxy People at first full moon after solstice, while joining a global project and celebrating water with Emoto. The lightnings were splumes having to do with the adaptation of GPs to earth. How interesting that they resemble the current feathers and the upward blue drop. These projects, starting with Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People, show consistent development over 25 years.


Entering new Galactic Beam. Galactic synchronization. Ceremony of Planetary Resurrection. World Water Day. Moon meditation Day 6. Noos letter announces global rolling dawn meditation (see links on 7-25).

Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time. We invite you to join us at sunrise on Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed (26 July) in a worldwide synchronized ceremony for planetary resurrection in celebration of Galactic Synchronization and the launching of Timeship Earth!

You are invited to incorporate the following Seven Invocations of Planetary Consciousness, and Prayer to the Seven Galactic Directions in your ceremonies, prayers and meditations for Planetary Resurrection! You may also wish to include an altar to the four elements, music, drumming and chanting.

A note on synchronization: Planet Earth is a unity of synchronicity, so rather than using a "precise" (mechanical) clock-time to synchronize our ceremonies, let us create a rolling wave of synchronized consciousness as the Earth spins in time by synchronizing our ceremonies to the DAWN of Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed (26 July).

I woke at 4a.m. feeling extreme turbulence on nano micro mini miniscule level. First sensation is like speed (drug). Like too much. Whirling peppermints. There is a subtle sound like a fan running. My body is elated, excited. I feel there is this gift. Making the right awareness decisions now is like catching a horse running by, getting on and riding with this energy.

Facing this huge contradiction from previous days of the need to schedule and do galactic beam blue energy work and the fact that it is always on and not doing anything.

The weather map had a momentary incorrect flash of green clouds all over the whole area. Otherwise clear. When I looked east off the balcony I saw this bright star, probably Venus, what else could be that bright. I don't usually see that. Hmm.

On the way to sunrise meditation in DLSP I thought about drinking coffee but I am SO coffied up with energy, totally whizzed. I don't know what coffee would do. Zooming is completely everywhere. I know this has something to do with the blue energy. Homogenize. Break it down into small round droplets.

I sit under a roof on a bench facing sunrise. Meditation consisted of matching new frequencies. They seemed to be units. Tiny units of everything. It might be that this new galactic beam gives the ability to sense frequencies that were there all along. They aren't really new. Neutralize? I guess it is a process of zeroing of some kind.

Extreme beauties here. There was that complexity. Then the complexity of every part of me or every part of my world.

There was a time when I felt that everybody who had left some spirit there, either by dying or some awareness of spirit in some way, rose up. There was definitely this indian chief-looking person with feathered headdress. How corny can you get? We were all paying homage to the sun.

There was this space thing where I created a Rainbow Bridge. Then one for every cell and little part of me. I found that very useful. It seemed stabilizing and helped in the zeroing process. But there came a time when I worried about where the fiveness came in. Was it just really four directions and a middle? Was five an arbitrary number in expanding consciousness. To answer that I seemed to go back to the setup in the brain, like the brain cells. But that's a space thing and I really wasn't that concerned with spatial arrangements. Back to blueness. OK the blue is always blue because it is zeroing whatever is. It is constantly dynamically remaining the same.

Now I don't feel that dizziness in my body that I felt on wakeup. I feel so happy. I thought of my family and Elizabeth's family. I thought of my mother father and sister. Here are some small tracks. Like the myriadness. Myriad. There was this dropness, the drop, to show that it wasn't attracted by gravity, it turned upside-down so it was bulgy at the top and narrow at the bottom. Just as happy that way.

I start meditating with a snowy plover bird, who is unwavering in gaze for three minutes until I get stared down. In the movie it looks like he's talking, maybe to me. I had thought the jerky head movements could be swallowing or trying to get a fix on my position. I felt electric blue between us. There's two of them. Maybe they were talking to each other.

A woman spreads a towel in the shallow water of the inoutfall to the lake and starts doing yoga, salute to the sun. I say, birds meditating, lady doing yoga, must be a magical morning. Coming back I see someone in the surf, swinging arms in a wild dance. Jesus written in sand and another fun drawing of a couple of faces.

Quickly made a video for the day and published to Vimeo and YouTube. See the Galactic Sync Beam page.


Day out of time for Mayan calendar. Moon meditation Day 5. Attend two global galactic events remotely. I guess since we are out of time, can be out of space too. Day Out of Time at Shasta is at Mount Shasta City Park in California, USA. HARMONIC CONVERGENCE 2013 - Global Synchronized Meditations for Peace is also associated with the 13 Moon World Peace Movement folks. I seem to be in sync with so much of their path except the calendar.

I received the 7 invocations for the Galactic Sync sunrise meditation tomorrow, July 26:

It has links. Day Out of Time event listings:

This one contains an explanation of the times to come:

7-day seminar to the 441 Synchotron:

Short sunrise meditation. I am the galaxy person. Weird idea of a person that doesn't really move in space like people. A GP doesn't radiate, it just IS and constitutes communication. So I guess the final picture is of blueness. The essence is the quality of the blue color. I'm feeling myself as a color. Colored Light Being? Activate as a CLB. It could be when I said “we will speak in colors” I meant me becoming this kind of being (rather than humans becoming color speakers).

How could I ever do artwork of the blue? It's not in space. It's not moving. It's beyond the capabilities of our spectrum. Just feel it. Seeing the blueness steady. Could change the backgrounds making the color look different. Albers to the rescue. Then seems like little holes opened up. Gradually becomes like a Cheshire cat. Disappears. But you know it is still there somehow. Maybe as a cutout or hole that the credits at the end of the movie scroll through.

I foresee two tasks today. First to rotate the galactic beam aura art (which is almost flat, a cross-section) to form a torus. Second to find the background colors that bring out the blue quality of beam being. (See more of these on the stills page.)


Last day of the year for Mayan calendar. Moon meditation Day 4.

blue vibesWorking away just on blue vibes. Suddenly feel a unique tug at my attention. Like some really serious large space, many people, observation or happening. Looked at clock, 4:41. Huge new docs on BMU is base matrix unit. In 2007 Arguelles had a dream of 441 and made all these number matrices. Says it is remap of mind for noosphere consciousness.

By the way, today is the last day in the last Galactic Beam. Tomorrow, July 25, is the Day Out of Time. Friday, July 26 is Galactic Synchronization. Time to celebrate a new Galactic Beam. Hark!


Via Illuminata. Leave Peru from Lima and fly home. Moon meditation Day 3.
Using Google maps, I am revisiting the Huallamarca pyramid that was the key to my Peru trip in 1981 (see page in On the Way to Machu Picchu).


Via Illuminata. Receive the Starkeeper Rite, anchors you safely to the time after great change that is said will occur on or around 2012. When you receive this rite your physical body begins to evolve into that of Homo-Luminous. The aging process is slowed down and you become resistant to diseases you were once vulnerable to. Meditation or breathing exercises. In the afternoon we receive the God Rite which awakens the God-Light, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies in the universe. Closing ceremonies of Villoldo (6pm) and Fire (7pm). Becoming your Galactic Archetype, a 3-day retreat at Mt. Shasta. July 22-24, 2013 Just before the Day Out of Time on July 25. How can we go beyond our present state and condition of being to become telepathic receptors of the Higher Mind? How can we shift our self-perception into that of a galactic being? Join us for three days in the transformational vortex of Mt. Shasta for an interactive workshop where we release our conditioned programming and embody our galactic archetype. We will explore themes such as: What is the future identity for the human? And, how do we transition from personality into archetype and reenter the mythic realm in our day-to-day reality? In the New Cycle there is no competition, only mutual love and admiration for each of our unique gifts. Our galactic signature unlocks the galactic archetype of our mythic self, which opens a portal that reveals new aspects of our being. By embracing our galactic archetype in a space of unconditional love, synchronicity is heightened and our star memories awaken as we recognize that we are part of one vast synchronic web that extends to other dimensions. This group realization is the battery that transforms reality, entering us into noospheric consciousness.

This three-day retreat will be led by Stephanie South (Serpent Initiate)/Red Queen, lineage holder of the Galactic Mayan Mind transmission (GM108X) as transmitted by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles. The event is organized by the Foundation for the Law of Time, a nonprofit which all proceeds benefit. Note: This event concludes on the final day of the Blue Resonant Storm year and is followed by the Day out of Time (July 25) and Galactic Synchronization: Ceremony of Planetary Resurrection (Magnetic 1: July 26), which is free and Open to Everyone. Being held at Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt. Shasta in Weed, north of the mountain, which has everything from tents, to teepees, to hotel rooms.

SouledOut will meditate in group alignment at 9pm PDT, 4:00 UT on July 23, so it is 11pm CDT. But the full moon time is 18:15 UT, or 1:15pm CDT. Monday. Full moon. Also it is a supermoon said the astrology page. Full moon of the Cosmic Moon of Presence. CM 26. Moon meditation Day 2.

Started meditating about 1:05pm CDT, thinking the moon was pretty full right now. There are a couple of rites that happened today in Peru. I've already forgotten what they were. One was a keeper and the other a cosmic. I don't know. I don't have any place to go, anything to prove. I don't even have any thoughts.

I need to pray and schedule planned sending of vibes. That's a problem. It's not my style. Then for five minutes until the full moon, I'm going to try and send these vibes. This blue light. This galactic beam that I am. << Loud thunder >> whoaoao Ding the bell. I pray that I'll be able to do it. Ding. Every part of me must be in attendance, in tune. Ding.

I'm visualizing the aura vibes. It turns clockwise and counterclockwise. It spherizes in and out. It swims like a jellyfish whish. Really nice sounds of swooshing. Multiprocessing. It flips. Hands like flicking off negativity. It flips off parts of itself. It is teary and terrible and terrific and terra firma. I pray to this water, rain and wind gods. Send this beam .. . It's actually a beam exchange because there are so many people doing it. It's an aura exchange. Then quiet, must be full moon time.

I don't know how I could graphic this but I feel like the top and bottom of my aura (the vibe pattern I drew) folds in to the center to form a torus. It spreads out. I can't think of anything more beautiful. When it does that it's not expanding. I guess the real form of expanding is to the point. There's nothing outside. Nothing inside. It's all just one point. There seems to be some contradiction. 10:17 I say, Omgosh it's the full moon time. Think. Not quite. Chanting moon. That's the torus sound. Luna luna. It's got both of them. Corn, cucumber, cilantro. Cumin. Curcumin (turmeric). Cinnamon?

21:30 beyond intensity is density. Intent. Concentrate. Not together. Not compact. Entraining gravity. Alligned with the moire of gravity. The mark of coherent here we come, overcome can't understand the words here.

I wonder what the moral of the black sambo story is. Black Sambo chased the tiger around the tree and they went so fast that they melted into butter. Why do I remember that so, so lovingly. It seems so important to me. At times I've touched in on the significance, but at the moment it just seems like what I'm doing, melting down. What's the point?

Trying to remember what was my insight at the solstice? Like the moon was dragging something around. Was it the beam? The Galaxy people maybe. The GPs are not coming from the center of the galaxy, they are the galaxy, they're everywhere. They're not localized. So instead of coming like they did at Mt. Shasta, I just acknowledge this pattern of GP and integrate. Mystsynthesize.


Via Illuminata. Ollantaytambo, “Pyramid Temple” dedicated to the Wind. Receive the Earthkeeper Rite, connects you to a lineage of Archangels, guardians of our galaxy. The Rite of Earthkeeper helps you to learn the way of the seer and dream the world into being.

Aura/Wavelengths Galactic BeamingFrom the Shaman Healing Circle webpage:

"The Earthkeeper Rite connects us with a lineage of human beings who have lived beyond duality. Having fulfilled their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, the ego begins to come into a place of peace. The Soul begins to lead the day to day pathway in alignment with its true purpose. As Earthkeepers we have an expanded view; as if floating in the stars, we see the Pachamama or Mother Earth in her entirety, with all of her creation.  We develop a sense of stewardship of her. And as any good steward, we begin to vision the most beautiful future possible of the Earth. As Earthkeepers, our energy helps shape and paint the future. We are part of all creation. We can experience ourselves in and through life all over the planet. " astrology suggests doing new year ceremonies starting today for 9 days, 4 before day out of time and four after, for the moon hitting all the planets in the chart. Tomorrow's full moon is the last of the three supermoons or Super Moons (previous two were in May and June). I'm interested for one thing because the color healing on 7/8 GalacticMoonMeditation had three gateway runes. Also, my meditations for those moon days were spellbinding. 5-25 is first super moon, have photo, was aware of a galactic alignment and had a great meditation insight. 6-23 second super moon was the day after the Inner solstice sunrise meditation. Was the fantastic one, the galactic dew from sun movie. Should I do a sunrise meditation on the bay by myself?

EWAO World Meditation at 11a.m. CDT. Chanted until found the place activated that sources the blue aura vibes. That's it at the back of the neck. Back of the throat. Inner eye. Inhalations. Have to schedule vibes with my meditation.

who le I need to make the logo so beautiful that it will always be part of my artwork and leave it in because people are afraid of violating copyright so they just copy art and nobody can trace where it came from. So it looks like theirs even though they probably just want to spread the good news, the beauty. That's how they feel about things. But I want people to be able to find more of mine so I'm going to start putting logos on everything. And start surfing the facebook web more as wholeo than caroling.

Stones of Saxsayhuaman were looted by Spanish and everyone up to 1934. It was legal for minimal cost. So here are parts of this instrument spread all over, used in all different kinds of locations. Kind of wonderful in a way. Who knew that they were sounding blocks?

There has to be a way to do it (send blue vibes) without doing om. Do the om just to locate it. Connection to the Akasha. Breathing through the nose is a source of oxygenation. But breathing is done by every part of me. Past present and future. No time.


Via Illuminata. Meet in your small groups with FWS staff/shaman/guide. Take bus to explore Sacsayhuaman ruins.
I need to do this Galactic beam thing that we are the beam. It means a conscious action like hygiene or cleaning or having friends over or having a business meeting. Something that has to be planned, made time for, scheduled, enacted, and communicated. I see Souled out it doing it with the inverse Sirius star all blue radiated with the bands of dodecahedral structure, so like mine. Here are their links. They want feedback (See Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival 2013 ~ Audio Meditation):

I listened to the webcast of The Shift network at 12pm PDT, The Next Scientific (R)evolution The Emergence of the Akashic Paradigm with Consciousness at the Core. There were quite a few concepts in today's talk that supported the galactic beam idea.

When I meditated, I got that the vibe generator is not completely mental, or at least the idea of them forms in inner ear, back of throat, cave of brahma. I did some aums and found the right resonant cave-like feeling.

Lapis lazuli in silvsr pendant I have started wearing the lapis lazuli necklace for blue vibe generation reminder.

At Saksayhuaman (in my remote tripping) I got a truly far out idea. The stones are blue vibe generators, and I was thinking of them as audio drums, not visuals, which is quite synaesthetic. The shapes of the blocks are made to do the right vibrations. Stone makers' stones all over Peru were instantly jamming. It needs to be kept activated with galactic beam intent. Blue vibes as stone songs!


