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2012-01-04 Started a new page for weB log 2012


Too much, as oft-quoted in the 1960s, 77th birthday and December solstice. Whew.


Here it is a month later and I regret not giving links or explanation of the 11-09 plate. The worst off is the creek path. It really has no official name so I've been deceptively capitalizing it. I have received valuable feedback about the movie, the nature of the sign location suggestions, and about distinguishing the path in my focus from the others connecting in the area. I've only partially improved my suggestions, narrowing them somewhat to diminish expectations that I could provide a fully designed plan for a creek path. Also changing sign color from warning red to info blue. I'm planning one or two more movies. The most important is to show where to park, where we are on the path and what challenges there are to staying on it. Oh, also the movie should be shorter, give just a feeling of what it is like, and have titles and voiceover to improve comprehension.

Brautigan, what did I do? Nothing. Well, now I'll upgrade the pages to satisfy John Barber's question, which side of the hill did you live on Filbert St.?

On one of the UofMN art pages I refer to Crackerjack box visions of infinite regression. Somehow in my mind I've built a myth that the guy on the box held a box with a picture of himself holding a box with a picture of himself holding a box and so on. Today, looking at images of the boxes on the web, I find boxes held, but none of the held boxes have a picture of the holder. So regression is implied, not explicit. I haven't bought or even seen such a box for eons, that is, untold number of years.

But first, what was the Morning vision? Too complicated to publish yet. Dawn sky appears on Lookout 2012, which has finally become Mindfield2012 (it started in 2008). The Rainbow Bridge idea is key (start building the vision now) and yet will take all of 2012 to develop. It is important to start now before the year is underway.

A friend working near Wall St. in New York City began taking pictures on the way to or from work. I published them almost daily from Oct. 3 through Nov. 28 on Facebook and they are now collected as graphics or a Flash slideshow of Occupy Wall St. If action continues, I'll add any photos I get and extend the range of dates.


The Creek Path. Brautigan. Morning vision. Dawn sky. All that on today's plate.


During meditation realized a main thing is pulling the tets apart. It is almost as if thinking is the two tets together in the Secret of Life Storage Block. If pull them apart, which requires expanded consciousness, they don't mesh and they come to the point, which is where pineal third eye becomes operative. There is something wrong about the which clause. There is much more to that and it is always operative, but I need another description like fully functioning.

Another part was the giddyness of pineal as top heavy head trip. The pineal is the connector and when fully functioning it is not separate from every cell. Each cell has a pineal operative, hologram like. It all happens at once. Need to learn more about relationship to tan tien, which seems more spatially oriented.

Did I write about space yesterday? How we come down or out into 3D as an exercise, just like we project things on flat surface to study or represent things. I can draw a line representing a distance between two points. That's kind of how our lives are secreted (in the sense of secrete) out from what? From undivided? Or from third eye realm? Or am I just creating a net of words to describe creation?


Woke up with pineal gland. Feeling of primal significance of pineal. Need to see with third eye. Somehow seem to have the helmet with antenna straight up of many oriental buddhist sculptures. Or are they? That orientation seems to be important. There is no translation into 3D world. That is not in the sense of the 1, 2, and 3 D which progressively builds on and includes the other. Well, not true for me as a 3D being. But when I go to another D it is not predictable. I can't represent in space with objects, with qualities of 3D world. The stars seen with telescope aren't inspiring to pineal. I've thought of it as spirit coil as TV of consciousness.

Had a radical thought that nirvana, samsara, satori, enlightenment are beginning ideas to prepare the focus for pineal seeing. Like clear the stage. Actually provide resources to grow the third eye. It needs to be developed. And it is the feminine ray coming from earth up through the feet. That is why it is important to have this new seated posture. Not to tie up the knee energy with feet oriented to sky. But to channel from grass roots up. The cells of course are enthused.

I did channel some sounds and wringing of muscles expressing in maybe ancient languages. I've forgotten that thread with all my nature videos. So it seems I'm focusing on developing this ability of a new kind of seeing. Not based on the outside world. So far it seems to be able to be expressed only in symbols. At the end of meditation I was back to the two wholeo signs as two crosses and then not very visually finding the center X and the cross containers of breakthrough. And the end of meditation timer.

Reverberations of X being important. 10? Also 112 is one step after another is two steps. It is not counting. It does not add up. It is a closure. I guess numbers have a different significance to pineal vision.


Let's talk about movies, which are made of photos, which are frames in a sequence. I love looking at each frame. Using the keyboard arrow keys I can step frame by frame back and forth in a scene, really getting a feel for it. For publishing the Econfina Creek Watery Colors today, since each frame was different, I wanted you to be able to see each one and experience the changes at your own pace.

Currently I'm able to show movies in Flash and QuickTime on wholeo.net and upload to YouTube, Vimeo or some other video blog site. Today I provided five choices, available here. That link opens another window. In the YouTube version, even if you set the resolution to 720p and get fairly good quality, the image is reduced in size and you can only jump in seconds. That is 30 frames at a time. The only choice with good quality, original size and ability to see every frame in the movie is the QuickTime MP4. I haven't figured out how to make the Flash work.

Here are eight frames from the movie, that is,what you see in 1/4 of a second. See how much the image changes, even between frames. For smoother animation I should use 1080p/60, for 60 frames per second.


Here are frames one and two, showing how much water changes in 1/30th of a second.

two frames

Last week I published another movie from Econfina Creek in two parts, the spring and fish. See this page for more info and links.


