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Wholeo Books was born in 1977 as the self-published books expression of the search for the whole self in hand-drawn ideas or comic books. No, it is not a bookstore. All of the print books are here online.

About reading these books

The way to read these books is not straight ahead. The best way is to look out of the corner of your eye, seeing with the whites. In other words, there is craziness. The content of these books sounds at best inspired and at worst simply meaningless. The old ones were written over 15 years ago. I find a lot that I would change now. However, there are are valuable nuggets woven into the books. If you read with a very light touch, perhaps you can glean the best. I guarantee that you will be glad you did.

The originals use unfamiliar terms as building blocks. In time, I'll make links to definitions, so you can make sense out of them. Now, just hold the term undefined. As you read, the term becomes defined in use.

The original text is hand-drawn. That is graphically expressive, but can't be searched. Also, it is hard to read at anything but 100% of the original size. A file scanned at that size is too much to download. So the web graphics are half-size. But the text appears separately. Where possible, it is improved. For example, the date 8/29/79 becomes August 29, 1979 for clarity. But "Kriya" does not become "alternate nostril breathing" because I'm not sure that the generic definition is right. Over time, relevant links appear.


PrevNextEach page of a book has hands pointing right and left click-linked to the next and previous pages in the book. The hands here aren't linked, but try those in the books. In addition, there are buttons at the bottom of the page and you'll find many more links, too. Some books have links from cover graphics to topics inside. To start with page 1, use the hand button.

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Book List

Here is Wholeo Books' list of books. (All but one is available online.)

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