Via Illuminata. Killarumiyoc, “Temple of the Moon and Fertility” to receive the Wisdomkeeper Rite, the ancient wisdom resides in the high mountains. The lineage of Wisdom keepers are medicine men and women who defeated death and stepped outside of time to taste the infinite.
What aura is up to

Woke up to siren alarm (like five days ago) that causes me to race to the front door to see what is the matter. It was about 3:37 when I looked at the clock after realizing it was a dream signal. Couldn't go back to sleep, so finally got up to meditate.

I feel water is pouring over me, like a waterfall. Idea for audio for the Galactic synchronization movie is to read The Scripture of Great Wisdom from the Buddhist monastery at Mt. Shasta. This great chant, just for the sound of a human voice.

Thinking about a Major Event of Transformation Body. A torus like the Pi Stone of Villoldo. It is like how the feathers are changing in the aura. In fact for the shower (water) I flex these, kind of like metalic leafs. They remind me of those steamers with metal leaves that will fold into any pot. Sort of slide along each other. I can open these up to the shower so it is in and going through at the same time.

Getting the feeling that I'll see more and more of this blue light. I'll be able to see in it as it guides me. I'm also kind of lonesome that I've taken this path. I'm so afraid of being crazy.


Via Illuminata. Cusco. Cathedral, Temple of the Coricancha and Main Square.

On dawn walk breathing affirmations were changeable and creative. Breathing from here out to infinity. Breathe in and out a couple of times, carrying the DNA strand tetlix. Breathe in to Machu Picchu, out, in, out. In to Cusco, out, in, out. In to Matrix, out, in, out. In to me, out, in, out. Infinity and micro infinity. Maybe that's the Wholeo breathing, with the central overlap seed shape in between max and min infinities.

Color healing 2013-07-18During meditation focused on the blue treasure chip of previous vision. Since I am the beam I just radiate this treasure and I don't know why. Blue chips came to me and I can pass them on.

During yoga looking at the intense blue pentagon in the color healing. See miniatures spread, fan out and down like confetti. But more regular, Like 3D vibe stationery.


Via Illuminata. We begin the day with a very early morning transfer to board the train to Machu Picchu (7,875 foot elevation). The train passes through the scenic valleys of the Andes and along the Urubamba River as it inches you closer to the “City of Light.”

Upon your arrival in Aguas Calientes, you and the Four Winds Staff will join up with guides in the fabled city of Machu Picchu, sharing their expertise. After the tour you may continue to explore the sanctuary at your own pace. Observe the vistas from the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun, or the Room of the Three Windows. Every which way you turn is a site to behold. Llamas graze the grassy terraces amongst the ruins and stone walls. You may even catch sight of a condor as you wander or meditate in this breathtaking and tranquil city.

If you are the adventurous sort, hike to Huayna Picchu (time permitting), the feminine mountain towering over Machu Picchu. Another hiking option would be to follow the Inca Trail from the Caretaker’s Hut to the high pass where the Sun Gate stands. Return by train in the afternoon.

My 1981 trip to Machu Picchu guided my life. On the second day, after I realized I was simultaneously Caroling from California and Tschiripaiya of Peru, I climbed up a path leading to the peak. This was the day I was to meet Villoldo's group. On the way I found an orchid (see lower left corner of the drawing) that captures my interest today. Interesting site: Delta Gardens has a picture of the flower definitely like mine (Sobralia dichotoma has that lantan leaf too). They steep the flowers to make a Peru Essence that holds the grids of a new paradigm for personality development and transformation.

That is like my continuing mission. Today I feel a deep contentment and gratitude for all the spiritual tour is doing today. I'm at rapt attention for healing. 


Via Illuminata. Pachar “Temple of the Waters” at Unu Urco to receive the Daykeeper Rite. The Daykeeper is able to call on the power of the ancient stone altars found in sacred places to heal and bring balance to the world. Helps you to heal your inner feminine and step beyond fear and practice peace. Lunch in Urubamba town.

quartz crystal beach sand

My "ancient stone" altar is the crystal sand that has come from the mountains to be at the shore, all the edges of water like the edges of my breathing and the edges of my awareness.

Left hand with sand mudraWalked the ramp breathing in for 2 steps and out for 3. Started normal Matrix 2012 breathing. Then switched to breathe in to a place and out to another place using the stars, Matrix and FL in any order. Then switched to breathe out to where I'm at and in to another place, so reversing the previous breathings. For awhile different mixes including Machu Picchu, Unu Urco and Matrix. Finally left out the stars and me and breathed back and forth between Matrix and Unu Urco.

sand right hand mudraI carried sand between thumb and middle finger of each hand. Brought some home for the altar.


Via Illuminata. Earth Temple of Moray, where the Laika cross-bred their wisdom and their corn. Four gigantic bowls lined with massive stone walls. Receive the blessing of the Seer Rite, awakens my ability to perceive the invisible world. Lunch in Urubamba town.

From the Shaman Healing Circle webpage:

"The Seer Rite enables us to embrace the fullness of our sensing capabilities. Five pathways of light are woven from the third eye to the visual cortex in the back of the head and two pathways of light are woven from the heart Chakra to the visual cortex. These pathways are infused with energy, reawakening the Shaman’s way of seeing. In the West we are trained to focus with our eyes to see exactly what is in the literal world. We tend to focus so much energy on this that we diminish our natural ability to take in information from all the levels around us. The Seer Rite helps us to perceive energy in many ways. Sensing more of the fullness of energy around us, we will no longer be able to block out our own shadow. We will see the shadow and light of others more clearly, as well. This is why the Seer Rite is connected to the heart Chakra, so that we may see ourselves and others through our most compassionate heart.

The Bands of Power, the Harmony Rites, and the Seer Rites give us the tools we need for the journey. This foundation prepares our luminous energy field to hold the vibration and growth available in the next five Rites."

On the beach: clouds and sea oats in the wind at Galaxy beam angle. Today I placed sage on the altar to self-smudge.

Standing qigong. The left and right balance sides so important. My left often feels cramped during meditation. This time, standing, the left was up. The right arm seemed weighted down. To take advantage, to grow the chakras and today, to see the invisible, you need to have balance. One side can't be weighing you down so release. I was totally rooted in pacha mama and then the chakras opened up above. Suddenly see that for my movie, have to round the aura feathers. Make one big feather on top is the evolution of this aura.

featherI met a kindred spirit on the beach. We found a feather. The way she's waving the feather around, the way she holds it makes me think she gave me an aura healing, as I watch it. Didn't enter my head then. Shaman work in mysterious ways.

Later, absolutely wonderful yoga. I remembered the video I had seen this morning of someone lying down with several red blanket-clad natives working; very close physical aura healing different parts of the body. I imagined that attention to my seated form.

At one point felt a pin cushion, tightly packed density looking like thin as straight pins but long as 12” needles all over me, like a musical instrument. I played it. I sent this joy healing out and to all the participants in Peru. At one point the flare was more like long grasses in water. At one point this seemed so joyously valuable that I submitted it to the Akashic Records library so that anyone could check it out, like a coat.

The joy seemed too intense to bear sometimes. Felt flowers pink exuding from between the spinal bones. The feather from up the spine overhead, flares, arching from both sides, but the center, like a keystone part of an arch, seems undefined. There's something about the upright feather that is like NW Coast Indian art. Maybe totem pole quality. Or meaning. It is the black and white forms. How do I get the building steeple to morph into the feather. Or many feathered rounded topped aura?

At one point pressure inward and body shrink-wrapped vacuumed out so tiny green alien shrunken form remained. Everything about me, that is my awareness, was not inside, not subject to the pressure, and yet it was formless. It could not be described as a body because it had no edges. Closest description is a cloud. Not infinite or expanding or needing definition, but can't be outlined by any form or shapes.


Via Illuminata. Pisac, the Temple of the Falcon, ruins. Receive the Harmony Rite, whereby the shaman transmits the seven archetypes into my chakras as seeds. Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle, Huascar, Quetzalcoatl, Pachakuti. Afterwards, Pisac market in town square.

(The wolf shaman says this is place to connect with Universal Identity. Site is related to the crown chakra that relates to consciousness and pure awareness.) The magic of this day was finding an out of season earthstar.



Via Illuminata. Tipon, Temple of the Waters, built by the Inka Pachacutec. Receive the Healer Rite, connecting to a lineage of shamans from the past to assist in my personal healing.
( Restless night ending up sleeping late. In the middle of the night sometime I woke up to a loud siren and ran to the front door, thinking or rather fearing that there was some sort of general emergency. Gradually dawned on me that the siren had diminished to normal sound of silence, which for me is a low roar. To test if I'm imagining anything I cover my ears. When it is the same I realize there is no sound. Only now after morning walk and breakfast, writing at 9:30 does it seem loud and clear that was a wakeup call. Wake up. Does it imply listening? Is audio more important? Or should I be able to hear the sound in a dream and realize I'm in a dream and be lucidly dreaming with Beam Being. Or by interpreting the siren in terms of personal fear I was off, I wasn't getting the message. If I hadn't freaked out, what else might have happened? I could have been awestruck and said wow, I can do that too and screamed. What else?

Channeling energies during meditationUp at 6:30. Temp 70° so off I went to the beach. There was tremendous lightning almost all last night coming south. Not aware that it came here but all tracks on the beach were rained out.

Found seaweed that I took home to put on altar. Wrack. I stood and did some qigong meditation until I heard a fly buzz. I got that the five elements are more like friends. Allies. Awarenesses? When I stood I felt like earth is what makes healing. The sun is always in contact with the galactic being all the time whether it is aligned or reflected off the moon or not. So, the healers, I felt like tuning into because that's what's on their mind.

The important healing is to be sensitive to earth. Felt galactic beam and I am it. Just like they always say, I am god. No difference. When I first stood, I saw that angle that I got in Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy people. (I think the last one on the first page.) Anyway, the earth healing is what we have to do. That's what's needed and that's who we are too. So it is the connection between galactic beam being and earth being that's needed. Of course that has been the message and essence of yoga all along. So is there anything new that I can say? At the end of that time, I thought mostly of earth, which was mostly the sound of air and the feel of wind on my body. The fire was the sun. Water was between the lake and the Gulf. And pouring down my face in sweat.

Ladybug landed on my glasses. I got it off. Who knows, maybe that's galactic beam being telling me to see. I gotta see the allegory in everything. Omens. The shaman's way. I forgot light. I guess that's the real message. About mystsynthesis is in earth light connecting.

Feel sick, tired, cold and nauseous. Maybe need to cleanse or purge. Is the healing experience getting rid of toxins? My first interpretation of fatigue is that I've missed something. Misinterpreted something. On web searched for "peru shaman healing rite" and came to this page: Villoldo! Similar healings with better descriptions. 9 rites. Healer's Rite is first. The Nine Great Rites of Enlightenment.

The journey starts with the Healer's Rite, which helps us to recognize that we are on a spiritual journey.  This rite enhances self-healing and activates our hands to convey energy to ourself and others.  It connects us to an ancient lineage of shaman and healers. By receiving this Rite, we acknowledge the journey, our impact on others, and our connection to those who have come before us. We receive the help of the Voyagers of all time.

What I got yesterday and today all are part of the bands of power.

Links to the next step in evolution. As far as I can see, Villoldo has steeped in most everything that I have and distilled it into ancient prophesies attached to Peru. If it truly all was in there, such as chakras, 2012, and such diverse concepts from around the world, that's OK. Will neither deny or believe in it. I'm just very happy that the culture seems to fit, feels just fine and I'm happy to feel this deep rapport.

Meditation about 3pm: First I did the Rainbow Bridge meditation and then I become the galaxy beam being. The shamans are checking out every bone of my spine. When it reaches the top, a liquid drop suffuses all. It is like mild, beneficent kundalini.

I feel this enormous pressure, the weight of our atmosphere pressing down on our physical bodies. I allowed that to compress my ego into this tiny little pebble. Now free of this weight. Now is a feeling of love, bliss, gratitude and all the elements. I fan hands over upper lungs in front of shoulder joints. Chanting. Raise arms in the V. Channeling the energies down. That's the yoga of the healing of today.

Quiet. Then sense a shaman close, then rows of shamans lined up left, right, left, right like leaves on a vine. I'm reminded of a Buddhist chant (the heart sutra from Kennett Roshi at Mt. Shasta Zen Center). Homage to the Buddhas in all worlds.

A pale blue cloud emanates from the heart. This cloud has healing properties. I can bring it to parts of my body that are tense or that feel left out. I can send the cloud via the web to people that feel hateful, limited, deficient. And even those that are enlightened. Send it to Matrix. Pachamama shrine by Rosaspata, Peru. Keeper of this energy.

A cap pointing straight up. Thinking of the pi, the torus stone. Thinking that my Shasta Per (see lower right piece of wood) is the rough approximation of that. Teacher, transducer. The light we speak of is not the light that travels up an optic nerve. I breathe fumes like incense, like candle light breath of energy. I love these teachers giving themselves to this task. Strong hearts. And yet they don't care. Don't care. Care. Laughing. A talking meditation. I never heard of that before. Thinking of the beautyberry of the flowers nestled around the stalk. Like they spring out. So much like I'm feeling. Whish wooosh whiszz, both ways.

Getting a deep ultra purple blue ultra violet. So nourishing. Making tone. A clear person can emit tones. Vibraharps, strings, chants, drones fill the scene or feels clean, cleansing.


Via Illuminata. Pumamarca, the Temple of the Puma (45 min hike up to ruins). Receive the Bands of Power for Protection. Five luminous belts of earth, air, fire, water, and light. (In Patacancha Valley, Ollantaytambo, Peru.

Also spelled Pumamarka. See map here: Galactic beam being prints. Good morning walk. Very slow to examine everything.

Galactic beam printsFootprints main impact. Where prints are is my power spot. I thought they were bear tracks. I noticed a lot of people, dog, and coyote prints. Seemed like there were little bears. Four toes in a row rather than slanted down like people's usually are. Then there was this huge track that looked like it came from space and left. It didn't look carved, it looked like an impact.

So if someone wanted to fake that, OK. But if it is real why am I even interested in it? What is my purpose in the whole shaman spectacle? Why am I here? The galactic beam that's talked about, there's a new one. To me, those are footprints of the beam. The beam is not photons, it is being. With means of locomotion like ours. It's like us but bigger and more mysterious. Maybe that inoutfall is a power place for me. Maybe that marks it right there. If I want to get beam, beamed up, I should go there.

I spent a long time yesterday trying to find Pumamarka which I had put in the wrong place on the map. I finally found it on a labeled road going up to the site. I'm excited about that. Virtual finding, not physical I mean, even though it has a physical aspect. Everything is scale.

This morning something said "meditate". My head reasoned, to get to the ceremony place they have to go a long way. Not likely that they would be there at 11am. But my heart is saying "this is the time now".

I did the rainbow bridge. Very vivid. I'm feeling this feeling of a being here now. Awareness. It has love in it and gratitude, joy, bliss, intensity. And Nothing.

I heard I should not only straighten up, open out, but admit light. Open eyes wide. After staring at the sky I looked down at the rug, with a pink rosy afterimage in the sky shape which means the light coming in from the sky must have been galaxy green.


Start to remotely follow the Alberto Villoldo Via Illuminata tour to the Sacred Valley of Peru from 7-11 through 7-23.


Via Illuminata is a journey of illumination. You will visit ancient archaeological sites of the Inka, and experience the nine great rites of passage of the medicine way that were first revealed to Dr. Villoldo. Every day you depart with a small group accompanied by your Four Winds Staff, Peruvian guides and shamans to work intimately in one of the archaeological sites. In the evening, join in community as Alberto shares his wisdom and vision for our becoming. In addition, you will participate in healing ceremonies led by our shamans.

