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Funicula has a dream of a Major Event of Transformation (M.E.T.) body. It is a hollow ring-shaped coil. The outer edge has a gap that is jumped as the coil circulates. Within the coil is a ring of nothing. The top half of the coil is colored turquoise. The bottom half is colored magenta. Funicula questions if this is the original or advanced model?

Funicula flys into the M.E.T. body. Faster and faster fly the blacks and whites for joy, pure joy. "Joy is at the very base and core of being". Kriyananda appears, beaming. This is his message. He's overjoyed we've connected with it.

  1. Joy increases with delight. Sparks appear.
  2. Sparks intensify
  3. Melding together
  4. Together, they centralize

Light Body, pages 12-13

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