Scruffrug 5D meleeScruffrug 5D Evolving

These pages are stories of Scruffrug. Scruffrug was born a rug. One day he up and flew.

Scruffrug 5D evolvingDoing Magical Passes, I feel Scruffrug 5D evolving wrapping energy bodies, subtly, as if an ethereal tattoo. Is tattoo a drumbeat? Listen, write, read, hear. "Ta" "Too" "ta too, ta -too, ttaa ta ta ta too too t." What I'm getting at is a merging of modes. The inner awareness, touching the dark sea of awareness, hears, sees, dances, smells, tastes, speaks, touches, feels, moves connected to being. So I can dance a color. I hear a leaf. I smell the wind. I need no sensors, apertures, doors. Function of Wholeo.

Scruffrug 5D touching the dark sea of awareness

"To be Wholeo aware or not to Wholeo, is that the question?", scruffed Scruffrug, and having rugged, scruffed on.

Scruffrug 5D moving

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