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Leo, energy traces in New Zealand

The path of Leo Geary's bicycle trip in New Zealand is roughly a figure 8. It starts in the middle of the 8 at Auckland in North Island. Goes north to the Waipoua Forest on the west coast and around the top of the 8 to Kerikeri on the east coast. Continues back through Whangerei to Coromandel on down to Wellington. Crosses Cook Strait to South Island. Goes across to Nelson and on down the west coast. At Queenstown the path veers up through Mt. Cook, over to Timaru and down the east coast. It loops through Dunedin. After living awhile in Queenstown, Leo moved to Christchurch. That was 1987 through 1992. See also a memorial to his passing.

In 1996, on my first trip to New Zealand, I traveled this path, wondering if I would sense any traces left by my son. I tell about my intentions on a separate page. I plan to finish the movie above, showing the traces I saw. Today is a mere gesture. Here are notes from my journal. (Alternative: see black and white text.)

  1. Auckland to Waipoua: With Leo bicycling, gathering curls for tetrahedrons (tets), of some stuff excess at the time.
  2. weaving Waipoua to Pahia: Felt strands weaving with Leo's but never stopping. Kind of like gears meshing, then parting. When our paths were on the same road, felt the weaving vertically.

  3. Kerikeri: I feel Leo's feelers for roots in this field area. He wanted to work and have roots and he dug in. I release. Streamers go off. The more I can get back to Leo's time, to connect with his forward surge then, to infuse the environment with a purpose, the more it acts like a grounding springboard to what can happen in the future with expanding 5D and evolving a new species.
  4. Whangerei: I drew tetrahedrons (tets) in from where dropped at whump (California). Can place them here along the road. Don't know if this is recycling or respiraling, like returning with value added, or as stepping stones for evolution. Actually see them as links to tets at whump, which are virtual and will stay. Leo hoped to do this enlightening someday; to return with ideals implemented with value-added guidance for folks, including those taking the same path he did.
  5. Leo's trip would not have been what it was if I were not doing what I am now. So that is a definable aspect to this trip. Doing my part of his life that was. Ah, it is getting clear, how this strength to him, merged with his strength to me as I travel in reverse. I got a sense of completion, like spirals going both ways balance each other.
  6. Exploded many Leo images. Each one tumbled back in a somersault and being transformed into Elobeings (new species). These Leo's were big (maybe) ghost ones.
  7. Thames: anti-social vibe from Leo, like he was thinking, "I'll never be accepted".
  8. Coromandel: Not much feeling for any vibes. Just good, on up and up, concerned and connected with others, budding.
  9. Hot water beach: beehive-like spirit coil
  10. I feel Leo, trying to get out of the tourist trap, going towards what he has heard is the remote Coromandel. Wants to feed on his true self, his original nature.
  11. particles Earlier on Leo's ride, Leo was noticing particles leaving inadvertently. Earlier still, the pellets were going straight back, unnoticed by Leo (in the mountains before the Napier plane. It was bushy and beautiful). At the summit kiosk, yard, Leo could see me, I caught his eye. Energy traces as fountains.

  12. boost After Hutt. Leo traces throwing out pellets with remote acceleration (boost). Weird, then gathers pellet, mixes with drug or adrenalin high and concentrates it. Kind of like tossing a popcorn kernel before catching in mouth.

  13. Wellington: good young enthuasism all the way. When I walked in the hostel, I became sure what to do. Felt some Leo clinging. There might have been some contingent plan or hope set up here. The idea is to vacuum up the mess, sever the ties that bind, and roll all connecting thoughts to the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel (BMW). I just did it with my aura and didn't take it into myself but established the direct connection to BMW. Ellice tuft (bush). Keep it undefined. A takeoff point to SI where the original Leo spirit still exults in its spirit of adventure. Helping me in my passage today.

