Scruffrug Enters the Fifth Dimension

These pages are stories of Scruffrug. Scruffrug was born a rug. One day he up and flew. rug

When he pieces together Quilt (Quilt Becomes is a story waiting to be told) Scruffrug is amazed and remembers his old question. He must find out who he really is. He is not these stories. He's not just a rug; a thin layer of fabric tufts between shoes and floor in front of the door. For a long time, he has known that he doesn't know.


Quilt says "Do you think maybe we have a common root, can you remember?" "Hmmm...?"

Scruffrug stares into Quilt wondering "who am I", really wanting to know. His intense longing for his whole self lets the full force of all the repressed truths surge up in him, through him and carry him away. He, Scruffrug, who had always been the flyer, sometimes wind surfer, or huddling braced victim of hurricanes, now went totally limp.

But he was happy because suddenly he knew where he was going. He was going back to the time when the world was flat. At that time, the world was Scruffrug. Now you know that just because the world was flat and Scruffrug was flat too, that does not make Scruffrug equal to the world. Or the world equal to Scruffrug. That's not good math or reason now, is it. But 500 years ago, before Columbus sailed round the globe, reason could not rule something out. There were truths that can not be truths now. And those repressed truths drew Scruffrug in a powerful draft.

So intent was he, he didn't notice Quilt caught in the same melee.

See them zipped almost instantaneously back to 1491, stopped by the smash of a wet crystal ball hurled onto Placemat. The precious smashing into fragments, the whole thing mopped up and thrown onto the garbage heap in a Medieval garden. And the flying fabrics dropped into that time.

Here Scruffrug, instead of being part of a vast 3D universe, was the whole flat world, so everything was part of his wholeness. It is as if the whole flat world condensed into one small flat Scruffrug, yet that rug saw the whole world as it was, a projection of himself.

Then "who is this Quilt here, a magnificent part of myself," he puzzled? By the time Scruffrug overcame his surprise to see Quilt, (who, being sewn from healing and guidance,was not given to surprise) the whole event was done. They are hailed by a Placemat who has just been inspired by shards of glassy crystal.

This is what happened. The crystal ball had to be shattered because its essence angered Christians (by bypassing priests) and angered Renaissance intellectuals (because it was not scientific). In a great dining hall, before the company, the witch, owner of the crystal ball, had her hopes dashed by the Judge. Guidance was ridiculed. The patience to nurture images within the crystal was tried beyond endurance. As a final act, she did it. She raised the ball to the light then hurled it down with all her might. Right onto Placemat.

The crash shocked everyone and wrangling ceased. Anyone could see the crystal sparkled out more vividly than before. Strewn rainbows glanced over awed faces then fell still. "No," said the Judge, "get it out." Which meant the witch, broken ball, and everything that they had stood for. She ran out. A faithful servant carefully folded Placemat, wrapping up every sharp shining sliver of crystal, removed it to the garden, and dumped it on the garbage heap.

As the servant leaves, Scruffrug and Quilt come to. They see Placemat unfolding, corners opening back out under the weight of the mix of shards. Fabrics to the rescue. They put the crystal aside as they clean Placemat. And find that it is Placemat alive!


Let's catch our breath and think about what we're seeing here. Before, these characters were common ordinary things. Then they woke up, arose and began to live fully. We know they had the potential to change and they know it now. But previously they accepted themselves as others saw them. They even believed they were made to be a rug, quilt, and mat. But after consciousness expanded they each sensed the consciousness of others. Placemat, although beaming into insight in the last few minutes, instantly feels sure that Scruffrug and Quilt are its friends. The three lightly touch corners, then circle the crystal.

3 together

As the shards catch the light they make the fabrics imagine they are seeing Wholeo, the stained glass dome. Scruffrug says "That looks like the dome Caroling built back in the 1970s." "Funny how we always think what we know is behind us," laughs Placemat ,"That's a long time ahead of me."

Quilt nods to both of the others, realizing an inner truth. Since she came out of nowhere as a messenger, she doesn't feel tied to time. "We're between times now," she says, and that helps. "Caroling only knows how to tell a story in time, which explains the way it is. But you know we are really close to something special here--another dimension." "So what is there besides the three dimensions of space and maybe time," asks Scruffrug? "Maybe there's a clue in these shards of Wholeo, Caroling's search for the whole self." The three lose themselves in the vision.

inside domePicture of Wholeo inside

"We will speak in colored vibrations." "Something like this?" There is Wholeo. "Yes, well, here we go." Swoosh, they are all going to the point. To go along with them to the point you must have a truly edge-on view, directly beside Scruffrug. So he looks like this:


You must be absolutely beside scruff, on the plane of scruff, neither above nor below scruff. Then it is the upper right hand corner point, the one where originally he lost fringes.

Absolute point of entry looks like this

Gradually you'll locate the point, but pour it expands as instantaneously as can be represented in our sequential ability to perceive change. Of course since this is always true, the only time it takes is what it seems to take.

How can everyone enter at the same point? Answer: in truly sharedSpace everyone is at the same point.

At the point, Scruffrug comes apart into threads. That's another story (Scruffrug gets the point or Scruffrug Threads). Since Quilt and Placemat were with you at the corner of Scruffrug, they do too. And you can come apart too if you want.

Lo and behold. They are all reborn in the 5th dimension. Here's how they look:

rug 5D

quilt 5D

mat 5D

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