Protestors meditating at Zuccotti Park 11/28/2011

For me, this photo is deep.
So in tune with occupying the deepest most inner reaches of 99% of humanity.
The doubled up barriers confining and delimiting us.
Centering around the plain tree of life that is our archtypical symbol.
The surrounding blank eyes of unseeing windows of buildings, cars and observation cherry picker.
The few left, keeping the faith of OWS. Like a green energy flame flickering leaves.
The green shirted guy with outstretched arms embracing and calling all.
A meditation committee of the general assembly.

Lookout for 2011 - Occupy Wall St.

Occupy Wall Street October 3 - November 28, 2011. These photographs were taken by a friend working near Zuccotti Park in NYC at the time of the OWS occupation. As such, they are part of of art by others.

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