  14. Pelorus bridge: plants remember Leo, light bouyance
  15. sticky footprintsNelson: sticky footprints going up and down the hill. Then felt an additional boost. Like putting down the heel actually built up a cushiony bubble that gave each step a boost. I think this was Leo's affirmation, his will, that he get help, life be better, lifted, more, closer to ideal, more tried, more accomplished. Sort of golden globules, like Vitamin E, but tough. After Nelson I replaced traces with bliss points.
  16. Fox Glacier: The Copland Valley is a bridge, transparentiser.
  17. cone Wanaka: the innards of a pine cone, rooted way down in earth. So the feeling is that whatever would happen elsewhere, if he came back to Wanaka, it would be reset right. The pinecone like stuff is only meant to carry seeds, then decompose. But it takes awhile. the energy there was not vacuumable. It was sort of the reverse.

  18. Pre-Twizel: the mist spirit was Leo's first sign of the new psychic development he knew he was in for and that was the impetus to finish the NZ bike trip. (That's my idea and not something Leo would say.) The photos that follow show the sunset of the old self, the lifting himself above the drab landscape, the dawn with full moon of the newly expanded self. This is his inner passage as revealed by his choice of subjects.
  19. will Mt. Cook: Have seen these shapes before. But this was either the start of them for Leo or a big boost. The scissors shape is the projectile of his will. Go for what you want with all you have. The double spirals are very interesting. Of course this was the shape I saw on afterdeath day 3, as I remember (with less coils and not in perspective).
    The rounded shape is the alternate to the first. When the point gradually loses its thrust and the will is opened in its effort, at the end of the cycle the point is completely merged with the round and the will coils are opened. It might go farther, to a circle, or ahead to the next point. I'm not sure. I just saw these two shapes.
    Leo had connected with something primeval here, some spirit, that had empowered him with psychic development. So maybe he got to the spirit of Mt. Cook. Actually, could have done it before, on the Copland Valley from Fox trip.

  20. Tekapo: flags Saw Flags with vibes on them, then flags, then straight lines as in cartoon lines. I think these were all visualizations to give him a push.

  21. Fairlie: thick rolls of insulation being rolled up.
  22. emission Tuned into Leo vibes after picked up his trail out of Fairlie. Surprise, surprise. He was emitting spheres, then stuffed arcs.

    Timaru: Telling Kachinas and Elobeings around that Leo used to use these psychic energy pods as needed but he doesn't need them anymore and noone else knows how to use them.

  23. jab Moeraki: pedal down, foot jab in the direction of earth, back up and forward.

  24. Dunedin: leaf forms Feathery leaf-like forms tucked into ground. Leo traces.
    Became aware that Leo developed a superior form of learning from his mistakes. All this planting of psychic structures in earth enabled him to have access to consciousness structures not available to most people. He started this rooting in Dunedin.

  25. In tan tien located the original lynch pin or stake, still intact.

    Brought the stake of Leo's set up in Dunedin to between the Two Thumbs peaks. Get it out of Leo's realm so can vacuum well, but preserve it for other psychic will needs. {This is the closest I've come to fullfilling the premonition to plant a staff or stake between the Two Thumbs.}
  26. Queenstown: tremendous misery on parapente hill. I've treated it like a fountain with no support for original misery. Gathered droplets.

  27. Later, swirls of psychic energy set in motion, based on deep energy source like thermal vent that is a stimulus for adrenalin sports. This was the takeoff point for many of Leo's flights. Went through the joy, the trials, the camaraderie, the fun, and the elation. Being a pioneer in human fullfillment was the main emotion. Pure science and art. Kept cycling all up the fountain. cutting extant ties, Leo's business ties, some still live in many ways. Vacuuming them up, cauterizing where attached, fountaining where too rooted to vacuum.