During our journey you will celebrate and understand the Pachakuti, or ‘turning over of the world.’ For the shamans this is not an intellectual understanding that you can acquire from reading a book or listening to a lecture. It is a cellular experience, a direct cognition that occurs during the process of the initiations you will receive. Itinerary details given each day (actual expedition may vary):

Arrive Cusco, the former capital of the Inka Empire. Go to Hotel in Sacred Valley. Meet Alberto, Laika shamans and Four Winds Staff (FWS). Opening fire ceremony.

(Laika are now called Q'ero shamans. They are the finest medicine men and women of the Andes. Came from Mu bringing golden disc of the sun.) Woke up about 5:30, check weather OK. Wearing Mt Shasta per, NZ greenstone, and OMlulu twirl earrings. Out at DLSP gate at 6:15. Purple beautyberry flowering bush is called “early amethyst”. Name is Callicarpa.

I remembered to breathe to Peru shamans often on walk. Breathe in to stars, out to shamans, in to s stars, out to me. Some variations are breathing in and out with each other, bypassing stars and yet this still can be tet DNA. Or breathe in to myself out to my stars or their stars, in shamans, out to stars, theirs or mine. Simplest is just the reverse of the first, so start with Shaman in to their stars out to me, in to stars out to shaman. Hmm, that sounds like the same just different starting point. Thinking of the path more like infinity sign (or Möbius strip), than DNA tets.

Was amazed at the amount of water still in the dunes. Lakes and puddles. Deer lichen not submerged. Gulf water greenish, so much like the vegetation on the dune. Sea oats on blessing beach is lovely. Inoutfall still open. .9 miles from where I parked on 30A. Walked quite a ways back alongside inoutfall.

Coming back on ramp realized my breath was same with shaman, although I'm seeing him (a person's face from side).

Huge amount of garbage, the big pieces from beyond the bird fence, but I watched for nests. Did see one plover and got scolded by some bird.

Added to altarWhen home, learned that each day of journey, I should put something on the altar. I had gathered nothing but photos. Looked on my shelves of toys and fixed on a clay pot I had made. A vessel to be filled. Good. But behind that was the petrified wood of Kauri from New Zealand peat bog. And beside that was Christopher Pirsig's whisk. All three are on the altar.

After realizing that I'm breathing with the shaman, our breath is the same, not separate, then writing this, it is the movement of breath that gives info. Shaman as much in touch with where the breath is being pulled from as the target of the breath within body.

Now the question is when to meditate, if not all the time. I avoided going to the store since I still have enough fresh food to eat, even if my favorites are gone, such as banana, avocado and tomatoes. When post to blog? Each day? Do post at end of day?

Meditated in tent on balcony so I would be away from my usual home cave vibes. Too hot, over 80. At first I thought if I remained still that temperature would not be a factor. But it was. Noticed each little breeze promising respite. At first I closed my eyes so as to not be local. Didn't have any of the intensity or love or usual emotional features. Found myself thinking about the daily things. Heard to open my eyes as wide as possible. This is about light. The high Andes, the Peruvian area at 10K feet or so is lighter which is useful in itself.

Some attention to altitude and thin air. Shaman in this group about interface. It is not bringing some truth to group. It is knowing where each person is, what truth is their next step. It is sort of like massaging an interface to elicit what is potentially there. None of us would be investing this effort, time, money whatever if we were not expecting some reward or result that we imagined would be possible and desirable. The shaman doesn't even have to know much beyond the interface in any direction.

Shocked myself by looking at the timer at 20 minutes. Usually in meditation I lose all sense of time or thought of wanting it to be over. Sometimes the thought arises that I am meditating and wondering where we are at in it. Kind of like checking ID. But always the thought immediately follows that there is nothing I'd rather be doing so why worry. Looked again at less than 5 minutes remaining.

Then it came. A seed arrived. It was by slightly flexing the arms of Wholeo symbol so they overlapped slightly and in the junction was the shaman seed. Everything I gain during this trip will be like layers of a seed. Maybe the nutrition and the this and the that parts are to come, but this is the core.

Did artwork of the shaman seed that I like. As new Wholeo symbol.


Worked all morning until entering cutlines for the graphics in Galactic Synchronization movie stills. Suddenly just too tired to continue. Went to bed, feeling like beams of light coming in crashing like meteorites, subtly around me. As I lay there, not sleeping but divinely relaxed, I felt the Galactic Beam edges, precursors. It is a huge thing and feathered edges. I see everything through my graphic lens head. I felt the Inner solstice sunrise glow beams but kind of not around me but being me. I'm like a square pan full of this beaming dough, rising as if yeasted. Then there is a blue cube nugget beamed in. It is like a treasure chest opened to my right. This rectangular illumination is like a chip or transforming blueness. The blue quality is not steady, can't pin it down to ultramarine or emerald or neon or day-glo. In fact I can't really form a fixed image to identify it. Any artwork will have to be changing each frame, strobed. Strobing. Flickering. Transcendental. And yet it is embedded and my cells or less than cell components, agents, are very excitedly aware of and synergizing this energy and ability. Getting to know. Utilizing. Storing. Conforming. Collocating. Communing. Could I call it a beam jewel?

It seems like and feels like I could dissolve, resolve and ascend beyond but I don't. I choose to remain (or find myself remaining) and finish, finishing my movies. I don't know how to judge these decisions, if they are that, or necessities, if they are that. Could it really just be what's fun?

Seeing more about the solstice lineup, how beam news comes beaming from galactic center. Channeled through the moon, sieved by earth going to sun. Gathered by sun beamed back through us to full moon reflecting galactic beam with sunlight to us again. Our recognition, awareness, gratitude, gathers and refines the beam for human level and we transmit to sun as we adore its light and give thanks for its rising. So again love returns in waves and these reverberations are the stuff of life.

I have been increasingly drawn to and feeling in accord with the Mayan calendar prophesy of Galactic Synchronization with the end of an old beam and arrival of new Galactic Beam on July 26. I can not follow the astrology and literary symbolism of the 13-moon calendar and Dreamspell. It seems like literary fabrications, elaborations beyond my sight and grasp and perhaps need. I accept that time is beyond categories and labels. My experience seems to be physio-visual.

Also specifically I need to rise before dawn, drive to entrance to DLSP, walk south to Gulf and west to the inoutfall along Blessings Beach. Do DNA breathing to Peru. During the day follow guidance on the Villoldo tour. The next two weeks end July 24, the end of the Mayan 13-moon calendar year and day before the Day Out of Time.


World meditation at 11 CDT (Facebook Earth We Are One). Sat on cushion with closed eyes. Instant wonderfulness. Happy, spine erect. Went down into cellular level. Seeing the hand or figure aura like my movie artwork swimming along like jellyfish. That's right, the initial vision was pouring waterfall. Had forgotten. Everything liquid, flowing, underwater, in out. Saw the patterns of rippling shallow water of my video like patchwork in the dodecahedral space. Seeing all the varying patches and rhythms at once. It think the final water was pouring away from me. As if funneled from infinite source. A time of dark, went very dark, no light, yet a sense of presence, life, movement. A time of rosy flowers reminding me of the debris I had swept from my car this morning, missing the beauty of the flowers given.


Have this galactic graphic that I fixed, by R. Buckminster Fuller correcting, that I link to in the December, 1998 season page.

In the night I had more info about complexity of aura galacticAura. Galacticaura is not just to do with this 3D physical view. It seems there is this in out reverse feather direction, but almost like the transformer machines. What was that movie?


Via NCN (New Civilization Network) website suddenly virtually reconnecting with Villoldo (that I met in Peru in 1981). I'm inwardly committing to follow his tour remotely. He's saying the same thing I'm feeling with prophesy for 2013, feminine archetype moved from Himalayas to SA. Each day from July 11-23 I will meditate and record my visions with respect to the tour. Itinerary:


Wondering how much time to invest on brain cell to dodecahedral space. It is clear from the Inner solstice drawing insight that the aura can't be drawn without discontinuous aspects. Oh My, even the art movements mimic this insight. Cubism was the last century's attempt to render reality conceptually, not as realism. And that is the normal brain cell exploring 3D reality. Dodecahedronism is this century's configuration for expanded consciousness. Now exploring multidimensional, multitemporal reality. Or could my type of art be EIEnorism after the expanded brain cell structuring?

But what is deeper is that the expanded brain cell has a more complex structure than the dodecahedron. I wonder if curvedSpaces as a program could be modified to have EIEnor edges. Of course I could do it with artwork, right? Question is, could I modify the Poincare dodecahedral space. Looking at the model, seems like I just have to add triangles and squares, carving down the form, truncating the vertexes.

I'm developing graphics in Photoshop and animations in Flash. Second step is to adapt EIEnor to the dodecahedral frames. Maybe align them with the galaxies. But how does that relate to spirit dance. Such different scales here.

Signed up for Summer of Peace even tho it should be summer/winter since they claim to be global and even tho they are audio/hearing word people, not visionary, we are on similar tracks.

My daily color healings almost infallibly seem incredibly meaningful. How does this happen I wonder. Are all the healings merely mechanical and I give them meaning? Or are the meanings shared in all the myriad connections and the finding is participatory by everything? Or am I receiving messages embedded by another consciousness? Not sure how much difference it makes. Except I fear that I'm just playing games of find the pattern using known constructs and elements that can always fit together one way or another. What use is this finding beyond seeming to be meaningful?

I got an email from someone from somewhere unknown on my web pages. Saying they are coming on vacation to TN and want to see Wholeo Dome. Do not know what to do. I'd really like them say what page they are looking at, what information they want since all my answers are already on the web. After puzzling over this, I sent it to Vickie at The Farm in TN and she answered it with yes, come.


Reading Mary Ellen's book. It is good but the lack of knowing where she is and what she is talking about takes a toll. I sympathize with Nancy's giving up reading the book. I'm thinking it is weird, hearing her 20 year old story and not knowing what she is doing now. In spite of all, I love the book. Started working on the movie Galactic Sync. I've got aspects and content, but what is the story?


On beach walk in DLSP found a classic crawl turtle nest, the first in this section this year. Beautiful rhythmic path.

Did some DNA tet breathing. Also see my kind of turkey tail aura is encrusted with scallopy fanouts and it is getting so I identify more with it than my body. I can see it taking on a life of its own. Could do a three stage cartoon or movie. First the dodecahedral mind expansion, the multiD. Then the coming of GPs to aura, The buildout to aura egg. The wizening of the interior body shape and the aura takes over the interior. Wonder how it acts. As I say that, I see the dodecahedral movie different spaces, like several galaxy-views. This will be Galactic Synchronization.

This is reminding me of an aura drawing from way back. Did it have something to do with Twistor?

Looking for longtime in my journal for that drawing, searched on Twistor, scrolled a bit. I wonder if I could now draw what I'm thinking of. Weird, I feel like I just went on a retreat, that this is going to be the most intense month of my life. That I'm going to do nothing but focus on this GP building. So should I finish the meditation sun movie, or draw a twistor, or graphic this morning's evolution of aura. {Couldn't find it in journal or online, so did a new drawing called "Spirit Dancer". It has some of the qualities I'm remembering.}

Worked on the movie.


? How is this consciousness symbol typed? {It appears correctly on my computer, but not on the web. Here's an image of how it should look: consciousness symbol } Got it on Facebook from today's Rainbow Bridge meditation event reminder. Remember that in 1960 I chose this dot-within-circle as the image for a border for a card announcing our wedding at The Place, Minneapolis. I had them made up at the Bureau of Engraving. The guy there had been my boss previously and he made them a wedding present. To me it is the sun generally and consciousness basically.

The Chrysler GPs aura is the most fetching vision. How about doing it in the dodec space with repeats and the sun images? I also almost fired up Premiere Pro and do an edit of the reach out from the sun. To me in memory that's what happened. That blur came right from the sun. {See Inner Solstice 2013 Sunrise Meditation.}


sunrise before supermoon timeSitting on the beach between lake and Gulf of Mexico was perfect. I was so infinitely grateful and happy to be there. Rain clouds dramatically swept the sky but sun peeked through. Sunrise: 5:44 CDT. Full moon: 6:32. These notes are from video as I walked up the beach after sunrise/full moon meditation 5:30-6:45.

WholaxyO. Wholaxy. It's not just the galaxy, Wish I could remember more. It is getting more and more important to just do it, think it in the now moment and move on. About 6:30 (just before full moon time of 6:32), a big globe of light. It was like a symbol to us of the full moon and wholeness and a globe of light. We see that in the full moon as a symbol. Focus. It came into every cell. Every bit of myself was filled up with it. I felt like our sun was our arrow to the center of the galaxy when it's the full moon. I don't know how it is with respect to the galaxy or link to the center of the galaxy below the horizon and behind the clouds. All the silicon seemed important. The silicon in all the computers and the cell phones and communication with these kind of crystals, and the crystals here on the beach and the crystals in my body.

The dodecahedron of the brain cells was totally important but actually the TLMs are the way the galaxy people connect. I see a cloud formation and zoom into it. I breathed into Peru and opened up the kriya jewel. And the blue light, the blue pearl. The blue light is so wonderful, seems like that's my light. Saw Georgiana and Frank.

From previous years, I had thought this full moon would bring Galaxy People visions. Nothing special. But continuation of the visions received on the Inner solstice.


ECMS sunrise meditation. Four of us sitting on a dock out in the Choctawhatchee Bay. I know I was dazzled by the sun red lacy dancing wave tops. But when first sat, it was the fractal nature of waves. How the little waves were just the same as the big and there were many graduations between the tiny and the big 2-foot troughs. That led to everything being of absolutely equal importance, significance. That led to refeeling myself as myriad swarm. The sun rose somewhat to the east, our right, not straight ahead as we had thought last month.

I remember enjoying the wind so much, getting a wind treatment, wind massage. So happy I didn't have to defend against anything. No bugs. Temperature mild. I gazed at the rising sun some, remembering the sun harvesting idea. When I saw Nancy's hand moving to ring the closing bell I had a trapped moment. How could I evade this necessity? Didn't want to stop.

I drove to Eastern Lake beach access west and walked from the lake/Gulf interface east along the Gulf. When home I wrote more about the Galaxy People.

Building up they can store themselves in white sand crystals interstices. (Orpheus and Eurydice.) Remember during one meditation wanting to flip Noint Joint to white but that's not it either. Better to leave it dark as unknown and not able to render in our tech.

Now that I think they will incorporate into us, there are many questions. Do have to be invited? Or is openness an invitation? Is longing for evolution or new age an invitation? {{Having written that I get a sudden wish that Seti would send signals from the center of the galaxy. Looking at all our space maps, what do we see? Galaxies. Sending signals from earth is not where other galaxies will be looking. It is like sending a message from Edina, MN to Putin in Russia. He is only going to receive and answer messages from Washington, D.C. I'm at a blank screen at I guess i'm not welcome. Note, later I realized we want contact with closer places, where we might visit or or entertain, as a first intragalactic reachout.}}

How will one feel galactically? Will there be a new category of consciousness? Like now we have emotion, thought, meditation, different modes and states. Will there be a galactic shaman? How will it feel physically? What is a galaxy person hoping for? Is it kind of like a marriage? A union? A bonding? Is mystsynth? That's why I should be with the lichen to study symbiosis. It is that many are called. I was called at age 36. I heard the call or made the call. Call happened. {Galaxation = galactic consciousness}

Should I use the currents of water as background for intro? Rather than the dark? What movie do I have? Solstice moon clouds. Sunrise fish jumps. Glow exudes. Blur and drops come. Beautiful effects. Dynamic range problems with sun. Nancy realized it. Sun was red as it rose, looks white in video. Just blown out.


