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Lookout for 2010 - MindField 2012

In 2008, having grown close to Deer Lichen (commonly called deer moss) in 2007, I shared the MindField of these plants. Everything has consciousness, called mind. Mind's connections are a field. In 2010, there is a specific vision calling for a specific action and propagation of a message. It will take a few years to fully engage, so Lookout 2010 targets MindField 2012. See video: Flash, QuickTime Web, or Alternate. See also What's New on Earth Day 2010? and Estuary Festival 2010.

On 2009-12-31, New Year's Eve, I had an experience. Call it a vision. Seemed like a dream. Call the telling of it art fiction. Someone was there. Intelligent beings that did not talk, but impressed me with waves of vibrations. Not on the surface, but somewhere deep within, where we are connected, not separate. I imagined or envisioned this process and informing as something like this. But this is only a label, a category, a way to remember an awareness that was beyond my capacity to bring to ordinary consciousness.

Not verbal info. Patterns that my body understands, not translated for audio transmission. And I'm to translate that, actually transmit, via earthballs and deer lichen. This past year I've grown close to earthballs and they respond to me. Earthballs grow near or within patches of deer lichen. They send to the lichen, passing on the waves of vibrations. The broadcasting function of the alga in deer lichen is a new idea for me. Photosynthesis usually defined as one way process, putting together elements and creating green food, chlorophyll. But I haven't heard of the radiant communication dish feature. Seems like there is a communication function that is unknown. Except I've been picking it up.

On a walk, I use breathing affirmations to transmit the messages. Breathe in to the waves of vibrations given me. Breathe out to the ground, snaking along to the earthballs I contact, stimulating and passing vibes to the earthballs.

The whole guidance is teaching people to evolve and live in peace.

Agent-functions: Vibes-annunciation. Earthballs-receptors. Lichen-radiators.

What comes out of the earthball, which is a fungus? Spores! Could it be aligned with results somehow? Everything has to have a carrier wave. That is vibrations are information changes riding on a basic carrier wave, as in radio, TV, all kinds of electromagnetic signals. So we could consider the production of an organism as a carrier wave. I don't know how to apply this to my action. Could it be the breathing I do, exhaling a transformed atmosphere? And riding on that are my thought patterns/waves, my info. That goes to earthball whose product is spores, carrying my info, actually ET info. Lichens receiving spores decode info, and when they photosynthesize, that carrier wave radiates the info.
Now the question comes up as to why this circuitous route? Why don't ETs just broadcast? Why involve me that has to involve two other species? Am I simply a helper? Or is it that earth species speak to each other? I'm a messenger and a doer. ETs not on this plane. They are helpers to us.

New developments: Earth Star and Lichen Song, Earthstar and Deer Lichen Broadcasting, Earth Speaks, and Earthling Meet Earthballs.


This was the original MindField 2012 (continued in Lookout 2011 and path icon), a subset and superset of deer lichen MindField (Lookout 2008). On each related page, find a path icon that links to 2012, back to Lookout 2007, sites or to Lookout 2009, Perspectives.

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