    Although Leo had deactivated many ties with his achievments and setting clear goals and priorities, he didn't deal with the swirls of psychic energy that he had set in motion.
    Also, there is something deeper here that he contacted. Must be something related to the rainforest and the warmth that is related to the Peru thermal vents, all this kind of life by thermals is basis of his strength. Need to pass on the secret to others. Need to create a link between the trig marker at parapente hill and the tets at whump. Something causes this to be the adrenaline capitol of NZ.

  28. This is my act. The oval stone on Queenstown hill is the south pole for Leo vibes. Setting up permanent transformation station for all thoughts that arise and reverberating time happenings. So I can go back here, and be here, but also it'll function automatically now that it is set up. Attracting Leo traces, transforming to celebration, sending back as bliss and simultaneously sending traces on to tets at whump for the future.

  29. Under gondola, found vibes rooted way down in earth. As though, each success (or failure?) pushed them down farther. So need to tug on them gently for gradual encouragement to remove, to emerge. And sending bliss into earth, very aerating and good.

  30. On Queenstown streets, little 4-5 year old Leo's popping up nah, nah, naah de nah nah, the child strength of Leo, all awakened with the man and the evolution of Leo. Swooped them up too.

  31. Some of the earth unders were tied to the negative and violent movie I saw at whump. They were the aspirations that had been squelched. And now expressing so as not to be lost to the being. Even though couldn't handle them on earth.
    I found jabs into earth and jab swirls. Seems he tried many techniques to get roots, to become established.
  32. Queenstown to Christchurch: aspiration
  33. Coming down the road toward Rakaia Gorge, saw Leo bicycling and these little flying saucers (UFOs), quite a bit like frizbees wafting about, Maybe in his wake. Actually associating with him.
  34. MET shapes Looked for Leo traces , knowing he'd been all over this area (Christchurch). Saw a consistent single image. This is a very poor drawing. The image was a mushroom ribs and MET shape. Seems like it might have been kite-like and might have been gathering, also. So it waved behind him aloft, gathered the wind, and might also have gathered signals. The pointed stem seems like it would feed to and from him. Must have been an antenna. Or is it merely a development of mushroom ribs? Visually, I can imagine a person stepping outside the mushroom ribs, towing them on invisible guy ropes and still connecting through the umbilical at the back.
    Alignment with Patricia's petals very active. As though in her being, spiritual aptitude, and empathy with Leo's spirit of adventure, the petals coat every trace of Leo in the Christchurch years, from NZ to US. Note that flight between, especially that last flight to US is very important. This time don't chat on the plane, on way to US.Tune in, be there.
    So the petals help bring the traces into relief and make them humanly available by me.

  35. Tuned into Leo vibes and always got the lifted-parapente, gliding-off-the-ground feeling. Ease of movement, lightness, problems of the air only.
  36. Christchurch, 137 Armagh, the art studio: fun, excitement, adventure, outgoing creativity, exuberance, outward expansion. But then I caught the feeling of being on a giant concrete pipe. The momentum moving forward, losing balance and falling backward.
  37. Christchurch, 20 Armagh, home, activity. Sensed a vertical thrust, like stilts, like an acrobat in the circus coming down from the trapeze on a rope, except zooming up, like up a track up into the heights of the big top.
  38. It is almost as if flying saucers turned belly up and gave Leo lifts like giant snow shoes under his feet. Walk on saucers today across Christchurch.
  39. In yoga, when got point of awareness up into colored light beings (CLBs) and said ignite, it did one, then all the rest. (Really an explosive event.) Since they aren't separate at that point. Not sure of the extent, but it seemed like any thing that was CLB in this vicinity, maybe earth (spirit laugh) was turned on and energized with Leo traces. But that event seemed like it could be the chief raison d'etre of my whole trip. Connection to what Leo started and carried and developed unconsciously or at least mystically with no language apart from his personal power, charisma, which is what he needed. But the amount of sympathetic earth connections that he made can be fortified by this new routing. It is like Leo really was the scout, setting up beacons, markers, of awareness that now CLBs can connect with consciously. This whole area is to be explored by me here now, for better expression.
  40. Another event was visually stunning. I was standing on the corner of High and Columbo, or Hereford and a cross street. Looked up and saw the Cathedral. The spire top was catching the light, so I saw a continuously beaming star-pointed sparkle of light. I attached the point in the vision of the mushroom ribs stem to it. Permanently. Then it seemed like a beacon. So drew breathing cloud flame of prana down through it into earth.
  41. Christchurch, park and downtown to grocery store: anguish, the down and out feeling, where you've tried everything and nothing seems to be working and you can't imagine how to go on from here. Then had that feeling where you think of yet another thing to try.
  42. Birth of Leo's spiral.
    This pressure caused inner strength to deviate orthogonally around and horizontally.
    Feel like am making something concrete that was only remote previously. That is the connection to what was set up here, that Leo left dangling by taking off as he did.
    Seems that I touched into some other helper spirit for Leo. Great question as to future of this. Can it go on as a sort of mechanism? No, it is to be gathered as fruits of a lifetime and sent on with the spirit.
  43. spiral