Just before the solstice at 12:04 midnight, I photographed the near-full moon gorgeously wrapped in moving clouds. later the clouds were gone.

Curved Space Solstice with Galaxy PeopleWhen I sat to meditate for the solstice, instantly remembered something that I'd envisioned at ECMS. Galaxy People as wedges, pie sections, pointing at me with tips, in an edging all around my body. Something like the WinA health aura. But say the wedges were at least half the extent of the lightnings, that is bigger. And maybe reflected in numerous layers out. Reminding me of the Chrysler building tip form. Feeling that maybe GP input to me via tip and my feedback to them via the reverse tips and radiating area … how strange, when focusing on the vision, I see the tips coming in, then I see my tips going out, which feel like and seem to be between the GPs. But when I try to draw the pattern, the betweens are wide, tapering to narrow as it goes away from my body. No wonder I'm having such a hard time with artwork these days. I see things in time, discrete parcel packages that don't match up. Maybe not only in time but different dimensions. (Click for large version of the graphic. Credits: The Poincaré Dodecahedral space visualizations created using Curved Spaces software, Chrysler building photograph by Leena Hietanen, March 2005 used with creative commons license on the page,}


Global solstice meditation 11-12:30 CDT Visit the Global Care Room during the Earth Treasure Vase Project via the Gaiafield project. This is also the sixth 36-day cycle in the Cubing the Earth project, the top of the cube is the final act, now through the Day Out of Time, July 25.

For me the start of galaxy people emerging. The full moon brings them towards us but this year I'm seeing that the new moon, having swung around from being full just after the solstice between the galactic center and earth, to being between earth and sun. Centrifugally pulling out will help the galaxy people emerge and merge and transform with us. Galaxy people after all are just our galactic natures. They are characters. Attitudes. Understandings. Emotions. That's one reason I need to finish with our expansion of brain cells as reason boxes. Arguelles, we have finished the cubing of earth. It is the expanded sphere of the emotions and the associations that I need to envision with EIEnor.

In the evening attended ECMS group meditation. A big ball of liquid rose up, like we were under water. A time of heart centeredness. A lot of inexpressible intensity. A time of drops of dew or radiant gem jewels all over edges of everyone. Nourishing everyone. Often I would feel my imbalance. The left arm curved or caved in from wrist to shoulder. Like it needs to be inflated and lifted out to equal the confident curve strength of the right arm. Needs to be pumped.

After that, it was not long until the solstice, just after midnight, which strangely enough is the next day.

In a sense, the angles seem like walking away from the solstice, following the moon around earth.


Discovered Poincaré Dodecahedral Space Topology, Universe model. He has the shape of the universe as a dodecahedron. That's the shape that my expansion of consciousness model conforms to. Found fantastic graphics in math programs, the best is CurvedSpaces from Jeff Weeks at Version is Dan Winter's page. I like (see video Our Universe as a Point) by Rob Bryanton. Even better, his Our-universe-as-dodecahedron.html. Tripped out on this stuff all morning.

Forgot to write important galactic DNA insight of morning walk. See this page for basics. Breathing in/out NA, Cygnus stars, SA, Crux stars and different routes making different triangles. Got that it is important to dedicate time and effort to this work. It is not just visualizing. It is setting an earth space or something like that. The intention and permission and resources granted are a necessary step. So I've turned on the lights on the three-stranded DNA tetrahelix. I had trouble with the breathing pattern. Easy to do a sequence of NA, cross, SA, crux and repeat that. But I did all kinds of different routes such as SA, NA, crux, and so on. Aha, I see that I don't make closed triangles for which I'd have to finish the last example with return to SA. I need to revisit last year's discoveries and see if I've forgotten or gone beyond that.


When looked at intro, was struck that I stick with the cube geometry, whereas it is the sphere of the emotions and the rest of the brain cell that interests me, where I dwell. And haven't I thought about what happens to the sphere and the associations that I saw in WinA when five-fold synergy happens?

Mathematica Developer's Conference T-shirt GraphicStephen Wolfram, celebrating his 30th anniversary of Mathematica, wrote me with a digital copy of my original registration form filled in by hand. He said I was a pioneer since I bought Mathematica in 1989 and attended the first developer conference in Redwood City, CA in 1990. The globe in the photo here, with transparent continents, has always fascinated me. It is on the T-shirt from the conference.

I kept using Mathematica on my Mac II, although I never mastered it. I tried to model 3D geometry, which I'm still trying to do in other software. I did use it for the original intro graphics to in 1997, and for TLM studies in 2009. See study3 and study4 for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge.


Excited about progress on my intro brain. (I'm redoing the intro to Loved the model with the black background that showed up in my movie. Experimented with groups of five cells in the overall pattern. It is not regular so can't tell, but so far it looks like that might work. If so, could do a movie of enlightenment, where groups of five gradually spread across the array of single cells. Or maybe call it “Awakening” or awareness, becoming aware.


I think part of my queasy jitteryness is apprehending or perceiving subtle increased vibration. It is faster than I'm used to and more easily sensed, therefore maybe stronger or of greater amplitude. My vibe grabbers are to eat this or apprehend it. This feels like clamping or surrounding or shining a light on or truly getting my parts to run with this shaking ground. When I'm aligned, like of like zipper or Velcro or gear cogs then we move in sync and I'm dancing.

Alternatively, it could be partly or all completely physical. I can't tell really. I'm feeding myself lentils, broccoli, sweet potato, mushroom, Parmesan cheese and cilantro. Hefty serving. If that quiets me down, I can know that the condition was dietary. Or closely related as a source of nutrition or resources for this cluster of molecules enacting the Caroling personage. Or it could be that she is in the habit of treating these difficult, little-understood, unsettling, hard to master symptoms with food. That's what her parents did. That's how she parents. That's what society fosters and teaches. Our language is that the situation is low blood sugar and the body must be fed.

My cells though, like lymph and muscle, tendon, balance, mind. What the Mother called “Mind of the Cells”. Having written that, I went to web, typed in the title and there it was, the entire book on one page, here: Thrilled, I searched on vibrat and found 158 events. Reading for awhile, realizing that we thought alike, or I was influenced by reading it in the early 1980s or more and more her thoughts are true and I'm experiencing them more vividly now. I shared it on Facebook. Antidote to the one-liner and the trivial.


Getting a vision of the brain cells as jellyfish. From cubes, they open up to the hapti form. Swoop. Then they fly down again. They keep doing that until there is an assembly of five opening brain cells. In which case they coalesce. Also getting this feeling about freedom in time. Seems like its...sort of expanding my time sense. Back. And forward. In future no turtles, no birds all I could see. I'm so blessed to be here at this moment. Past is much like this.

Breathing to the stars in the Northern Cross (Cygnus), out to Peru, in to Crux, out to me, as in 2012 movie. Seeing the short path to my stars as taking two walking steps. Seeing the long path to Peru as I breathe out taking three steps. In to Crux, two steps, out to me, three steps, longer breathing out. Expanding my time sense. Back. And forward. In future no turtles, no birds all I could see. I'm so blessed to be here at this moment. Past is much like this.


Glimmer of insight into how cubes are joining in EIEnor color healing. Since the faces are colored in partial patterns they 1. interact directly with Svaeieia and the runecast and adjacent nodes but 2. since they are subsidiary and translucent or partially transparent, they blend in with some background colors and emerge with others. Today yellow is weakest on galaxy green background, cyan is next, orange next, blue next and violet top. That is y1, c2, o3, b4, v5. So what's the diff? Got a 5-synergy geometry page.

Added two mudras to the end of carolyoga. To crown, raise arms and arc hand backs together for V Wholeo symbol. To ground, circle hands and arms down to sides and cup ground at root of tail.


Maybe the EIE stage was the learning of combined rotation of five brain cells and now EIEnor is the expansion of five brain cells into the useful form of synergetic consciousness.


Small Fish Story movie at Deer Lake State Park.

As I type “GalacticNextStep” into the color healing, I realize I'm not leaving any white spaces because sometime way back in the evolution of color healing programs, I saved the name and saved a graphic named after it. I planned for the program to save an archive of the healings so I could reload previous. I've forgotten how far I got with programming the program. Also why and when it went away. Now I save a screen shot, so the title could be written in English, not Smalltalk. With that recognition, I thought, well that's the next step, to recognize and get rid of the useless habits accumulated with life, that continue until I focus and decide to change.

Look up genesis of color healings. When did I get the dream books? And more important, the association of runesign numbers and birthdays.

Dream books (first color healings) To Tim started about 7/20/90, when I got SuperCard. HyperCard was what I had programmed in since 1988, but it was black and white.

Found the original dream on 7/23/90. The dream was that the bookcase was gone. Dreamwork with “Ariel” that I've forgotten. Details about picking the major 16 colors. I made a PICS movie of the 20 titles. It was on the computer from the start. I called it the wakeup dream project.

On 9/15/90 I wrote that I changed to tim so I can do color healings in cyberspace.

2/1/91 I was doing to tim healings based on the color dream books. Interesting to read my conversations with guidance about taking job at Borland. It was so very true that it was the way ahead. “beauties beyond your present knowledge will open up”. Wow. So true, the Internet!

On 7/8/91 I wrote that I love the new feature of being able to expand the healing colors to the healingSpace the mindSpace.

On 1/27/93 I wrote that I'm thinking about a more flexible color choice than the dream books. It happened when thinking about healing for Tim.

4/10/95 I put the dream books online! That was my first web page started on 10/16/94 on the juggling server site set up by Terry Weissman at SGI. We wrote HTML code and looked at pages using Mosaic browser.

On 4/28/95 at Peaks of Otter in Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, I asked for three healing people-topics: Fritz-finance, Eliz-confidence, and Carol-relationship. Threw runes on orange ground. Called Male bone: Fritz, Female: Eliz, Warrior/Self: me. I did some number thing about bones that I've forgotten. I drew the layout and runethrow. I have arranged 3 cups for the water-mingling ceremony. My writing is explicit about the water. but cursory about the healings. We found that the numbers on the runesigns relating to us had our birth days: 22, 14, and 21.

Here's what I wrote about color healings on 7/18/97. Now have 8+WLBs at the Noint Joint layout on the computer and from to tim expanded colors to healing space and the brainment window on the laptop and the latest colorRune ring space on the Mac2 screen. So it started with the color books, ah that is like the brain cell in its squareness. To tim is related to that too. Trying to see this in 3 stages. Then 8+WLBs are like the second stage, expansion, with VE and Haptihedron and transactions at the Noint Joint. Ahh, maybe see this as the CLB stage on way to 5D (remember reading on one of the spiritual pages yesterday my same info of going from 3D to 5D consciousness. Must link to that!). Even tho it has the 5D in it, it is just coming in, and not central. Then the rings stage, which is related to 5D, with EIE centered.

So I could continue the healingSpace project to put 8+WLBs at Noint Joint, then expand into 5D, that has a different relationship to the Noint Joint. It would be very nice to have the healing colors put into all the graphics. There must be a global script to do it, so don't have to put it on each card.

Wow it is great to feel this continuity. One thing I don't remember is when I put the bliss body in there and what the expanded bliss blue blobs are about {01, see 10/27/92 for quote}.

Enough healing history for today. Have finally found direction in redoing intro to Wholeo Online that was done in 8/2/02. The intro now is converted to HTML5 by swiffy but I need to go back to Flash to update the previous source. So have to search HyperCard database on 2004 laptop computer. I found the original Flash .flas.

Digital graffiti weekend June 7-8. Canceled my plans to volunteer. This is really distracting from my direction.


In color healing, asked for GalacticFiveFunctionColors and got fabulous colors. So how many distinct colors? Spring green. Magenta/fuchsia Orange. Blue. Pale cyan. These colors are so similar to the ones I have, that I feel more confidence that they are right. They are almost exactly like the neon colored labels I bought to help with my models. Great synchronicity.


Thinking about brain cells and the EIEnor model. It could be not a permanent thing. There would be five functions associated with an EIEnor form of organization. So brain cells that want to take part in those five functions would have random access. So it goes in there to do its thing. Some could settle in there forever. Some come temporarily and some stay put. So what are the five functions? I thought of elements. I like the idea of leaving them in colors, since guidance says we will speak in colors. So the positions are color-coded and the brain cells can decide how they are to be used and function. Because they know more than me. So I just contemplate or provide logistics for the structure. Working on the flat projection of the layout of five cubes expanded and synergizing.


ECMS Sunrise meditation on dock on the bay. Full moon visible behind us right into meditation. I got it. I think I know what enlightenment is. Is nothing. There is no enlightenment. This realization (actually nothing to realize) came when going into Akasha, thinking of being a guide to it, what would I do? What would it be like? And it was clear light. That is like white light is the sum of all the colors. The Akasha, being a record of everything is really nothing. I had gone through levels of heightened awareness. How could I see birds flying so tiny, so far away, one dives and I see the splash? These birds are not even visible in the video which recorded the sunrise. Sounds of birds and traffic. And the growing light on the waves and the intensity of brightness unbelievably strong. Had felt the gratefulness, and the connecting love, and the attunement and the sun, moon, center of the galaxy alignment. Wholeo song playing. Feeling perfectly OK with not being identified with these thoughts. Allowed mind all the freedom it wanted. And memory too. But the feeling of meditation, allowing the thoughts but not being at all identified or caught up or bound to these thoughts. Weightlessness. Blisslessness. It became eons past bliss.

So being a guide to the Akasha is really that nothing matters.

The 5-cell rods, how they synergize and relate to all 5-cells and brain/mind chemistry or physiology or really functioning is different from and more than a sum of its parts. The rods crossing is the crystalline crystal and light generating to associations that bring super efficiency and effervescence and bright light and more angles to the associations. So more is done in the same amount of brain space, with the same amount of brain cells, just a different pattern of organization. I guess my question is how this is implemented. Must be a driving force. Or is it when freed from desire, that keeps cells tracking towards 3D goals, that consciousness expands naturally. Consciousness is enlightened, but compressed by the play, the drama, the adventures of life.


Put the printed brain cells on my model of EIEnor. Looks good. However, not seeing how the rods cross or intersect as they go across the middle of the form.


When considering effect of 5 cubes or 30 faces on color healing, have to consider the fact that all 6 faces aren't equal. 4 are vibe storage. 2 opposing are crosses accessed oppositely by each TLM. So there are 20 vibe faces and 10 cross faces. These are arranged in opposite pairs so there are 5 pairs of cross faces and 10 pairs of vibe faces. I wonder if the crosses are arranged around a pent, so there could be a ring around top and bottom. Not sure how that would work with the tets. But it would make the EIEnor kind of like an individual brain cell with crosses along one axis and a faceted ring of vibe panels around the edge. Makes it more torus like too. I did the artwork and printed them.

