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Geome Journal 2011

It started with the Birthday 77 geode find for Caroling. Here is my Geome Journal for December, 2011 > 2012 > 2013 > 2014 > 2015 > 2016

Geom apparition12-19-11 found the geode on walk around E Lake north starting out back of my house. It was lying in the firebreak. I'm usually looking at the ground for plants, garbage, and snakes. I was astounded and moved and wondered how it had gotten there. Did someone throw it out of a window of the condo? I couldn't imagine how to start to return it. Too precious to leave there. The events on the rest of the walk were so dramatic that it eclipsed this event (I got lost). Although this is the lasting part of the walk.

12-20-11 Again trying to photograph the geode, trying to find source of geode beacon that I found was associated with the chief at the bcone medicine wheel.

earthball, 2009Astounded at the convergence of earthball and crystal. Reviewing what happened on my walk, I found a 2" ball of rock that is a crystal geode. Looking in are all these irregular crystals. Seems magical to me because last year about this time I was finding the mushroom fungi kind of earthballs and having visions of crystals from the star Sirius. Now I have a ball carved out of the earth with crystals within. Can we conclude that our farthest out perceptions will be seen to be true in ordinary reality some day, some way?

Was holding this ball cup of rainbows when it hit me that it was reflecting pineal xtals in a new energizing and projecting kind of hieloheal. {See the pineal over xtals in this panorama.} Incredibly complex. Just putting it 6” (wrote 5” is that right?) in front of inner eye causes ruckus, that is insight, that is not those things. What is it? Can't say. Somehow I am so dam** turned out, so far from the pit, I always start to doubt myself and feel need to be grounded at this point in intensity. Are we manifesting in earth lives to focus intense?

Searching on web for how common these stones are and how they are valued. Looking at blueAgateQuartzCrystal for $14. realize these geodes are common and cheap.

Also, more importantly, these are earth intelligence. Wrecking them, hacking into them is why we are reclaimed by death into earth body. Probably why our species experiment will end. But maybe not. Maybe the proliferation of these xtals is like exfoliation and we are like dust mites and dung beetles treasuring gaia's offal. And she loves us. Getting that is closer to the truth. We're in this together.

12-21-11 No mention of Geome on birthday although I created the birthday 77 geode find for Caroling web page with pictures, Caroling/birthPtgCarolingCrystalGeode.html. It says: On a ritual walk around the lake, I found this geode crystal. It seems to link the Sirius visions of Lookin 2011 with the earthball transmissions of Lookout 2010 presaging the Mindfield 2012.

12-28-11 Wanting so much to sleep but not granted. After 2 laid there until 3. Part of the time holding Geome (Gee-ohm) my crystal, which warmed up in my hand and began to exude interesting odors. Felt the pain of its birth and shattering to present condition. Reminds me of the crystal that the gypsy shattered in the story of scruffrug. But first thought was of the chief at bcones. Now have it on the cushion that is usually holding the zen meditation gong.

rb   rb   rb

earthball inner crystalEarthballs of the near outback. Thinking incessantly of earthballs, pineal, sirius, crystal and various reports and such. The crystal I felt needed to seed the rainbow bridge visualization so I plunged it to the center of the earth. Also feel from there that it can actually heal everything and everyone on earth.

I was thinking I could complete the movie with Geome. I found an /art/ which I think is the latest movie on 6/6/2010 that was destined for this page. Movie is way too rough but the part that is missing is the pineal crystal for mindfield 2012. Don't know what I thought would be finished in 2010 but I believe I can do it now.

12-30-11 In meditation, I first held Geome, my crystal. in left hand. Visualized the rainbow bridge while opening to telepathic connection. That felt good but can't remember if there were any specifics. Then I started the timer. Gradually I lost difference between the holding hand and the empty hand.

12-31-11 For New Year's Eve, I was going to go to the beach and ponder. But I stepped out on my porch and there was Orion high in the sky and Sirius beaming right at me. Firecrackers and partiers out in the side lot and in my parking lot. I do not like firecrackers. Did not feel like going out in that milieu. So I brought Geome out to face Sirius. I'd say five minutes. Communication between me and Sirius and Geome and Geome and Sirius, all triangulating. But it was much more than that. Untraceably complex. But when Geome was singing it was over. That little tiny act with intention seems very important.

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