Earthstars and Deer Lichen broadcasting

The image above photographed 2010-05-27 NE of Deer Lake but west of the entrances to Deer Lake State Park on Scenic Highway 30-A. See zooming image. GPS coordinates -Latitude: 30° 18' 25.162" N Longitude: 86° 4' 35.678" W. Continuing New Year's vision of earth fungi catching vibes, sending to lichen broadcasting. Tune in. Get the frequency. When done, close your eyes and get the vision. See the NY vision. I said "In 2008, having grown close to Deer Lichen (commonly called deer moss) in 2007, I shared the MindField of these plants. Everything has consciousness, called mind. Mind's connections are a field. In 2010, there is a specific vision calling for a specific action and propagation of a message." I'm working on a more complete movie, see the latest storyboard.

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