TODO: make a clear plastic model so can see through to the other side


Maybe separate brain cells could fire as if in a distributor. I could show them successively in a movie. Or animation. At any one moment only one is there.


Things that are important to us and things we love, we name. The focus this morning is to answer questions about my new color healing layout based on the EIEnor. I used to have all the twinkle triangles (tetrahedrons, tets, or OMlulu prototets) together, not separated according to component brain cell association. And the spaces between, which are now squares, I didn't differentiate. They were just there as background. All of a sudden there are five distributed cubes. What should I call them? What are they telling me?

Last night at ECMS meeting, Sandy was saying that compassion comes from the reptilian brain. I thought it was from the whole brain. One idea about compassion, it's in the memory banks, everywhere. It is what gets it together.

On the beach I had found many tiny egg shell fragments. Seeing them as metaphor for consciousness breaking out of its shell. Then seeing turtle trap, huge hole, saying that they somehow distance themselves. Then I ask, so is that what I'm doing with this model? Distancing myself from reality that is happening. When see a longer shallower hole, call it a mass grave. Why do I see that? I ask. Turnaround. Then come to a marvelous rotating rays from a point. I say it's the galactic beam that causes five radiations, the bright and morning star, and the witches star. It's not the (6-pointed star of David) Judeo-Christian. I don't know about the other religions.

When I got home I wrote this. Galactic beam is laser that solders, fuses, cements, binds brain cells triggered by reptilian compassion that fires all 5 parts of the brain. And these cells associate. Expanded consciousness may be a software-like phenomenon with no physical counterpart in brain hardware. So I'll need/get a map of how these fit together in memory. I think there will be signposts – something physical to be found like the traces of memories in the brain where the content is largely software.

Seems like I had gotten an idea that the last 5 principle is an overarching overseer like of function. It is not like the two sets of five now existing in EIE. The 5 WLBs and the other set. Are there five parts of brain? Cerebral cortex divided into 4,5 or 6 lobes. Reptilian, limbic system, and neocortex are parts of triune brain by Paul MacLean. It's funny but when Sandy was talking, I felt my inner kundalini maybe snake waving my head doing my undulations, completely happy and benign. Loving and honoring snakiness. Don't feel at all hateful, aggressive and negative.

Trying to color EIEnor. Too hard to differentiate the tets in a cube. So starting with 226 as the tetcolor for 227 orange. I've got 8 triangles and 5 squares. I think that relates to the fact that in my current EIE layout I've got only 29 hexagons. Need 30 to turn into the cube sides. So the 6th orange cube has to be a border?

From web on search of Defiance sphere alien DNA: "Heres a little Votan Terraforming information for us all. The Votans had Terra-spires which were to be launched into the crust of a planet. Inside them are Terraspheres, which contain large amounts of alien DNA, designed to recreate Votan worlds on other planets. Now the terra-spires also release large amounts of radiation, so much that native biological organisms, such as humans, will become severely mutated.

"Now the ark-core, which Von Bach is in possession of, works with the ark-matrix (who Dark Matter has) and the ark-cell (who Joe Teach has) to power the terra-spire, which Von Bach wants to do so he can learn how to undo the terraforming to Earth. Another piece of technology called the Gem, can be used to access the Terrasphere inside, which is what Nolan and Irisa do, by taking the Gem and getting the Terrasphere. The sphere is later used by Doc Yewll in Defiance for some reason, possibly to power Defiance's massive shield fence.

"The Votans had Terra-spires which were to be launched into the crust of a planet. Inside them are Terraspheres, which contain large amounts of alien DNA, designed to recreate Votan worlds on other planets. Now the terra-spires also release large amounts of radiation, so much that native biological organisms, such as humans, will become severely mutated. review calls it an 1d30.

"Now the ark-core, which Von Bach is in possession of, works with the ark-matrix (who Dark Matter has) and the ark-cell (who Joe Teach has) to power the terra-spire, which Von Bach wants to do so he can learn how to undo the terraforming to Earth. Another piece of technology called the Gem, can be used to access the Terrasphere inside, which is what Nolan and Irisa do, by taking the Gem and getting the Terrasphere. The sphere is later used by Doc Yewll in Defiance for some reason, possibly to power Defiance's massive shield fence."

Here's the picture:

One problem with EIEnor is that the tets can no longer be colored. And the background is diminished. I don't know if the nodes will be visible, drowned out by the existing. Must study.


15 colors for 5 cubes in EIEnor

Started out picking the 15 light Easter egg colors found in Akashic Color Cubes. Divided into the cube face color in the middle with the two tets the side color. Was going to color the color healing map color healing EIEnor mpawhen realized that had not decided how each triangle would show two colors, for the two tet points there. In fact makes me wonder how well the model represents the expansion. This might take time to develop correctly.


EIEnor modelTrying to make sense of the triangles. I have the shared colors tagged on the model. In trying to figure out which pent got which connection to which cubes tets I've gotten spaced out and lost. That did seem important. Did ascertain that each triangle is mirrored with a 180° turned opposite on the other side of the model that represents the paired tet in the cube. So if the cube face is green, one tet could be yg and the other tet could be bg. But that wouldn't have enough colors for five cubes. I guess. Have to study the color cube. Need to do another color healing layout with labels to think it out. Can't figure color scheme. Thinking of four colors and one gray cube with tet set of black and white. Using 12 colors maybe.


Headed toward WaterSound lake because I need to feel the Peru connection. Singing the four tones, breathing to stars and matrix, forming tets. I did some breathing to the tetrahedrons. To do them all would be forty. {? That is, forty faces with 10 tets, 2 in each of 5 cubes. But the breathings are to four faces each one, so why not 10 breathings to do them all.} I felt these little sparks of light all over my body {after watching the heron the first time} like acupuncture pressure points. Definite points, like little Christmas tree lights blinking all over. It felt like information. Don't know if it is transmitted, received, activated.


Looking at my color healing layout and realizing that the hexagons will become the faces of five distinct cubes. Up until now I haven't distinguished the five. I haven't had insights or guidance on their separate presences. Now getting a feeling I have been missing something. And this feels like the tail end of something huge. To become aware of something. To acknowledge it is like giving freedom to slaves. Or opening a prison door. It lets the thing become active in your world with unique qualities.

Or new spirit world connections. New organizing spirit of course is galactic and not five-fold. Is Sirius galactic. There is no central galactic spirit. Is distributed and overall noint joint. Could say that my rep to the galactic council of the noint joint is Sirius. Of course there are a lot more organizing factors between galaxy and noint joint than I know.


Wow. Looking at tetOverExpJSclick.htm and the tets expand directly out, the faces do not lose their orientation, just their bonds. I think. So why isn't this an expanded consciousness, perhaps it is, of exponent 1. So what geometric shape would result if two of these rotated together? It seems that the union of five could be described with a few parameters. The radius of expansion out and the rotations on a sphere of this form. I'm guessing that 2, 3, and 4 do not result in a regular polytope or whatever the form is called. But don't know how to investigate. Finally searched on 3 cubes rotated and four cubes rotated. This page has the best answer. They make scaled compounds. Five cubes rotated makes a regular compound. These pages to be linked to new model of expansion, the EIEnor:



Just hit me that the 20:13 or 13:20 time people have the parts of this year date, 2013. Seems trivial but do they play with that? And I never noticed it? Had looked 13 up this morning. 13 is the number of rotations of the moon around us. 12 is the number of months in the Gregorian calendar. Here is a quote from something, somewhere : "... the correct frequency: the 13:20 timing frequency. This is the frequency of universal telepathy. The cosmology of the Law of Time states that to change with the Earth we have to unify and come together as one mind. This is the meaning of the noosphere. The 13 Moon calendar is the most practical tool to synchronize our minds daily to the 13:20 frequency. The catharsis of the biosphere is also known as biogeochemical transduction. This points to the preparation of the next geological cycle of the Earth, the Psychozoic Era, beginning in 2013. 20 tablets of the law of time. 13 tones, 20 solar frequencies. Mayan count is base 20. They knew that time is a frequency of synchronization and that frequency is defined by a mathematical constant of a ratio of 13 to 20."

13/20= .65. I find no simple definition. How can 13:20 be a frequency?


Leo said "water" movingly when I let it run mindlessly. Holding glass reverently when drinking. Reading about enlightenment last night. I realize I do experience that I am the glass, I am the water, I am the drinker and the one thinking about it but above or below all I am watching the movie. No I don't really exist. Last night in yoga, got that I can induce a phase in water by surrounding the glass with both hands and opening thumbs to a V when drinking. Did a little movie of it this morning.


On World Labyrinth day I joined Sherron's event at Wild Heron Preserve. My labyrinth experience was blissful. At some point realized being completely safe, happy, blissful. Felt expanded haptihedron. Maybe that is my mission. To hold that in mind for people to see. But at some point, saw the EIEnor. In center, or near it, a point of light, like a tiny light flower, appeared and it is mine to keep. Also felt body like the orchid gem. Maybe like the noom turtle. The light multiplied and became chakral. Glittered all over my body and then everywhere, everything connected, nothing separate. Didn't do V. Was below the contact point. The EIEnor did expand around that though.

I found the picture of Leo that had haunted me for at least a year before he was gone. I see it is from Oct. 1990. Up close there is a confident sort of smile. But at any distance he looks miserable. Every time I would see it I would get heart twangs. That impression does not jibe at all with the glowing loving reports from all his friends so I had forgotten about that picture. OK. Better scan it in. Here.


Thinking about the cubing of earth by Arguelles. Maybe our brain cells were created by smaller cells that saw the need for it. So maybe this cubing around earth that is creating a cube around earth … expanding this is the key. And we can expand that. Everything expands and stays the same. Just saying that cube is the first step in xxx I don't know. Don't know what science says about it. But the cube around earth mimics our brain cell or the overall storage block. now I can build a large model and move colors around. After study last night, I think that each of the 12 pents has five colors around it. That would be 60 faces. But I only have 30 faces. Ah, but each square abuts or is between two pents.

When the veil gets thin (metaphorically a membrane between realities) I get excited nervous, trembling and scared. I thought I was more of a believer than this. That is the galactic transformation seems real and reasonable to me. But to find a dream gem and have the color healing GalacticOrchidGem be of that exact color shakes me up with the immediacy. But I'm tremendously glad. Enormously grateful. Teresa Cline's painting of bison is very similar to my vision. She says Bison is floating around the creative spheres these days.


V Eve Ensler of the Vagina monologues has a V around her neck. Her book has a V on it. She is the one behind VDAY. Or v-day.


Thinking of colors to put on the map of the EIEnor. If use the red yellow blue map, could use orange, yg,g,bg, and purple for five cube differentiation. Also can map some of my vibe drawings onto the model. Wonder if I could use the same ones I put on the icosahedron? There are 20 triangles, that's right in five brain cells there are 30 faces, but 10 of those faces are the front and back with the TLM crosses. Only 20 are the 4x5 cube faces of info storage. Looking forward to how that maps to the EIEnor. I am monumentally excited about this.

The other part is to put it on my rounded drawing that I use for color healing so I have a flattened view. I think I can do this by connecting the points of the stars and equalizing them along all the edges. Important to Buckminster Fuller. Maybe this relates to the Vector Equilibrium. Equal vectors. But his VE has them as radius from center too. Wonder how these angles and vector from center vary. Must be longer radii, and slightly different angles for … hmm, there is only one vector though, from center to pent/triangle/square junction.

From video of my walk, it seems like I can see these grasses talking to each other, communicating connections. Seems like the lakes and I do the same thing. Darla and Ester. Thinking I am just as much a people person as Nancy but instead of talk and book-reading, I want to communicate with media, especially visual media.

Thrilled to have from an EIEnor net with 5 arms, solving my cube color problem. Could make them for party favors. How many times does 5 go into 80? 16. Could color them with seven colors. R,o,y,g,b for the cubes. Purple or magenta for the pents and white for the triangles. If want to have the cubes be greeny, yg,g,bg,y,b. Then the pale orange in today's healing, blissed orange for the triangles and blissed lavender for the pents. That kind of color much higher and more peaceful to me.

A terrasphere is an apparatus showing how the movement of the earth on its axis and around the sun creates the seasons of day and night; also called tellurion.


So turned on. Having transcribed yesterday. Looking at my color healing 12-circle EIE and seeing edges of the EIEnor. Is that what it is called? Remembering how I struggled to model the transformation from Hapti to EIE, from Movey to EIE. There is a stage where the squares turn into two triangles, which creates the hexagons.

Now is raisining the prototet to retain that form and the new way. Like it branches and now have two phases of EIE. But new EIEnor can grasp. I feel it branching and grasping out of my head and broader out of heart and whole being. This is the transformation we've been waiting for. On a flat net of the rhombicosidodecahedron I have counted 30 squares. 20 triangles and 12 pents. I can't find a geometric form for EIE. In EIE there are 12 pents, 80 triangles and 30 hexagons. So many more subdivisions. Question is whether all the geometries are pertinent? This isn't clear to me. Is this one EIEnor the one important alternative for me?

Suddenly a clear moment. 30/5 = 6. This form accommodates the five brain cells. With info storage blocks intact. It solves the problem. I think EIEnor is the true destination of 2013 shift. Blown mind is solid. In the color healing layout, I can see connecting the points of my 12 stars, or maybe just bringing the inner five points out to the edge of each star. That makes the requisite number of rectangles, triangles and pents. All that needs adjusting is the lengths of the sides.

See the antlers, the lightning antlers in this graphic: Outer are wholeo. Now changed to the inner or wholeo-shifted. New planet ^elo^ might have EIEnor.


In car driving, tuned in, I'm being told about the Wholeo symbol that I still use it in the old position. It is not just a symbol to me, it's an action. It is the way I relate, especially to guidance. I raise this cup and I fill it up. But since it has turned, I know it has turned and I'm getting some information that way, like through the fumaroles and the V and the consciousness expanding. But unconsciously it is not down in my cells, or totally down in my up or someplace.

Maybe if I study that Defiance symbol, I'll get a breakthrough in the structure of consciousness that hasn't changed in 33 years. {Looking at it now, rhombicosidodechedron.gif, I see that the sides of the pents are bounded by squares. I will need to make a model, or draw on this gif to see how many squares.}

But it is probably because I'm thinking in the old Wholeo symbol. If I thought in the new {rotated} one, instead of a cup, I'm a channeling V. It is much more concentrated. This V is a funnel that is squeezing in {seeing it like an exponential rather than a linear funnel (spirits jumping for joy that I got that concept. Need math understanding of it. Angles are close to the language of the gods). Also I'm seeing great circles of the EIE shrinking in around the pents. There are 12 pents and 12 great circles in a classic EIE. So somehow the exercise in transformation gathers the triangles formed in first expansion and creates new squares, which are the forms useful to our brain cell info storage blocks. Wow I'm tingling with the spirits, so excited, high vibes. This is definitely the direction.

So lovingly of Arguelles, my art master and inspiration. Why don't I get the time/calendar thing? Is it just another way of looking at the space? 13:20, hmmm. So it is a more active channeling. Much more active. And releasing below {thinking of the bottom of the symbol} interesting.


