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Earthling Meet Earthballs - Story

In this video I introduce some earthball friends. They are fungi, rather new and unusual mushrooms to me. Based on their looks, I call them Round, Star, Fang, String, and Flare. They make connections reminiscent of the earth and sea. The main focus is to send (down arrows) and transmit (green streaks out) a message based on transducing vertical spiritual energies to horizontal earth energies. The messages are picked up, transformed and radiated by neighboring deer lichens via their photosynthesizing algae symbionts. A star of this show is a deer lichen I call Likit. The video was on hold until Geome, a crystal geode, appeared for 2012 to faciliate cosmic connections. Eventually humans receive this broadcast in the center of vision, the third ventricle or Cave of Brahma in the center of their head, activating the pineal gland. Choice of videos.

I worked with a dream to bring together elements such as earthball, earthstar, deer lichen, Geome crystal and the basis for transformation: Lookout 2010: MindField 2012.

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