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I'm intrigued by information for this day because so many of the buzz words are the same as mine: blue/magenta light, 5D, Arcturus and what else? It is said to be a beam that focuses and enables, so whatever you focus on will be intensified. I got the following quote from this website:

Wayshowers are asked to seek to be in exact alignment and flowing with this stream in unity, harmony, balance and grounding is required to activate this increase in charge and to activate the collective hologram. The ultraviolet fluorescent blue magenta beam radiating from the galactic heart chakra of our twin universe clears the control patterns of old polarized beliefs. The high frequency energetic vibration streams out in spectral rays from the central universe’s heart chakra energetic new soul codes and programs as it enters the crystalline sacred geometries of the incarnated souls.

Here are notes I took down as a searched the web for more information. I've forgotten the sources, but the copyright remains with them.

Cosmic event? Arcturian alignment. This UV beam comes into full affect for 17hrs on the 17th of October 2006. No matter what time zone you are in the hours are approximately 10:17am on the 17th of October to 1:17am on the 18th October.

We call this UV beam trigger event, "818" gateway.

The peak time will be 17:10 (5:10pm) on the 17th October.

ARCTURUS CONJUNCT THE SUN 17th OCTOBERÊ (24 degrees LIBRA. Arcturus is interpreted as the one who bridges the gap.

Under the influence of Arcturus, you help bridge the gap between a lower order of consciousness and a higher one. Help in the role of the Pathfinder. ... the Wayshower. ... Arcturus is an Avatar.

At this Libra 24 point, the Alignment of Arcturus pumps in heightened UV Rays. Its energy reflects the idea of "the gatekeeper", of the chalice. This beam resonates with the heart chakra, it is radiant fluorescent in nature.

The constellation Bootes is commonly called the herdsman. He is the hunter, herdsman, and farmer. The primary star, Arcturus, is located at approximately 24 degrees of Libra.

Woke before dawn and immediately thought I should work with a guide. Who is my guide today?

Arcturus (A): speaks

Caroling (C): I see on the star map that Arcturus star is rising in the NE. Probably about where I'm looking at storm wind-tossed trees and clouds over dawn. Of course, Arcturus is aligned with the sun today. And we're not seeing the yellow rays. This is perfect. So does the star speak?

A: No it is the UV light spirits speaking aligned from your cone of focus. You activate us and create our collective consciousness.

C: You are saying that you don't exist independently of our imaginings today?

A: We are in the realm of possibility. As you will, thy will be done.

C: I know the gate is open {refers to dreamwork}. I closed my eyes and imagined central channel and two side channels as lighted candles. All chakras aligned and glowing colors of greeting. At first the candles were in my hands but moved to the glowing of greeting of soul greeting channels. These are new to being activated, now called upon. Seeing the events of the day and dreamwork all absorbed into chakra light. Of course this kind of light is shared, not discrete. Not photons.

In Florida, I look outside my window and the light I see is completely changed. Not coming from backlit clouds, stormy dark. But flat lavendar like. The leaves are an unearthly granular off green, hardly a shadow or highlight. Mere ghosts of themselves. This is unearthly happening. I get that in this transformed reverent state. I'm now part of the Arcturus continuum. On it is in the dedication of the book, Light Body. And on pages 50-51 the spirits of Arcturus are delighted in the spin net travel pod for light body. I don't know where to take this. It seems I have completely merged with the UV light beam from Arcturus. How do I question something that I am? Ask myself. Strange, it feels lightly lonesome or desolate in this state. From the outside I am gone and from the inside I'm everything I was seeing outside. I guess I go through the gate and again ask for guidance.

A: WholeA. Remember the recent reearthing of the A vs the O? Follow the A. Nuggets like these three meteorites you have found. You can port the color healing to 6-node as you were thinking yesterday. Just use the EIE of consciousness. Actually then you must welcome two new nodes. Until now you have had two sets of 5WLBs.

C: The top and bottom nodes of EIE have always been undefined. Admittedly at the moment I see them as light and dark. Kundalini polarities. I could see it as the cone of A. The bottom is the wide open the top is the point focus. It is the polarity of attention. I see my UV path as color radiants. See the top node named A. The bottom node named Us.

Have fully gotten into lost and found games. Have gathered three meteorites.

What now. Close eyes and be sure I'm through the gate and tune in.

In trying to stabalize UV and synthesize, no rather integrate with earth experience, experience ultra corrosive nature of UV. What to do? The meteorites hold the key.

Reading the 96 description of shaman's rings at the back. {7/8/96 start, WHB story, Bristlecone Station 15 in the Medicine Wheel} Now proceeding with the part missing from the web description.

Suddenly feeling like I'm going to fill the accordian pleated area between the rings with the UV light. Bouyant.

shaman's rings I refer to the 7/9/96 journal entry for the Shaman neck rings: doing shaman rings, got much clearer idea of how they are structured with station 15 attention. First the two rings are drawn with neck roll. Two METs (Major Event of Transformation body} connect, one to each ring (tangential, that is the ring is a disk in an associated MET). Lastly, an outside ring forms for each MET, shown in turquoise color. This is the basis for the vertical shafts to back. A variation on vertical spiritual energies translated to horizontal in human. How are hueman, evolving to colorman (hue, get it).

In left greetsun, doing the bristlecone initiation gate, feel all the rings created, 12 sets. So 24 CLBs, one topping each MET are attracted.

Spontaneously added an item to season with link to the mission 1017 explained. Peak is at 5:10 pm tonight. When doing shaman's rings, thought that I was filling each MET with the color of the respective node as key or link or translator or local rep of the UV alien or whole light which is the fill. Wow I do feel energized. Sweating slightly.


Now going to create the next generation color healing program.


Woke at 3:33 and thought to bounce UV to LeoElo (intermediate between the spirit of my son, Leo, and the the design for an evolving Elobeing. Elo is Leo backward). I've been gathering and sending UV whenever I think of it. Woke at 5:23. Published first thing.

So many things going on with the creative mind, unwritten. Basically looking for guidance on the top and bottom nodes, previously thought of as angels, guides, or light. Maybe more specific but not in color healings. Looking at the runes in today's healing, the top could be signals prototet and bottom could be point prototet.

Another thread is the filling of allspace colors into the accordian pleated MET parts. Then when bouncing UV, could be mixed with the healing colors.

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