circle of nine

Circle of 9, a dream wheel event in Monte Rio

Danaan Parry sent a letter in September, 1979 with the drawing above at the top. I added the color names. The letter says:

Hello, Caroling

This letter is a follow-up to our talk about a very special coming-together of nine people.

The reasons for this?

Let's plant a seed and see what dreams grow from it. The outcome could be quite important.

The number nine is magic. So are the individuals who make up this particular set of nine, and you are one of the points on the mandala.

Here's the plan . . .

Let us rendezvous at 8pm on saturday, September 15, at the Blue Heron restaurant in Duncans Mills (map incl.) for dinner and to get acquainted. After dinner we will drive to Madrakara and prepare ourselves to sleep in a dream-wheel, comfortably in my round house, Bryn Danaan. You'll need a sleeping bag.

Before sleep, Lila will lead us in a group fantasy/dream incubation that will help us to dream and to wonder about the question:

What major event of transformation
can we facilitate for as many of our
brothers and sisters as is possible?

Major event of transformation? What does that mean? I don't know - yet. But in the morning we will share our dreams, thoughts, images, fantasies over fresh croissants and jam, coffee or tea, fruits and cheese. The nine points on the mandala will focus on a common reality, a major event of transformation.

We will be through before 11 on Sunday morning, the 16th.

However, I think that somehow a change will have occurred and "something" will be forever different.

I will tape our journey, with your permission, and share it with you. What we do after that I do not know. Perhaps it is a time unto itself and no more. Perhaps we will dive into a totally new creation, perhaps not. I do know that you will have shared an evening and morning with some of the most seminal and alive people that I know.

See you on Sept. 15, if not before . . .
With much love -

{Map omitted. The Blue Heron Restaurant was in Duncans Mills, which was between Monte Rio and Jenner on Rt. 116, the River Road next to the Russian River in Sonoma County, CA, USA}

See journal for this event, including my dreams and resulting Major Event of Transformation artwork. See also dreamJournal and journal.

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