I've been rediscovering my art done before 1981 stored in boxes and carted back and forth across the country for years. The thread of ink painting evolved from college days right up to Wholeo the stained glass dome, that usurped all my creative time and energy. Developing a talk that I gave to the Emerald Coast Meditation Society last week, I focused on meditative art, which has been my life-long inspiration and process, no matter what medium. See the works published for weeks linked from thumbnails in weekly images. There were six weeks starting on 8-3 with the copy of the wanderer, one of the earliest Zen (Ch'an) ink paintings from China. There's a Chinese Brush Painting kit, interesting that enough customers in this area to support a robust section of inks, brushes, paper and related materials in the local art/craft store.

Funny how I often misspell meditation as mediation. I don't see it or realize I've done it until spell checking. Well, meditation mediates between all aspects of being, so they are no more different than a single T.

The transition from earlier painting to later glass in 1968 expressed in several scroll paintings. That is, the brushwork and mindset grew out of ink painting. The colored inks and watercolor reached toward colored light.

Today I'm presenting a panorama from a 1968 scroll painting that speaks directly to my feelings about 9/11. I call it Mr. Feeling Come Home, which is written in the scroll. There is more writing, some so old and faint is unreadable. But always personal and still true. I'm captivated by the dancing bell and radiating light figures from that period.

To add to my new tech family of computer and camera comes iToy, an iPhone4 that is the handiest thing ever to go in and hopefully not get lost from my pack.


QTVR panoramas are unusable, which I didn't know yesterday. The problem was that the way to pan a QuickTime panorama has changed in Firefox and Chrome browsers, but they continue to work as expected in the Safari browser. I find that using the keyboard arrow keys works in all cases, so it should be the default instruction. That means updating over 200 pages on wholeo.net. The change is from "Click and drag" to "Use keyboard arrow keys".


New MacBook Pro, Fascia on duty with Adobe CS5.5 Production Suite in charge. Discovered that wonderful movies of the Deer Lake inoutfall had code errors so they are fixed. If you like watching water, go for it. Also working in new territory fish tumbling and darting in the very edge of surf off Blessings Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. New virtual territory is AVCHD 1080/60 video which is fantastic shown on TV, but getting it on the web has me scuttling around like the ghost crabs on the beach. Hope to present it next week. I did add a picture to the Blessings Beach page but there is so much more beauty from dawn walks this year. It's too hot to walk any other time of day and the beach is the coolest place around.

Everything evolves at once, so I added some graphics to the Evolving, Elobeing: 2011-July visions page. One is some writing I found mixed in with old drawings in a box. I don't remember doing it or where it came from. I do like looking at it, but it remains a mystery. Also added a tribute to Mac Calligraphy as an obscure link between ink painting in the material world and meditative art in the virtual world.

{*Note: see update comment the next day for better, more precise news on this.} Suddenly confronted with the loss of function for all my QTVRs with QuickTime 8+. I feel so sad that people can't experience that magical turning that kept my attention for a good 10 years. Well, people could if I would make Flash versions of all panoramas, since Flash panos pan. That, sadly, just won't happen because I'd rather do what is new. One last sad look at the disappearing past of burning bridges and I go on. I should say that Apple provides the QuickTime 7 Player so if you download a panorama, you can open it on your computer offline.


My new MacBook Pro (named Fascia) is here but I'm still not publishing on it. Need upgraded software to work on the new Lion OS 10.7.

I made last week's offering, the scroll video, public. Today have only one offering, an ink painting of unknown date I'm calling Dynamic Self-Portrait. I have put it with the Minnesota self-portraits but it could have been done later in NY or SF.


This week I moved up to HD video with Joy Joie and am prematurely forced to get an Intel Mac computer too. Both have been around for years, but I loved my old equipment. Today Ingian, my Mac G5, died despite all efforts to revive and retrieve last bits of work. A new Mac is ordered. I was so inspired to synergize strands of Meditative Art and publish a newly discovered old scroll painting squeezed out on my old laptop. The external hard drive is key, doing backups and providing continuity. After each publishing day I back up the backup.

Video on YouTube of watching the scroll fullscreen looks just like having it in your hands but I need to get access to my account to make it public. We'll make do with the web version until tomorrow.

copy of Mokuan's Pu-tai 2011-08-03

I'm looking at art I started in the late 1950's at the university, continued after graduation in Minnesota and upon moving to New York. All are drawings, ink paintings or watercolors, on paper sheets no larger than 9"x12" that fit in a cardboard box. I'm about halfway through, selecting ones to publish and show you. Many are linked from the original ink paintings page.

I've been spread thin this week between Florida Trail events, needing a new camera, google+ and problems. Florida Trail people love to paddle the marvelous creeks in our area and I went on one up and down Alaqua Creek. My kayak and my performance needed work to prepare for next Saturday's trip down Holmes Creek, said to be one of the top experiences here. Some of these trail people defy heat and bugs to create, maintain and improve the trail all summer. When they announced a two-day event to find a post and erect a sign on the highest point on the Florida National Scenic Trail, I couldn't resist joining in. This week we got the post as well as mowing and lopping branches to clear the adjacent portion of the trail for the August 13 hike to install the sign marker.

I got great video footage, which might be the last my old 4:3 cameras. For years I've been refining my search for the perfect camera. Finally I found one with the main requirements. It had to be small enough so it is always with me, with point and shoot image and video ability. It had to have zoom from wide angle to telephoto lens. It had to have best quality 1080p high definition video. It had to have GPS geo-tagging. It is the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V and I so hope I can live with the inevitable negative aspects. What greatly puzzles me is why someone doesn't combine features offered by Casio (better GPS), Pentax (waterproof), Canon (quality), Panasonic (I forget), Nikon, and Olympus. Does each feature take space so they can't all be offered in a small package?


Blogged about a Google search wholeo.net for the term Rainbow Bridge because 1. my site search box is broken and 2. the topic. I presented new visions of Elobeing evolution as generators (excerpts from my journal) Evolving, Elobeing: 2011-July.

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