  44. Sign of bell bird is a ruin. I felt Leo's great enthusiam there.
  45. Expanding star points as earth anchors is a secret for Leo consciousness.
  46. tiers Layers of somethings, vibes, like feathers in tiers in a wing. Picture is not right at all. Seem to see it on the side of Leo riding, whizzing along on a bike. Like a kind of shield or tally.

  47. See deep blue surrounded by white and orchid aura light and blissed colors, that make a tremendous electric glow. See this coming out of the wings surrounding Leo on his bike, even Leo in his car. Leo himself. But Leo always moving and going somewhere. As Blair said, "Leo never had an easy time of it." This vision makes me think he was evolving as he lived here.
    So maybe I've gotten at a Leo trace that was the header, the spearhead of the egocentric energy of the Leobeing. If so, this is a major accomplishment.
  48. Leo visions today of two types.
    Type 1 seems to be personal power. See Leo walking along, directing force thru the focused mushroom ribs. Mustering several hosts of these force focuses.

  49. Type 2 (shown in color) seems to be inner growths, sort of popping out in front, rather disturbingly, seeming to get in the way of what he wants. Also the second kind was unwilled, seemed to just happen whenever. Like I see him walking along, startled by the outpopping arcs, jumps joltedly. So instead of being backed up, but in control, he was now subject to being rounded out, inconveniently, or much to his own surprise.
    These (type 2) are new to me and I'm not sure of their meaning. If I had to say, I'd say that Leo tried to ignore these developments but that they increased in Owen's valley.
  50. types Maybe get all Leo traces from first emergence down West coast, having picked the fruits and earned the benefits and set the intention. Not sure if all traces to be eliminated or if I'm setting up structures to have the traces continue to channel goodies thru timeslot. Extending awareness and attention of timeslot to this timeslot along Arthur's Pass, between Christchurch and Greymouth in the mountains.

  51. Keep seeing Leo grasping the piton , unable to go on. When I pay attention to centering the inner eye on his, all of a sudden the Leo then able to go on climbing.
  52. Mt. Pleasant. I'm getting a strange feeling about the psychic spirals at Mt. Pleasant. Seem to be little ones amok in the field where I sat and ate and wrote notes.
  53. Sensing various trials, sketchy incomplete versions of what became systematic later. There was a search pattern I hadn't noticed before, like an energy cow catcher, much bigger, and manifested in a sweeping beam back and forth.
  54. Check marks at Two Thumbs area. NRG is streaming up. My permeability to wind is facilitating. I can feel the winds buffeting my hands. Saw a biting NRG trace like a checkmark. The short shaft is the foot jab down, but a bit more advanced and casual and assured than the one by Timaru-Dunedin. This one goes into dirt and the long curved part of the check is energy released. Maybe that is what gets the energy streaming in my vision. Hadn't thought of that. Thought it was more a grateful giving back of what was being given.

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