Dream Journal in Monte Rio and Dreamwork

From 1977-1981, I attended dream workshops with Lila Forest, who is now Azima Lila Forest. Also, I attended a class with her teacher, Jeremy Taylor. This page starts there, but continues over the years. Ongoing memoirs include dream journaling and dreams with dreamwork.

Dream Journaling

See Dream Index, Dreamwork, or Incubation.

Dream Index

I kept a Dream Index from 1977-1983 (when I became a technician). The last dream title entered is "Regained control of car, road turns right". In the index, each left page is entitled Day Dream. Each right page is entitled Night Dream. Each line notes the main events of the day, the date, and the dream title(s). The dream index helps track major events over time. We covered our dream books with collages of our dream images. Here are the parts of my Dream Index cover with a few notes (copyrights of any materials used in these collages belong to their respective creators):


The Circle of 9 event, dreaming a Major Event of Transformation, led to an important drawing via its dream journaling in 1979. In later years, dreamwork has become a valuable extension of dream journaling. Since it is solitary, I play the different parts so I can imaginatively grasp different points of view emerging from the dream. I'm the questioner, asking Caroling to BE the house, the car, the road, the friend, the color, or whatever else happened in the dream. Or the questioner sees opportunities for psychodrama where I act out the dream characters. I'm the writer, recording the reflections.

Dream Incubation

Incubating dreams starts before sleep with a letter to Dream Power, a mythical entity of attention and focus. I explain my issue and express intention by asking for help. I acknowlege a need for greater, deeper, more inclusive awareness about the issue and open myself to messages from beyond. This can be as crazy as need be.

Dreams and dreamwork

Recording a dream and dreamwork starts in my journal. But a dream that results in artwork might show up in other website sections, too. These four dreams are from time in Monte Rio. See later years.

Lila and the Red Hand as recorded in a wall hanging.

A Healing Dream as published in WomanSpirit magazine.

Major Event of Transformation (MET) as developed from the Circle of 9 event.

On the Way to Machu Picchu letter to Dream Power on page 23.

Later years

I add them, last dream first.

Who Leo Stellation 2011

Photobiont Dreams 2009

Higher Emotions dreamwork movie 2007

Glow Beams as animated in a Flash movie in 2007.

Journal - Arcturus UV 2006

Evolving featured in a panorama in March, 2006.

Dreamwork for 1999, May 24

Shekinah wake-up vision 1995

Zen/0 dreamwork 1987, October 18

See also journal.

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