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Magical Pass Series 1, Group 1.03, "Grinding energy by a sideways slide of the feet"

Carolyoga - Magical Passes

Book coverI have owned this book, Magical Passes by Carlos Castaneda, read it and referred to it for 15 years. In 2016 it is time to learn it. Key words are Evolution. Walking. Energy. I study the concepts as they merge with mine. I make (follow, do, perform, dance) the magical passes which are similar to energetic yoga poses merging with carolyoga. See the Plan, Coloring and NRG Studies, and Concepts for Evolution.

Castaneda says the passes were invented by the ancient shamans of Mexico. In 2016, I find the characters in his writing to be actors in his own inner theatre. Everything takes place in his creative imagination where he lives, discovers and invents realities that I love to visit. I'm not sure what role the people in the book pictures and related videos played in the emergence of Magical Passes.

He divides the passes into groups in six series making up a modern practice called Tensegrity. Buckminster Fuller invented (or discovered) this word by combining (parts in tension) with (create the integrity) to describe a dynamic whole, not based on compression. This page is a work in progress.

On 1/5/16 I wrote "I did assemblage point". Castaneda describes our aura as composed of luminous fibers that connect with the beyond through a point. Shamans move the assemblage point to connect with and go elsewhere from what is given at birth.

headhaloThinking about the headhalo and the assemblage point of the Magical Passes (MP). Thinking that's where I moved mine as shamanic posture. In the weB log entry for 2015-06-21, on last year's Inner solstice, I read today some part of Caroling will ascend from the headhalo. I don't know it that's possible but it sounded exactly like Magical Passes. These discussions are vague but what was there sounded very similar to the MP description of evolution.


There are almost 300 numbered passes. Doing one a day for six days a week adds up to 49 weeks. I started a week late, leaving two weeks to spare in 2016. Each day I'll practice what I've learned plus a new one. By the end of the year I will have learned the six series of Tensegrity. Online and on YouTube, I have found the book text and videos of the practice that help a lot.

To deepen the practice I'll do coloring and cast an MCS message healing each day.

However I stopped after three months. "Bringing Energy to the Center for Decisions 10" is the last entry. I hope to resume someday.

Coloring and NRG Studies

Series 1 group 1 4 and 6 in color I open myself to the color that comes.

Magical pass 1.1.03

See Magical Passes NRG Studies.

Concepts for Evolution

Here are the ideas that have captured my interest with a summary, possible variations and how I take it. Many are exact quotes from the book. Concepts on Hold is a separate list of concepts I cannot yet make sense of. During this year of learning I will modify the concepts. They are a work in progress.

Magical passes are to condition you as a being in the tonal to act in the nagual. Everything on this page, including ideas that may arise, are part of the tonal. The nagual can't be described in any way, shape, or form but it can be experienced. Magical passes are magical in the sense that their effect cannot be accounted for by ordinary explanations. It is as if practitioners reestablish an unused link with the life force that sustains them. They are not exercises but lead you to drop the mask of socialization, bring your mind to a halt and contact the flux. Magical passes break up crusted-over energy and redeploy to energy vortexes.

A special case of seeing is a state of heightened awareness in which the human body is capable of perceiving energy as a flow, current, or wind-like vibration. Each person has an inherent amount of energy. It is enough to break the parameters of normal perception taught by socialization and maintained by the internal dialogue. The profusion of drugs, stimulants, religious rituals, ceremonies demonstrate this obsession (of going beyond "normal").

Redeploying energy. Since it is a given amount, use it for useful goals. Direct it to the centers of vitality. These are the gall bladder and liver on the right torso, pancreas and spleen on the left, kidneys below and adrenals above these on the back. At the base of the neck in the V produced by the sternum and clavicle. In women, the uterus and ovaries.

A vibratory force binds human energy into a luminous sphere.

Assemblage point. Is this true? If my perception has been interpreting sensory data coming through an assemblage point, then if through dreaming attention I move the assemblage point I will perceive and interpret different data coming on luminous fibers from a different timespace.

Intent produces evolution in inner silence. Important target of preparation of the first series of passes.

NRG tracesThe liberation of the womb is to awaken its secondary functions of awareness and evolution. Women can see energy directly since they have a perceiving box in the uterus and ovaries. The realm of pure perception is not visually oriented. The uterus and ovaries can become tools of perception, and become indeed the epicenter of evolution.

The dark sea of awareness is the force that lends awareness to all living beings, from viruses to men. It lends awareness to a newborn being. The newborn enhances that awareness by means of its life experiences until a moment of death in which the dark sea force demands its return. A being can recapitulate life experience to the dark sea of awareness to separate life experiences from life force, which you can then evolve by transcending death.

There are two energy bodies, left and right. When merged, as in our culture, the right predominates. The two energy bodies are two different currents of energy, complementary, mirroring the dual structure of everything in the universe. The left is most effective for ultimate goals of shamanism. Practitioners strive to enhance awareness of the left energy body. This is the hardest concept for me to write about but I often experience my caved-in shrunken left energy body in meditation. I saw the whole as a flare, documented here.

Concepts on Hold

A master sorcerer who leads other sorcerers is also called a nagual. I don't know the difference between a sorcerer and a shaman.

Shamans aren't spiritual. They seem insane because they try to explain things that can't be explained. They don't make decisions. They don't choose. They acquiesce to what is chosen by spirit or forces.

To navigate into the unknown demands being in superb physical condition.

All the descriptions of what evolves are beyond me. Such as that a sorcerer at death is transformed into an "inorganic being". That is, a being that has awareness but not an organism. That there is a twin world made up of such agglutinations of energy.

The Magical Passes bring the energy body to the physical body. The right and left energy bodies are separate.


Not on hold, a few more thoughts about Castaneda's work. He could have suggested modifications to qi gong. He could have said the nagual is a special case of the undivided or Yahweh or the holy spirit. He could have written a philosophy book. He could have done real Anthropology. He could have added to an insertion point between Zen meditation and always going on beyond. ... It seems to me that in every case where Castaneda found himself in our culture he would reach a point where the existing templates could not be expanded or modified. He needed to start over, not borrowing from similar disciplines. He redefines everything. Thus his work has a finished completeness, a satisfying wholeness, a consistent embrace of totality. I like it.

Shamans act and experience possible evolutionary paths. Like Bob Dylan sings it in Mr. Tambourine Man, "And if you hear vague traces of skippin’ reels of rhyme. To your tambourine in time, it’s just a ragged clown behind. ..." Does your tambourine rhyme in time?

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