Journal September 16, 1979

{Note written on 2008-04-13: This section of my journal (9/15-9/17) is about an event called Circle of 9. The invitation is here.}


Written on the letter of invitation is this drawing and note:

glass design Simple small
stained glass 19 pieces
could use
old 2-inch bicycle wheel
and respoke
make glass
(attached to axle
on back).
Spin wheel
in front

The next page in the journal is a flyer for the Language of Astrology, a class offered by Rio Olesky (one of the nine) at nearby Santa Rosa Junior College. On the back are a drawing and some notes.

circlesLucid Dreaming, Sparrow, ARE Press, 1976

{Note that I didn't write in the circles.}

1. What is my spiritual ideal, put in center in one word
the purpose of the dream experience
2. if recurrent areas of dream life in which we seek to express our ideals . Those mental and physical responses consonant with my spiritual ideal
3. in mental circle write attitude
4 in physical circle write act or activity which would carry out the ideal

{We slept in a circle with feet in the spiritual, heads physical. The following is what I wrote after the night of dreaming.}


Crystal man
& rainbow lights
& angel heads

Dream: "Landing in color visions"

dream visionsI'm seeing the underside of a planet or the moon. Gradually I turn (I'm upside down) or I see the underside of a space station. I land somewhere. Some light beings are here. I see a round intense apple green light. This changes to a smaller lavender with flecks-- the flecks turn out to be rainbow color flashes - as from dew drops.

Then later a red and gold environment. The dark door, the red rose, the shining white substance. White light being whole field of vision light. Intense endless movie of light bright color visions. turquoise

These continue, seemingly endlessly, until faster and faster a an egg of darkness enveloped all colors. It became incredibly fast and dark. Same intense colors surrounded by black darkness. This seems like transformation all right . . . And then gradual lightening then incredible fast exquisite and finally slower most sensuous exquisite color visions I've ever had.

On side is written:

Danaan said Where meet again with idea of asking for a manifestation of something. 9 on still light - suggestion how about herbs for M E of T. Can do it in wholeo. How about doing it next May in Wholeo dome.

{Long division} 360/25 = 14.4.

Dream: "3 dogs and a jet named saliva" {later called the M.E.T. dream}

boxA cardboard carton on the grand dinner table. Can't get under the table. Vast energy field of changes. The table goes out down the gradual xx turned into elephants. 3 dogs and a jet named saliva. The box being brought to a dark pool about 4' across in an open barn-like building by the lake.

poolDon't try to put anything in the box and the bottom opens up if you pick it up. A fine vibration blurs everything. The pool becomes a bottle with cap. Eleph gave darkness up to eye level with lines like bottom of upside down shelf


In the bottle is a ring. I go in slip the ring around my waist and do not breathe. I can't be seen and I curl around to the sides
colorslike a doughnut a torus unfinished on the edges
I glorify the bottle
I twirl out. I'm a wheel and much energy comes from my edges. A kind of balance ski lift is my locomotion but I'm inner motivated. I can go either way and I do. I get the feeling some of these beings are here now.

MET sketch

Danaan said this was a picture of the latest picture of the universe - the universal field theory. {See the original drawing MET original or a black and white variation MET black & white See also dreamwork}

This shape strikes me as the reverse of our hand foot circle last night.

When in dream wheel, Danaan had us touch feet and hold hands. When breathe in, pull energy through left hands. When breathe out, hold breath and notice the Taoist still point. Someday, can decide not to come back, not to take the next breath. There can become become decisive about breathing. Lila had us imagine a higher self as a star above head, coming in, relaxing and enlightening every part of body and coming out feet, to gather in center with others' lights.

List of people:

{Note in 2008, following are dream topics for six circle members}

Song take it easy
Education rack or rock
cloudy cut stone
beans and rice
box to ring
enact earthquake

I suggested a ritual based on the above.

All day after getting home at one, I was exhausted and had munchies. I slept and laid around a lot and read a little and then slept from 10-6 solid! I wondered if maybe I'd get my transformation dream tonight.


Dream: "Inspired Reading Student/Eliz made white plaster tree"

There's a male student whom I've turned onto reading. He's reading like crazy. He points out a certain assessment of the quality of the nature of the reading that the other person doesn't necessarily see. Leo is also a student. I think of assigning doing organic shape drawing but realize that comes from my inspiration and can't be assigned. Then Brain Cells. Maybe he'll come up with his view of one. Elizabeth has constructed a strange tree in her room, which is parents' room in my childhood house. But I think there's more than one door now. Its in the middle of the house rather than the edge. Its a white plaster tree with a few long pendulous and very bottom heavy but white fruits hanging from.

It's very special, magic, wet and fragile. She's cleaned up around it and wants me to see. As I come near I say, isn't there some garbage in (hear) here that hasn't been put outside (this reminds me of the garbage in our house yesterday that needed to go outside and was smelling up the room).


{Gourd GardenStruck by image of this tree, which is so much like the one at the Eastern Lake Nursery, formerly the Gourd Garden, where I was going to walk today, in Cassine, to see the pitcher plants.}

What's new about this dream is a certain tolerance for other's viewpoints, a feeling of meshing rather than conflict, a feeling of my responsibility as a guide, no pressure, but feeling my way. Also notice 4: 2 males and 2 females. This is recurrent now. (Although there was another shadowy female in there.) The garbage would have been a great cue for lucidity.

What was so marvelous to me yesterday was to have an art dream and have it be valued by everyone and very honored and seeming like a high form of knowledge. Danaan validated me by bringing up 9 idea, saying he wanted to do form collage with my drawing, and saying form more basic form of thought than words. Lila saying color visions direct communication from other beings.

I just realized that what makes something seem like a dream is that I get an overview of the whole things. Whereas when its a day dream, it's fresh and I can't see ahead. It comes much harder. I'm lazy this a.m. too!

I wonder if I could introduce my meditation of 9 around Danaan's still point: As you breathe in, hold breath and notice 3 qualities of light energy. When apply circle of 9 power to the still light. But could do this on Breathe out.

I want to work on my dream! What's the garbage? I'm the garbage in Caroling's dream. I don't know what I am?

About the M.E.T. dream. What's the box? It must be the overall storage block. Can't put anything in and bottom's out. Can't understand the vast energy changes under the dinner table - where circle of 9 gets their nourishment. As it goes downhill it becomes cumbersome. Physical selves save us whole and alive - saliva. The 3 dogs remind me of the fairy tale of the 3 dogs guarding the treasure. Each dog is fiercer guarding a greater treasure. The 3 dogs would indicate the greatest treasure or value or gift. Lake indicated low point. The 4' pool in the barn, think it has to do with our aura or the still light in us (in middle of Movey). Barn is where farm animals live.

What is flat shallow and dark is raised up as in Jeannie's drawing to become a transparent container. Maybe just visualizing this would lead to transformation - in a way, it's like breathing in light - and doing yoga . Hold on, it - I believe this is it - imagine turning upside down, imagine a higher rate of vibration - darkness parallels the growth of the bottle. And ask for elf help, or magic spirit help as I'm holding my breath I imagine creating a new overall psychic structure. What was in Rio's dream about the ring?

See journal or Dream Journal.

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