Thinking of Leo and when we went to and climbed Mt. Shasta in 1975, how I brought sunflower seed crackers to eat. I think following John Muir, who said he survived on some crusts of bread in his pockets. The scrall quality comes in when thinking of how polite Leo was in asking for some of Mary's normal food,which I suppose he needed. I wonder how I was able to stick to the limited food myself. How unaware I was of what Mary sacrificed, or how we could have easily driven to a store, or where Eliz was, or what Leo did all day. All I remember is my yoga and what I wrote in my sketchbook. And the Shasta cedar tree I tried to bring home but it didn't live.

Wow up to 128 likes of Facebook Wholeo page. What set it off? Now someone has used pachamama drawing as their profile picture. Luckily she wrote a message to me. Amazing Bon Jakobsen story! (Page is in Thai.) "I started an small English language tutoring class and yoga this coming July. There's one word that popped up in my mind, pasamama. I didn't know what it means, i didn't know where it came from, it just popped up in my mind, so i named it pasamama.  One day I search for the word pasamama and Google suggested pachamama, and it led me to your drawing. I can't get over the beauty of it, thank you so much for drawing up this image. Here's the class's blog, I'll give the credit of this image in the blog, it'll always be there  thank you."

rhombicosadodecahedronEnchanted with a geometric form so closely related to ones I see in the expansion of consciousness. This one from the Syfy show Defiance is a Rhombicosidodecahedron and the model to the right is from that Wikipedia web page. It seems to fit right in with this page, for example. Must study. Things in gut going writhe, tinkle clink. This just looks so incredibly meaningful for me. {Note that I replaced EIE with this form that I called EIEnor on 4/27 based on thoughts on 4/26.}


Sunrise meditation with ECMS on dock in Choctwhatchee Bay. Starting out with recognizing the little weed tops stationary in waves. As mind-fix places. Drawn to focus. Whereas everything is equal, aware of all. Saw galactic position of sun with Galaxy to right. But able to realize federation of intergalactic meditation mind or minds. And then all my parts. The physical such a small part. Sun, galaxy, and other beings are part of my makeup and glad to have field day unfettered to Carol small self. Did psychic heat for another person. And all my molecules. And everything. Only after maybe 15 minutes, after sunrise, with the glowing wave crests that I fell in love. Seems love is a much greater force than gravity.

Driving back home, astounded at the joy and well-being of my body. When I got home it had built to be excessive, like exceeding some tolerance threshold, like I almost can't stand such joy, such bliss. It subsided as I singingly made breakfast.


"To V or not to V, that's a moot point" I was thinking. Better look up "moot" in case I've customized the meaning. On the web, the browser somehow lured me into Moot Forums and I made one for Moot seems eminently customizable. What I was trying to think is that Vs happen, it is becoming aware that is the point.


Woke up at 3 or so and wanted to write three things. One was remembered from going to sleep and the others were on my mind.

Going to sleep -- the reachout establishing in other reality.

Contact, the movie, note how the chair connected to the vehicle cracked with vibration. She had released her ties to the framework and was weightless, floating free. She watched the chair crash. Made me realize a truth of the shift. Grounding is no longer to the vehicle. Seat belts OK for this reality but not evolution. Georgiana had once said that it is no longer right to channel negative vibes to earth. Gaia doesn't need it and needs to heal. Take care of it yourself. I'm thinking of the Thich Nhat Hanh quote about kissing feet connection to earth and revising my emphasis.

Beam is a galactic beam. Is also a transporter. I felt these little sequin-like parts of myself reaching out to some other matrix. Actually looked like the vibe framework recently put in movie but it wasn't moving. Each one like a seed alighting down. Or more like a consciousness cell awakening. Feeling of beaming there. Assembling in creation of existing in another reality. Not sure if create that reality, or how much of it is preexisting.

A reachout would soar off and anchor itself but somehow has a tie to me so repeated going and anchoring. There was this feeling like at any point I could be there and be knowing what it would be like to be there. Rather than here. Not sure this was in a different location than this, just like in Contact. It could have been a vision. Not in coordinate system of 3D reality but like looking in a pinhole to see what is here. There is a reality that I will get sufficiently anchored in.

Another part of it is the awareness, maybe heart centered but it is truly democratic, egalitarian. That is tricky though. It is the consciousness factor that transmutes. Like the basic of a cell. How any one has the ability to do any job, to specialize in any way. But this transmutation my little beamers – my myriad glow parts are RCV-XMT – are modeming. Transmitting transducing with something else. Maybe we're to go to New Mars, not with a space ship. But as mind printing process.

Third thing is how Contact is such a Unitarian movie. The creatures in Vega that sent the plans for the vehicle don't have a God or need to create one. They don't know where the plans came from, they say all we have is each other. Such a loving caring humanitarian way to view each other. Not about defense.


Tomorrow I have skin removed from thumb and it will be immobilized for a week. I have two movies in progress. One of the hike and the other called Gal.A.xyGal... which is about ongoing results of Shift Happens 2013. I love nature but I long to share the psychic aspects of shift impacting my senses or extra-sensory perceptions even though they are maybe too personal and just seem plain crazy to you. I've found some fascinating related links and posted them to my Shift Happens board.

I'd better fill in what came up during the last three weeks. Last week I uploaded photos of the Panhandle Trace Hike to Meetup pages. Each day is linked from the first day. To see the photos, click the photos icon on each day page. I also linked them from my page: FTA Panhandle Trace Hike 2013.


Was thinking this morning that I could use a new song to play in head. Maybe could channel an initiation song.

earthsatr on 4-12-2013Wow what a great walk. Mostly overcast and dull but great galaxy gal guidance. And saw large petal type earthballs (the elders) and three earthstars (to right is photo of the big one). Wondrous be (since usually they appear Nov.-Jan.). Note: Sandra Friend has identified the brown kinds as false earthstar,

Dead frog inspired leapfrog moment space, leapfrog step. Picked up battery after talking about supporting military state with my taxes, so I'm marching like a soldier to the P.O. Say "alkaline" is good, thinking of body pH, not battery juice, whatever that means on a battery. Not acid? "Excell" is good. Seeing battery labels as messages.

Our insular little islands, open, V. To be or B is too closed and anchored. V goes to and comes from the point and opens to the galactic beyond. A wing-nut is a V, is useful, yet disparaged. I V, therefore I galacticize.


Consulted gb (the galactic beam) and it looked like bump on head, sort of inner tented, not light glowing at all.


Walked on the beach just after dawn. All of a sudden, when almost all the way back, I got a beam source in my upper head. Definitely a point of light. I am a galactic beam source, radiator. Used the yoga practice of noticing and letting go anything not essential to the pose, ending in allowing the pose to be, feeling no rigidity or forcing, completely relaxed. That feeling is so wonderful, seems like levitation. Floating.

As for the light, it is distributed and beams out when there is no willful obstruction. The process sometimes feels like crumbling, sometimes like melting. Or opening. And the point is not in Cave of Brahma or pineal or pituitary or crown. Maybe something like an eruption from soft spot on top of head. It had felt in head, maybe an inch below skull. But when focusing attention on it, seems to kind of small knob rising up above maybe an inch.

Interesting that yesterday in color healing I realized I had a V runesign in open, sign 7. I checked and it had not appeared in healings. Today I open the galactic beam and find two covered opens in the healing. I was feeling thanks for the coincidences and seeming progress. Then got a feeling I was thanking myself. I create all this. When saying that I feel the funnel V in rings up an down as all sizes of self and being and unbeing. All nothing and all betweens.


Yoga wonders: Need to create a new V rune for Galaxy People. {On 4-09 realized I had it. It is open, on this chart.} The coordinate yoga aura-establishing is very important. I haven't blogged this but led it at the 12-22 retreat. Need to put it in carolyoga. Galaxy People's sense of larger time allows them to build in synchronicities that we experience. Like me seeing a greeting hello from them in the bushes beyond the roads from my window here.

At Fort Pickens I thought for a moment I had found the rare Cladonia perforata deer lichen atop Battery Worth. I doubt it is, it probably is Cladonia leporina, but a beautiful, healthy lot.


Day 5 of PTH. Hiking in the Yellow River Ravine section of the Florid Trail when suddenly I realize the galaxy people are becoming part of me. So I'm starting to see as them. Everything looks so new. It has always been that way for me, though. Everything is so fantastic, so unique, so full of possibilities. It's like I'm getting mystsynthesized. Completely involved galacticizing. Parts of me, people, actually consciousness spores.

Explaining what it is like to have children. In a sense, I'm the parent here to this galaxy people part of me. Teaching them, this is what we do, this is how we do it, this is how our culture is. This is what people think. This is what people see. Then they are just like children with their freshness, their needs, their demands and their acts, they teach you. So the galaxy people actually not being children but being superior, I mean more galactic persons than me. So I'm more child here than I am parent. So … so so delightful. They definitely prefer being outdoors, being natural, so they can go their own (thought was unfinished).


Day 4 of PTH. Driving to hike start point singing somewhere over the rainbow.. I saw the fumaroles kept getting tighter and higher on the high notes; they close up and get wider on the low notes. As I'm singing this, I'm just realizing there are other qualities that it can supply. With twist it can get shorter. It has more capabilities than other vibe structures; vibes can go around. Also there can be longer and shorter vibes up and down. I thought I knew all about these things, but this is new.

Driving in the caravan, getting the same feeling when I walk along the trail in train with others. Some kind of letting go that is fabulous. I had this wonderful meditation last night to record. Woke up at 12:30 a.m. did color healing. Loved the greeny greens, called the Trace Hike green. Had this melting, melting, not so much intensity. Good for my blood pressure . This morning I had this compassion for Peggy like she is always smiling and giving.

Hiking, suddenly, mystsynthesis. How am I going to do that? Fumaroles?!


Day 3 of PTH, Easter. Woke up at 3:30 a.m. and decided to meditate. It was amazing. Fumaroles. The twisted, tapering, cornucopia-shaped funnels. (Etheric, not volcanic.) I said they should go both ways. Ended up four ways, depending on facing of some kind. But these fields are obvious to cells once alerted and described. Like electromagnetic waves, they are there but we haven't perceived them. The funnel point is the connection to our reality. The rest is not in our reality. Somehow not calling it a dimension. Why not? Is more like an unrecognized aspect. Every dimension we have now is orthogonal, but I can't see this as that.

I thought of the fumaroles as always being triangular. It seems that they are not fixed in design that they will adapt to what is going on here. In my wildest moments I might think that I'm the designer.

Fumaroles. Fume, fume, fumes fumeroles, fummys, we would base on three. For anything to come into our reality it has to be a tetrahedron, this is all I know. Not sure if parts of this these or any part of it is true. When we expand from our undefined, our tetrahedrons fit together into a cube which is another four. I was going from three to four, the expansion of consciousness goes to five of these cubes. And more. But the step I seem to be taking now is from 3 to 5. So it could be that fumaroles are arranged differently. Started out with one, it became three. But could be three sided or five sided which is different from circular. Ovoid, round.

I'm not going to blog the problems I'm having on a camping trip, getting photos from my camera to the web. I finally did one to Facebook. It was too much trouble to continue. Links for this day: Trace Hike sub-blog and Day 3 of PTH.


Started a sub-blog focused on the Panhandle Trace Hike 2013. I don't go until March 29, but am starting to talk about it now.


Insight into galactic being. Just like life on earth as we know it in my culture uses the chemicals and molecules it finds to form bodies and things, so does this next galactic step for me. Deer lichen my friend and teacher. Felt colors in each angle of growth and as I participated I realized a whole symphony of color more like jazz improv going on. There is solid complete like music but expressed for me somehow in unseen colors. Like physicists' dark matter, there is more color expression going on than anything in our material space. Just peeking in, giving a tiny color gesture, I guess it is possible that we don't do it because it is too hot, we'd burn our little brains out, toast our nerves, scare ourselves with the complexity, intensity, speed, multidimensionality of it. But to me, it is worth it, Walt Whitman, mutate, you knew it. Of anyone, your words tell me you are there or were or will be or at least helped me believe and avail myself of it.

before sunrise 3-23-2013
Getting ahead of myself. Earliest walk thought was about the before meditation picture (shown above). Note that the sun would rise about 15 minutes later, behind clouds to the far left of this picture. How the color messaging probably used a lens flare feature with the green light beaming from near Highway 331, but like any embodiment of consciousness, it is mainly a communication strategy. It uses available elements to message. So I see the yellow as my CLB connection. Somehow to me CLB is galactic and I need to look into journaling on that. I am so overjoyous, not passive in this joy, but over the top allowing overjoy, creating it in my dance. I'm so happy to be reconnecting with color weather, color healing, colored light beings, some day we will speak in colors (an answer to a question long ago, partially expressed in 1997). Maybe that will even come true in my lifetime, whatever that is. I will work on coming it truly.

My main perception of colors is fragmented, lacy, moving in different directions with no overall structure of things or space. Probably active is the word most descriptive of it active not fractal fragments of color. Someplace on my walk I remembered how similar the shapes are to the galaxy people that streamed to me at Mt. Shasta and that I stored in Peru. I had revisited them in 2012 and I think put them into the movie. Must look. I've never known why they came like that. Looking like that. But suddenly I see these are colors that are my elements to develop galactically. I don't know if I'm forming a body, making a painting, singing, dancing, writing a poem, joining a tribe, helping build a spaceship, creating a new species or on and on of possibilities of what it feels like. I do know that I am doing it. Thought I was going to look up web pages but did color healing instead.


Instant todo items are to do a series of galactic year color healings. For me at this time I can't master the complex time mythology of Arguelles. It seems OK to use whatever arbitrary labels of months and days is common for us. What I need to do is expand senses to galactic vibes, paying attention to the celestial movements and whatever else is around. Direct, not through filters, except through my own two sets of 5WLBs related to the the expanded brain cell that I developed.


Advance equinox galactic color healingForgot to write that I did a color healing for the Advance equinox yesterday. For me it is a profoundly personal experience that I can't begin to communicate now. But surely color, seen or unseen, is my inner art direction now. Resuming daily practice of generating a color healing each day for the next year is the next step in shift. The 14 parts of the layout and the runesigns come into my yoga practice.

I'm feeling like the Wholeo new year now resets on the Advance equinox. So this one, 2013 will go to March, 2014 and the Wholeo new year calendar will restart on the Advance equinox, 2014. {Note, that is too confusing and difficult logistically. In December I decided not to make this change.}

At ECMS meditation in the evening, sat down and had a song going through my head. Wasn't happy about that but forgot about it later. I saw colored light. I saw this brilliant disc of emerald green, slanted, in perspective up above in view, slightly to right. Deep blues. Glitteringly beautiful. Can't remember it exactly just remember how stunningly attractive it was.

There was a whole lot more color stuff that happened. I saw colors that can't be seen. Like color intensity. Intensity can have colors. There were color healings. I can't say how they were. But I know I have to continue my color healing work. Generating those color healings . Associating the colors with the mandala is very important to me.

Remembered something from the day, from the Facebook page where Barbara Marx Hubbard was saying that in the previous age, the goal of meditation was to focus on the eternal but now we've gone to another stage. Not only is that important, but now we're evolving with the eternal. So now we have more involvement in evolution. Which of course I've always believed. But it helped me see that I can have my visions and my guidance, my intuitions and my thoughts as well as just purely meditating. So I did that.

What were the other aspects? I can't do diaphragmatic breathing during meditation. It is too physical, when I enter meditation I let the multiverse hold my body, I'm poised, my cells all equally let go, suspended. Somehow there is no will in the stomach. Even though I can vary eyelids and think about fingers or verticality, I can't seem to get to the diaphragm. Can't contract it. So I get the feeling I'm not breathing very deeply.


