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Rain quenches sparks and arcs up rainbows. New growth springs up after the fire. Symbols meld the old and the new.

Lookout for 2012 - MindField 2012

Major development of this year: Matrix 2012. See Wholeo Facebook event.

In 2008, having grown close to Deer Lichen (commonly called deer moss) in 2007, I shared the MindField of these plants. Everything has consciousness, called mind. Mind's connections are a field. For Lookout 2010, there was a specific vision calling for a specific action and propagation of a message. Then came Lookin 2011 and Lookout 2011 with the fringes of festivals and Occupy. These beginnings will take a few years to fully engage, so Lookout 2012 continues to target MindField 2012.

Let's all create the Rainbow Bridge daily. Even though it is in Spanish, this video is the clearest visual guide I have found for this visualization. Rainbow Bridge poster, background and links on Wholeo Online.

deer lichen & rainbow

deer lichen

See also Earthling Meet Earthballs, about channeling vertical spiritual energy on earth, Geome, and Ins.


This is MindField 2012 path icon, a subset and superset of deer lichen MindField (Lookout 2008). On each related page, find a path icon that links to here, back to Lookout 2007, sites, Lookout 2009, Perspectives, Lookout 2010, Lookin 2011 and Lookout 2011.

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