Expansion of Consciousness window, sculpture part

Art in Monte Rio

Here on the Russian River, in lovely California Sonoma county wine and apple country, I finished Wholeo the stained glass dome.

In 1972, I headed west from Staten Island, NY for an adventure in moving. The U-Haul was the first of many moves in California -- from SF through Berkeley, Forestville, Rio Vista, and finally, a home in Monte Rio. The dome was up and open to the public from 1976-1981. See stained glass work for details.

In Monte Rio I asked, "how does the basic meaning of the words 'god' and 'holy', look?" The symbol for Wholeo appeared. I painted it on the gate to my yard, the entry to the path to the dome.

I painted my house with designs in what I called "color engineering." It was supposed to resist weathering by color power. It didn't protect the paint but it did sustain the spirit. Here is a photo of the painted house and person. (See a larger graphic.)

My art went back to the drawing board, to stark black and white now on the track of the ideas behind Wholeo. Over the years a coherent system began to emerge. Wholeo Books was born. For more, including events, see drawings.

In 1981, I made a final stained glass commission, Expansion of Consciousness. It contained a 3D geometrical form. In developing it, a free-standing sculpture, with an inhabitant, appeared.

These years were enriched by interaction with my sister Mary White and the Russian River community of artists, writers, feminists, and seekers. After dreamwork, group therapy, and involvement in spiritual healing, I traveled to Peru and Bolivia in South America and changed. I put art in the background to study Electronic Technology. That was the beginning of a 15-year career as a technician, programmer, and technical writer for the computer industry. For the career, I moved on to Silicon Valley in the San Francisco bay area of California.

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