Meditated at the time of the Advance equinox, 11:02 UTC (6:02 a.m. CDT). First orientation was galactic and Noint Joint. Got love. Lineage thoughts about Arguelles, Sister Thedra, Peggy Kennett at Mt. Shasta, Nancy, Zen in Bay Area. Our lineage. Mystsynthesis of waves coming down and wave matching peaks and troughs, now left and right, coming up. And the in out of love. Saw Rainbow Bridge around me, earth, sun, galaxy.


After Effects GPU successYou haven't really lived until you have seen this on your screen. After Effects are now processed by a genuine Graphics Processing Unit! Rays are now traced by GPU. Joyous clicking of OK. Mission (started on Feb. 7, 2013) accomplished. At the same time in the background I hear singing, "Where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns ... " and I know, yes, I have found them and it is me.

Savoring this moment of having the latest Open GL Engine. I worked at Silicon Graphics with the developers of Open Graphics Language 20 years ago. Visions in silicon speak like tiny chisels on stone.

Silicon grapher, I.

Back in February I was working on a MacBook Pro and suffering hours-long waits for parts of my movies to render. I simply could not work as a web artist without improving my platform. I found that the MBP did not have the right graphics processor for the After Effects acceleration. The on board memory was less than the needed 1GB. Coincidently a review of the 2013 27" iMac revealed that it had the right CUDA device with other helpful features. I needed an external SSD drive and Thunderbolt is the fastest. The iMac Fusion Drive has part flash memory for faster access. Step 1 was to order the iMac. Step 2, wait a month for it to become available.

Step 3 is to set up the new iMac named Lumia. It came on 3/12 but I let it acclimate for three days. On 3/15 I've got it out of the box and plugged in. But how to start it? The tiny "Hello" leaflet does not show an on/off switch. I've had many Macs since 1988 and while they are increasingly capable they also are increasingly minimal. As my eyesight worsens, the Macs get smaller type, lighter colors, thinner casings, less documentation and more obscure buttons. A friend told me what button to push. I get most of my answers by typing my question into the browser address bar. I talk to the Internet and find that almost all my questions have been asked and answered on the web. I know how to connect MBP to Lumia and migrate all my files. But Adobe is not happy with that. Luckily I purchased online and can download Creative Suite 6 Production Pro and Dreamweaver CS 6 programs in a few hours.

Now I have After Effects but it says I have no acceleration. An online video tells me how to fix that using the command-line UNIX Terminal program, harking back to the 1980s. I download this and that, follow the instructions and get the acceleration. The NVIDIA file is two days old, showing that I'm indeed an early adopter. But something else is wrong. Adobe didn't provide the latest software. Everything has to be updated. GPU is gone again. Have to redo the text file. Which provided the moment where I saw the desired GPU info. Writing this does not communicate the hours of work that went into the achievement. Whew.


La Point's double coils remind me of insights I had long ago. Researched old journal files and found what I called "Shaman Spine Rings" or the "Spinal stem of time" in 1996. In 1993 "EloGate" seen as part of Leo's transition is the source. Like this drawing.


On the Facebook Wholeo page I wrote: "Wholeo symbol came to me 40 years ago. David LaPoint models it with bowl-shaped field emitters. He says these structures hint at the structure of all matter and solve many physics problems." Included a link to this page with images that seem so significantly similar and related to the Wholeo symbol. On the same day discover he has stopped doing the videos, deleted all the photos from Facebook, and seemed to have withdrawn from everything. He says he is too busy with work.


I'm shocked at the crudity of my videos. Just watched Matrix 2012 and Earthling Meet Earthballs. All I can do is think of them like tantric yoga art that is crude but seems so spiritually informed. Seeing also how ill-explained my basic concepts are. Like the phases of the Spirit Coil. So basic to my world view, but not explained in words, so I don't know how people would get it without doing the work I've done. I'm not giving up on the value and beauty of my work. But suddenly I'm acutely aware of how difficult it is and how crude a lot of the presentation is. Less than folk art. Hardly more than child art.

Interesting quickie vision of another prayer/meditation combo spirit coil above the pineal, centering on the point, with flat wholeoid symbol ends.


Discovered David LaPoint and Primer Fields in video Part 1: See incredible validation of the significance of the Wholeo Symbol. He says these structures hint at the structure of all matter.


wakeup vision 2-28-2013 (partial) Woke at about 4 with a vision of a many pointed star with rounded petals. Tried to draw it and it seems that 14-point is about right. It said the proportions were important. Then the interior seems to be made of kind of squiggles, kind of like in OMlulu birth painting. But these are soft warm whites and they come from the interior of the form out through the points. And I am becoming one of these forms and the points of the other are communicating by channeling these waft tuft slithers into receptors between my points. It is not a flat form although I initially saw the outline. It is a mutually interactive form. Strange I get the feeling that the receiving part is of another dimension that our 3D and it is just as active a thing as pointing and receiving. It is sort of like a negative of our 3D, so for us is a 6D experience. Strange I've always thought of a linear progression from 3 to 4 to 5D but this goes from 3 to 7, don't know why I'm saying that.

I'm getting it and while I'm doing it, I'm getting a renewed but more caring and intimate relationship with some mirrored counterpart in some other dimension. Like over there, a consciousness is delighted that I'm getting it and able to draw it in my reality. That consciousness is as delighted an adventurer as I am. Concurrently I'm aware that I could do this form much more precisely and usefully with math graphics. My stone age way of carving out an image by eye is all I can do. But it could be within my grasp to get Photoshop to math it. The alternate awareness is learning my limitations. But that is just as valuable as my strengths. Defining.

I wonder how many points this would be in spherical form. Would it be 14*14? Can't see how to visualize it.

Looking at post by Karen Sutton, Part 2, which is from Karen Bishop book The Ascension Primer. I'm going to list what she says are symptoms of ascension energy, what I have, and what I don't have.

Intense energy. Yes. I don't feel stressed or pressure cooked. I feel joy with intensity. Often intensity most intensely felt in artwork or in group meditation.

Depression is not part of my top three. I feel elated. Not that any accomplishment merits it. It's just what is here. Actually I would say I experience things not changing and not getting better, but it just isn't worth getting depressed about. I probably have the anxiety and panic as revealed in my insecure dreams. But I don't think it is worth wasting my conscious lifetime fussing about it.

Need to eat often and attacks of low blood sugar, craving for protein. Yes.

Unusual aches and pains. Yes. These come and go. She says this a a sign of purifying and releasing blocked energy vibing at 3D while other parts of us are vibrating higher. Sometimes I think if these signals are not interpreted right, that going to the doctor or self-medicating actually can start disease.

Neck and upper back stiffness and pain. Yes, except mine is not in wing area, mine is neck and lower back of head and top of shoulder to side by neck. Well I could have the kind of wings of the angel heads pictured without bodies. She says our spines are vibrating differently and also connecting to a higher form of light and this area of the body is where it all happens. So why does mine respond to water and salt and relaxation so often? That is mine seems like tension and electrolyte balance.

Skin eruptions and diarrhea. Yes. Wonder if my hives on coming to Florida is because of higher vibes for me? But I've always had skin problems. Saying that fiber can help diarrhea is weird. Doesn't fiber cause looseness?

Heart pain. Yes I have this sometimes.

Deep sleeping. Emotional. Yes.

Night sweats. Don't have night sweats but do have some hot flashes and also the cold.

Vivid, wild and sometimes violent dreams I don't have. Mine are rampant insecurity. It would be nice if they contain energy on the way out, releasing.

Dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo and spinning. Once in awhile.

Overall body pain and days of extreme fatigue. Sometimes I have low-level aching that I can't relax. Also I know sometimes have fatigue. Right now not because I haven't exerted and I'm mostly inner, which seems to keep me energized and strong. She says our bodies are morphing into a crystalline form. We are losing our density and going through extreme restructuring.

Gritty eyes and blurred vision. Sometimes. Blinking helps.

Difficulty remembering what you did or who you talked to recently. Yes, but my remembering is much more intermittent. Even with remembering a word on another tab in the browser. Have to go back and forth. Check and recheck. She says it is practice for living in the moment but it can feel like we are neither here nor there as we are in between dimensions.

Not remembering the meaning of anything. Yes. Happens to me. She says in higher realms, energy has no label, all is fresh and new. Sort of a Course in Miracles undoing process, without the trying. Hmmm.

A feeling of disorientation, not knowing where you are, a loss of a sense of place. Yes. She ends up saying the outside world does not remotely match the way you are now highly vibrating.

A loss of identity. Feeling out of body. Actually I interpret this a bit differently. Like both and. Having and not having. In and out. Seeing and hearing things. Tunnel! Going insane. Acting. Pretending. Yes.

An intolerance for lower vibrational things, reflected in conversations, attitudes, societal structures, healing modalities. They literally make you feel 'sick' inside. This is to push you to move be and create the New.

You may feel like staying home or just being alone. She says is very common experience of evolution. She says we will eventually become experts with our dimensional navigational skills.

Part 3 I have less in common. All the negatives not me: lethargy, wanting to go Home, disappearance or crutches, inability to do.

OK but yes, my plans can suddenly change. And yes, waking at night. And usually I enjoy the enhanced creativity.

Not the nightmarish experiences. Do sometimes have the ringing in ears.


Last night at meditation group I felt so serene, the circle that I'm part of, the thoughts, still many, and the above circle of intensity. That was it, the first thing I wanted to remember, was the vibration as crossed lines, like say the betweens of bricks, sort of roughly drawn, not tied together but clustering lines, the lines themselves composed of segments not connected but drawn together linearly. This whole thing animating fast and jerkily. Almost like a grating sound. I would say granular but that implies rounded grains that have worn each other down. This is rectangular or orthogonal. Even tho not jagged. I really should draw this before it goes away.

See web page with movie of it.

Interesting that vibration was one of the most common words used by Kimberly. Now what. I'm seeing kind of mirror reflections in drawing a V from the bottom point up on either side, kind of like hands would do, as if facing palms to neighbor in a circle and high 5 with mirrored all around between the hands. But that doesn't seem like what I saw. Seems to be creating right now.

Now I'm remembering another fractal part, like a gigantic lace doily made of rainbow corkscrews from wider red base to blue violet tiny points. Huge interconnected like waves on water, but I can't see the overall pattern. I would say it was radial from the center and maybe like a spider web. But all pulsing with movement, animation, life. But like a fractal it kept growing and getting more complex. I might say this was the combo of all our cellular actions, individual twists but concerted, active with harmonious intent. The base crochet weaving strand color was natural off white is that beige. Egg-shell. Maybe wool from sheep that hasn't been bleached. Cotton is whiter. Maybe flax or linen.


Spahn's drops of grace have reinvigorated my view of the importance of Cosmic Juices. The drops of grace being the holy spirit vehicle. The cosmic juices not referenced to a belief system. Except in the lie of any defining or labeling or naming act. We would then say that “juice” is not accurate and “cosmic” is comically vague. In fact Cosmic Juices is just a titular poem. Or a poetic gesture to indicate a perception.

Which reminds me of discovery in yoga last night. The new overhead torus drawing after the EIE spiraling is not just opposite circular drawing, it two opposite twists. It had a feeling of maybe like Stan Tenen's glyph or Hebrew letter or whatever it is that draws the spirals {see}. So my digits drawn together at the tips, palms rotating, cycling, spiraling a turn upwards for invoking 5 toruses above my head, around in a halo circle. Then hands along central column; one up, one down for an axis, the 6th set of nodes. Maybe this is to freshly channel the galactic beam.


I was wakened by alarms 2 or 3 times last night. One about 2am was a shaft like a ruler coming straight down right through me. I sat up at attention knowing that it was an alarm. But I didn't know why or what I was to do. Interesting that Renee woke up about 2 and stayed up until 5. I had gone back to sleep but was waked up by mosquito sound, whining buzz close in ear. At 3:33am. Really weird to be waked up by that. Felt could have been bitten or bug would come back. I got up really early. Was it then? Or 4? Or 5? Can't remember.

I'm getting that the channel mudra is the shifted Wholeo symbol. My yoga tonight expanding in many ways, balanced, disciplined. I get that much of shift 2013 is in personal yoga development. I feel the keen 3/4” wide, 1.8” thick, infinitely long shaft of guidance glowing neon chameleon green. A spring green with galaxy green aura. Is it the galactic beam? I should redo the 2012-12-21 beach with a shaft. And the mosquito whine out of sight, like another dimension. Not orthogonal, but other.


On web saw an image of a newly discovered red-glowing companion star in a the constellation Cygnus. Reminding me of the recent red glows I've encountered.


Near sunset, the Gulf beach was strewn with small black pieces of asphalt or peat or burnt wood. Walking along, a red glow lit up the end of each dark blob as I advanced. The effect, which I couldn't explain, reminded me of the red wakeup vision last week.

So what were the yoga trends? Bending forward from the waist towards toes, with arched back so shoulders never rounded in. Really feeling it in the hips, so good. Warrior poses, feel like they are where they should be. Balanced on both sides standing on one leg, then the other. Aligning torso over leg when seated with one knee bent to lean over the other leg extended spread eagled. Total limp lying over the leg. Same in front. When did EIE circles they were double the previous side. It was doing the new top toroidal swirls that I felt the new guidance coming keenly. I might even have forgotten some very private moves executed. Fast claps. The Maori maiden hand rolls was where I felt I was sculpting auric structures, feeling like I'm creating those Wonder in Aliceland parts of psyche needed for shifting. Shifted. Shift-enabled. Not sure how words fit what we are doing. Swinging arms around with the reach outs and bringing in to heart, increased in speed until extremely fast at the end.


Working outdoors, then started feeling communion with the deer lichen. Not only the spreading of vibes from earthball receivers, but the mystsynthesis blending with the photosynthesis. It is like speaking deer lichen. A language I'm not able to translate, but it is a permeable interface. Maybe more than language as is not just symbolic. Is evolutionary materials in a sense. Maybe something like hormones turning on keys in a cell. The word is neurotransmitter. This is more like psychotransmission. It is doing something with the inherent connectivity of everything. Creative, adaptive, evolutionary and fun. Do not negate importance of the fun factor in anything.

I included previous mystsynthesis comments and the following items in Mystsynthesis 2013:

2009: I had insight into possible symbiosis with the photobiont and the mycobiont in Deer Lichen. See the movie PhotoBiont Dreams. See PhotoBiont Dreams, Text. Caroling senses my joy, my bliss, my closeness as component of enlightenment. I bring this to all photosynthesizing. Evolutionary thrust. Look into that as purpose enablers or directors of algae.

4/2009 In I define photosynthesis in the role of alga in lichen.

1/2010 role of deer lichen in broadcasting.

Hmm, maybe a human is a mysticbiont?

At ECMS my meditation experience interests me. I never feel belly breathing. Maybe ? No diaphragm found. Explored various splurts. Remembered mother's death vision of the fountain and suddenly aligned that with the curling in V ends. And re-decided yes for me the ends continue up out of sight. But it takes some effort to maintain that. Thought of Tschiripaiya. Thought of some strange color texture stuff. Felt mostly intensity and love binding us together. Felt like a cohesiver, a healer. Actually now I remember at first the verticality of the breathing cloud but straight up and straight down above and below was extremely important. Also, writing this the next day, there was a time of letting go that I felt more physically than ever before. I saw my body like the material of a parachute, ballooning up as an ethereal fabric taking voluminous shape, rising up, utterly leaving everything of my molecular or weighty body. I felt so clearly the force to ascend is always there and I'm usually clenched and holding the form, not realizing it.


