To Change the World, an event in Monte Rio

The art above is the poster for an event called, "To Change the World", 1981. The central form is a logo of the Holyearth Foundation. For the radiant background, Danaan Parry, a sponsor of the Earthstewards Network and the Holyearth Foundation, used the art he commissioned for a previous event called, "Invite the Light". He (along with co-creator Lila Forest) held a free evening talk with slides at my house near the river, to save people the drive on the winding road all the way up the hill to Madrakara, the spiritual community where they lived. I attended the event, a workshop where we wrote in a pre-printed booklet. My content is included here. Printing appears in italics, in gray-colored type on this page.

The poster says:

the time has come - the earth is stirring - and we are ready

to change the world

why are we here?

There is a massive amount of available energy in our world right now. It is being used in the service of fear, competition, and aggression, but it doesn't need to be.

Because of the instability of these times and because there is so much energy to work with, ordinary people like you and me, once we know why we're here, have the possibility of making an unbelievable difference in our own lives and in the future direction of our common journey.


Free evening talk with slides:

Two-day intensive in remembering who you really are and why you are here:

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My cover drawing gave form to the quest, drawn within the printed eightfold lotus petals. During the 1967 "love" generation drop-out times the "peace" sign was ubiquitous. I thought it was an incomplete god cell. But now it reappears as symbol of transition from x to y. The three lower arms are all united on an ascension earth path.


Page 2

Agreements with myself for my life as ...

As I prepare to enter the limitation of physical form,
I take one last glimpse at my limitless self.
I see that I am ...

made of expressions of light
that may or many not be aware of itself
may or may not be still or dance
may or may not be
may or may not
may or may not relate to hierarchies
may or may not continue on this path
may or may not celebrate Easter from now on
may or may not ascend in 1985
but as I knew long ago, and wrote on the wall, NOTHING MATTERS

Page 3

As I stand on the brink of this life experience
I set for myself these tasks, guided by the vision
of who I am.

(I was unconscious for this part of the guidance. - Ask Danaan)

I choose to be the child of my mother because I need to learn ...
what she does know and teach myself what she doesn't know. I need to learn the desire to excel and use all of my body, mind & (unspeakable name) to serve the (unspeakable name). I ... individuality blended with communality. How to overcome the pride & habit of shyness. How to be able to change & do what's necessary at the time. How to do things economically. How to love one's family with utter devotion.

I choose to be the child of my father because I need to learn...
moral fiber and dedication to a humble role on earth. I need to learn steadfast independent searching & formulation of truth without thrusting this on others, without claiming its an eternal reality, without needing to prove it other than living by it. How to have courage to go beyond what he has gone beyond.

Page 4

I choose to accept certain limitations to work with during this life. These are ...
To ensure freedom & independence I choose to accept love offerings coming my way which means I might have the possibility of insecurity, transience. What is this limitation I accept being a mortal, evolutionary creature who might die in her attempt to go beyond, might not be able to survive anyway. I limit myself from being too material. I will not be bound by human relationships & other's needs.

The lessons that I will learn through these limitations are ...
I will learn that I will not function within the limitations if freedom & independence dictate I charge or pay for their enactment. Thus I will learn that I'm not bound by any limitation ever. ... that what I need is provided, that I can give endlessly without depleting my stores. Thru poverty I will learn to do more with less. humility, compassion etc.

Page 5

I choose to accept certain gifts, skills and talents to work with during this life. These are ...
Individual vision and strength to communicate this vision to everything that I am, as one. The way of getting the visions is more important than the object therefore I will be able to teach when necessary. I will be able to serve beauty & creative evolution by artwork, books, healing & teaching and everyday life thru my friendships & family.

The lessons that I will learn through these gifts are ...
patience. How to see it from the others point of view. "Virtue is its own reward." How to lead without leading.

Page 6

During this life, my teachers will appear in many forms.
My major teachers will be ...

The flow

Times of change are times of growth. I choose to be alive during this time of transition because ...
It's exciting. I have the great good fortune to be born at a time when bodies need to rape the earth & each other to survive but when love needs to find new ways. I have been opened to the fruits of the earth & the love. Thru my special talents I have been privileged to work uniquely with spirit & matter & am willing to be an experimental bridge. I'm given the means.

Page 7

I have the ability to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Some of the major stumbling blocks I choose to place in my path during this life are ...
being dependent on the soft life in America (Welfare) to effect my freedom.
choosing to bring down the etheric & serve the matrix in Peru where I'm not welcome.
the conflict between human love & vision

The lessons that I can learn from these are ...


Page 8

I am ready to offer myself in service during this life.
This service will one day be in the form of ...

color healing
rituals of ascension
ability to twin-flame.

I choose to take my unique part in the movement of humanity to the next level of our evolutionary journey. My part will be...
as experimental flyer

Page 9

During this life I will learn to transcend my limited beliefs and visions of who I am and what is possible. Then I will see that ...
What I knew all along was that life is wonderful. Life is spirit. All is spirit. Spirit is ever-unfolding in new mandalas of delight. The words for light have not been spoken. The image of wo-man has not been seen. I will see LIGHT, the Adam Kadmon, re al ize. I will see that oneness is manyness and I am not a part, if I don't want to be.

Page 10

I am moving beyond
the self-imposed
limits of my past
experience. I am
preparing myself to
realize my true
nature and to accept
the depth of my
knowing. I ask that
my higher self utilize
my inner voice to
guide my journey
towards that which
I am.

Page 11

Let there be Love on Earth,
And let it begin with me.
Let there be Love on Earth,
The love that was meant to be.
With God as our Beloved,
united all are we.
Let me walk with all beings
In perfect harmony ...
Let Love begin with me,
Let this be the moment now.
With every step I take,
Let this be my solemn vow,
To take each moment,
And live each moment,
In Love eternally ...
Let there be Love on Earth,
And let it begin with me.

April 26, 1981

See also journal.

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