Major Event of Transformation (MET) body

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. What is a major event of transformation? Danaan Parry asked that question in 1980. To find out, he invited a circle of 9 people to sleep in a dream wheel at the spiritual community, Madrakara. In the morning we would share what happened. I can't speak for the 9, but I had a powerful dream (see journal of this event). The drawing is on this page. It is the Major Event of Transformation body. I call it the MET.

In the book Light Body, under a drawing of the MET, is a dream description:

" ... a dream of a Major Event of Transformation (MET) body. It is a hollow ring-shaped coil. The outer edge has a gap that is jumped as the coil circulates. Within the coil is a ring of nothing. The top half of the coil is colored turquoise. The bottom half is colored magenta."
However, as the drawing developed, the inner core of the coil became red. The ring of nothing within took on a golden glow. Black dashed lines circulating indicate that this is a dynamic energy structure.




See an animated 3D version. See art imagining transformation. See Earth to MET. See the MET in the Elobeing design exhibit. Here is a widget that seems related to the MET:

Special thanks to: Blueprint4Love, Blorum, Law of attraction coaches

What is next? Next (twisties evolve to MET). Specific evolution of this form continues under Elobeing.

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