Woke up this morning seeing a vision of red light reflected in expanse of water. Remembered I had seen the red light beacon in ECMS meditation on 1-3. Thought maybe I could put that red light in the multidimensions. Is it a stoplight? Or just red because it is bright, can see it, gets attention, longest wavelength?

{Note the picture and thoughts posted by Barbara Marx Hubbard on Jan. 21 on Facebook. No source but says "What is emerging for you?}

Had feeling with a seagull that it was as much Leo as not. The pale on pale colors are great here, with the pinky light above reflected on the edge waves. I'm getting more and more a feeling of shared consciousness, like we're all just one consciousness.

Looking at the splurt page. Looks like I've had that V insight since then, along with a nagging sense that was incomplete. It is rather more momentous and wonderful than this minor link and mention indicate. I have felt the need to return to visualizing the splurt changes in direction since 2010, now almost 3 years. Maybe the splurt needs to be in the second version of the movie. Not sure if that will be the continuation of this week's movie or a separate one.

Suddenly feeling that the shift wasn't really anything new. Just insights like flashlight views in a dark unknown space that I've been exploring all my life and just tossing out glimpses. No whole picture. Noleo.

Email from Vickie: "The Wholeo Dome was on a recent documentary about The Farm." (Segment from 4 - 5 minutes.) Nice to hear it is a meeting and spiritual practice place.


This morning for veeing, I'm seeing the landscape, 30A fog V with a twirling splurt. Maybe it is like a lily flower shape in 3D. I just need to up my Ds. Hate to get dragged back into splurt research with all the various names I've used and images too.


I'm not enlightened, whatever that might mean. I sweat out every minor decision. Trying to find my path. It's not easy. I think it is partly because I opened up this V, expanding consciousness in multiverse, multidimensions. I allowed myself to be more aware of being connected. Now I'm feeling just as much the person who throws the garbage as the person who picks it up. I can't judge anything. I am it. Trying to find my anchor with this wider “V” life.

evolutionary splurtThe corners of the V keep turning in instead of coming straight up. Keep turning out, I should say. Saw it was something like the splurt upside down. Instead of going all the way on out horizontally, a splurt V curls and interacts with the spirit coil of a person. Reading the Evolutionary Splurt page, I see that I have encountered the spirit of Veeing before and it is a path to continue.


Consciousness sphere. While centering consciousness at the point of now, expand awareness in time and open to other dimensions. Multiuniversal multidimensional being.


Just remembered that Lumia looks like an expanded chakra. It has the more than 360° flaring edge, so provocatively described by B Fuller. I realize this when wondering how to draw it.


How I wish I could just create a movie as my mind sees it. I'm looking at Earthling Meet Earthballs story with vertical spiritual energies transduced into horizontal earth energies. Saw more of V energies to earthball as pineal. Expanding consciousness symbol as if on land zooming out. Didn't involve lichen that I saw. Maybe I could transform the actual graphics used in that movie. Maybe the consciousness symbol could waver and conform to lichen as it spreads.

I could zoom into the landscape saying zooming to the center of the galaxy and on the way have the v2h (vertical to horizontal) transforming and the galactic center being an earthball/pineal and then the consciousness symbol expand out as return to beach.

Looking at the video on the beach at sunrise an hour after the solstice on December 21, 2012. Between 1 and 3 minutes there is a definite light illuminating the entire scene. I can't find any reference to a light or any special occurrence shortly after noon, Universal Time. I'm seeing as poetic emphasis of the galactic harmonic contact of the time.

At the meeting of the Emerald Coast Meditation Society (ECMS) I immediately saw a little pinpoint of light, reddish around the lower right, blasting white for the rest that was identified as not anything to do with photons but represented as such because we have nothing in our vocabulary or our visual iconography to show the kind of radiation that it is. Also felt that the amount of light, that is my light threshold related to my connections. If shut off, cut off, the light shineth in darkness. If I feel my connections and actively reach out or reach in unlimited, then the light through me, in me, as me is unlimited. I think this is the glow Amy sensed. And as to the question of what the consciousness Vision as short for V expansion is, this is it. Plus the jellyfish, what was her name? Lumia. Extended in love to the group.

At risk of domineering, just wishing to share and be connected I flared healing via Lumia and the whole atmosphere clarified, rarefied, quieted, illuminated. Lovely.

In the second meditation I was so inspired by the speaker Terry Ingraham that I sat cross-legged on the chair, turned palms up on thighs, curled fingers and stuck thumbs outward.


Trying to catch up with the momentous visions of 2012. I intended to do artwork expressing the core guidance but all I got done this week was to write and do photos.


Here's what I wrote on the 12-31 Meetup: "I have feelings kindled that haven't felt this excited satisfaction since the 1970s. About inner self-development shared. I'm so happy to have grouped and gone to the Gulf and flown the orb of our beloved obstacles away up into the night and the year past. Happy future!" The pictures are going into my artwork, I hope, since the inner so matches the outer in some ways.

Have updated some Flash files to HTML5.


On walk, at first got the dubious info that the point of consciousness has expanded to encompass heart and tan tien. Hmm that's how the consciousness symbol looks. If so, will show up in pineal hologram and the V still comes to pineal.

Went to an event, "Set your resolution free" at Yoga Elements. When signed up, the question asked was "if you resolved to have a personal revolution, what would that look like?" My response: "Look in words? Disconnect. I'm into 2012 evolution. Have resolutions about finishing four undone videos. Have completed some pretty radical revolutions. The one that seems to be brewing amongst the cells would be wonderful to see. I shall resolve it."

I loved it. We sat in a circle and LauraLynn led us in a ritual she's done for herself each year. She sets an intention, writes about it and opens it on the next New Year's Eve. She said she always thought she'd go back to Northern California but never dreamed she'd end up on the Redneck Riviera, same as me. She had us close eyes and do a quick guided fantasy down a path through a gate into a space. Mine was white yellow, pale pinks and reds, flashy but delicate and bright. Under the umbrella shape down behind was a wonderful, basically noint joint indigo blue violet darkness with cosmic juice colors in it.

My intention was to integrate the higher vertical as it comes down into expanding consciousness. And there were blacks looking like peppercorns but kind of in front and wandering and clustering. {1/1/13, maybe they were the ones in the flower that bloomed when walking.} We wrote and drew in a card to send to ourselves.

Dawn came to share with me that last year her intention had been to face fear. She did, when it came up, and found that often it was an illusion and dissolved. This year she's wanting to feel gratitude for what that brings her. She said she had seen Matrix 2012. Later that I realized that had the same theme as her intention, fear to love.

Anyway, about my vision for intention, Dawn thought the black clusters might be fears. I had thought they were the unknowns. Fear of the unknown fits. At least they can be acknowledged. So how will I evaluate if I kept to my intention? Don't know. LauraLynn gave me some marvelous tea from India. I had that old happiness I used to feel at Madrakara or dream groups or spiritual healing in the 1970s. So precious. I'm so incredibly grateful these people are here doing this.

Then we did part 2 which was to encounter the obstacles. To me it was dimension. I'm clinging to my flat view of reality, not acknowledging the multidimensionality of it. I get a sense that I really could be consciously aware more fully in more senses all the time. Not just in my brief flashes of guidance. I kept seeing my reality as 2D, like the drawings and videos and screen work that I do, vs. 3D space. But that's just a metaphor for 3D vs. 5D awareness. Or some other D that is undefinable but that is felt, intuited, wanted, and maybe inevitable in time.

We walked through the streets of Carillon, all lit up for the holidays. When we came up a public ramp that opened to the beach I was awestruck. It was so incredibly beautiful. I knew I had no chance of experiencing that on my own. The sand there is much wider than ours, and flat. What a fantastic beach. The light was filtered through clouds but was luminous mauve. It seemed like I had never seen the beach like this. It was new. Later a woman said she had felt this wonderful change when coming from the residential area out into the wild, natural scene. She had turned around and seen it in my face, the same feeling.

It was quite windy and I was glad to have my winter jacket. They had planned to give us each a lantern with which to acknowledge, place, and send away our obstacles. Blessing them and letting them go. But all we could manage was one lantern in the blustery wind. Many of us blocked the wind and three people lighted the wick. It was a large white paper orb, almost 4' tall and 2' wide. The idea is to light a candle within and the hot air fills the shape. Becoming a hot air balloon, it rises and flies away. Finally it was lit. We helped hold the paper away from the flame until the hot air had built up and we let go. It scudded along the beach, tipping horizontally, vertically, rising and falling. It looked like the paper might catch fire, but suddenly it uprighted and slowly rose up and flew far far away. Me with my consciousness circle getting bigger and bigger the farther it flew. I wonder if the flame went out or we lost sight of it, but finally it was gone.

We came back and shared. Next New Year's Eve we open the envelope with a note to ourselves to remember and see how the intention worked out during the year.


Going to Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monastery meditation in Callaway at 8 am.

During meditation, we breathed to belly. I had a thing about breathing to pineal, then remembered that the centers of consciousness and unconsciousness are represented in the pineal, but that would be more like the diaphragm, navel area. Plus Wholeo symbol like, prayer and meditation phases of the spirit coil. See pages 62-63, and focusing on center on 64-65. Not clear to me which is which phase. It looks like enlarged, prayer, overlapped, meditation. And prayer looks like original symbol. Meditation looks like 2013 symbol. Looking at pages 74-75, looks like a 2013 Wholeo to me.

But during meditation I got that maybe the rotated formed around the upper part of the pineal by the point. And did the V go all the way down to the belly? I should have recorded it right away.

Looking at Wonder in Aliceland 76-77 which is all 4 phases in the pineal, which is not described at all on the page. I should put some notes on the pages, colophon or something. I might say the notes are needed for further insight into the pineal and spirit coil for consciousness of 2013. Meditation looks like the original Wholeo Symbol and prayer looks like the 2013. But that is the rotated view of the coil. The spirit coil itself is as described above.


Working on converting the Wholeo Online intro movie from Flash to HTML5. It actually could be a lot more comprehensive.


Weird night. Woke at 2 with a nightmare that really shook me. As often happens with my dreams lately, the storyline is the end and while I'm getting it, I'm aware of all that happened before but it is rapidly fading.

I'm in the passenger seat of a van with an acquaintance, driving across a big bridge, like Bay Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge. I get kind of a picture in my mind like round with some simple features that makes me realize something terrible. I turn to him and say, “so when we get back, you'll kill me”. There's no answer and I'm waking up and considering ways to get out of the car. I could try to open the door but he might have put on child locks. Maybe we have to slow down at some point. Strategies are running out as I try to recall the previous part of the dream. I think we, more of us, were at the at the location, which is in the east. The van had gone to the west and was now returning, so the picture action is from left to right. Previously there were musical instruments in the picture, particularly the violin. The lack of any instruments is what makes me realize his intent. I think he's a serial killer and is enjoying the whole process of me being victim.

It takes me awhile to recover from the fear in body of this dream. There are two more wakeups, both with audible alarms that are dream alarms. One I meet a round Lumia, kind of an oval pearlescent soft light that flies around in some kind of orbit like a small personal UFP (Unidentified Flying Person). It is always here for me. It has the wavering edges of some jellyfish. Called a light disk spirit. (For the form, see Birth of a Wavy Disc.) Don't know when but the word is mystsynthesis, not myth (see 12/21 guidance).

After second alarm. More about the vertical to the horizontal. The other major vision was the open at the top V of the vertical energies. It used to be just a shaft of vertical, coming down. And gradually vibing out to the horizontal. Now the top part is opened up. The lower part is red and the upper part is light blue. Little feelers at the top of the V. They open and close. Like . . . ventricles.

The other part was about calcified pineal. I know there was this crust on the meditation I had. This feeling of this solid. The gold in a ring below, topped with white, like concrete. I thought that was a meditation ring. But now it's a crustiness of the pineal. I had read this article about decalcifying your pineal. I thought how my pineal had been very active all along, so how could that apply to me. There were all kinds of ways that diet affects the pineal.

I get that the first full moon after the solstice is also a major time for channeling.

So now I'm really confused about what to do. I have all the old videos to work on, but it seems like I should concentrate on this inner development.

Wow what a morning's visions on walk.

Video notes. Settled on my path and saw the big V, little feelers up there. Seems to be coming down into the calcified, crusty, pineal gland, looks like these earthballs. My pineal calcification there's crystals, calcite. This V, the vertical vibes come down into the pineal. Just like an earth ball. All the nerves are like mycelium over earth. Did the year 2012 change people? Not sure if works whether you are aware of it or not. I'm pretty sure it does, just like brain cells. So anyway, this is the way I picture it, whether it is true or not. Marvelous, Marvelous. Feels interactive. My body likes it, my cells like it. Being aware gets it more on my side. Usually it doesn't give a hoot about Caroling constellation which has no meaning.

I can't tell if this V is a cone and I'm just seeing a cross section. Being a photographer and a painter, it's a frontal view. I'm assuming it is a 3D cone. It's not just a cutout. Lichen seems significant and related to recent insight (see 12/15 where DNA strand is like algae in lichen). At this point had notion that maybe the cone is three sided, like tetrahelix and maybe the tet breathing and visualization and attempts at creative realization is what expanded this V out.

Seeing myself as a “V”-head. V coming up out from my pineal. Don't think it is like horns, going up quite high, with feelers. Guess there are just two, one on each side, or do they go all around, like a cone.

Seemed there was a hieloheal phase where the whirling (not sure if it is whirlers at each level) dipped to pituitary as well as pineal and consequently maybe called between heart and head centers. Also the top circle was changing, not always flat horizontal but dipping and rotating at different angles.

Forgot the part about myst and mist synthesis as something like photosynthesis in lichens/algae. Myster and Mistress do mystsynthesis.

So it seems to me I should focus on these ongoing visions rather than make movies of past events.


Dream in middle of night, never really went back to sleep.

There's an electronic board. A friend who is good at electronics and someone else is here. I say, “hear the vibration of the power supply?” I can't feel it with my hands. We need to get it. Later there is a small item in the shape of a garbage can (tapered with slightly rounded top) about 1/4” high. I think that must be the supply he has gotten it out for me. Other bigger things are coming from outdoor locations. One is butcher table-like sized and might have cobwebs or unknown outdoor things. I'm concerned, not sure why we need to assemble these parts. I think we have room for them indoors. But not really sure.

Hmm (Bo says that is an international word) so I have a tiny container and a large work surface to come, inside a room. But why? What to do with it. I keep wondering if this is to do with the 12/21 guidance.

When went to bed, the sky was incredible, a white quilt of mackerel clouds, tiny pearls beading the entire sky, glowing, moonlit. Wanted to photograph but was too tired.


Shift happens. That is, I'm gradually integrating the visions of December 21, 2012 into this website. TODO: work on the Noint Joint Wholeo peeling the grape and peeling the grape triggers. Bring these up to date for 2013. Google swiffy can make interactive Flash movies into HTML5 that can be seen on iPhone.

See also Wholeo Galactic and Geome Journal.

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