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Exploring 5D consciousnessEIEnorIn 2013, EIEnor appears. See cross references for EIEnor.

15 years after this page got started and 33 years after the basic insights into native structures and expansion of consciousness, I find EIEnor. It is beyond the EIE, or expansion of consciousness model, yet more direct. EIEnor is simpler than EIE, yet has more unknown dynamics to explore and to be revealed. In spring, 2013, here comes the EIEnor page. In time, EIEnor probably will replace EIE throughout the site. The rest of this page is still pre-EIEnor, unedited. Not updated. But rest assured, everything relating to expansion of consciousness is similar, if not the same. When you see EIE, you can usually replace it EIEnor.

An EIE is a structure of expanded consciousness. In a person, it combines five standard brain cells. An image of an EIE with geometry like these images is the climax of the introduction you can take on entry to the Wholeo Online site. For a description of standard brain cells, see Wonder in Aliceland, specifically this section. The EIE figures in evolution, too.

12-circle EIEThe name EIE includes structures created with either 12 great circles or 6 great circles. The one on this page has 12 great circles. Previously I used the 6-circle form. The topics on this page are the kinds of links to movies, stained glass, drawing, color, models, and geometry.


Peeling the Grape shows energy relationships in meditation and human interface to awareness at the Noint Joint.

MET Color EIE shows the expansion from 6-circle to 12-circle EIE in the evolution of an Elobeing.

The generative star centered in EIE (from the Light Body book) flattens and splits to return from the Noint Joint in the Flash movie, Gemini Moon, of 2003.

EIE complexBetween two crabs is an EIE with 12 sub-EIEs, one at each pentagon, creating 144 points of light. See Crabs at Blessings Beach as Flash movie or JPEG image.

The complex EIE appears at the head of an evolutionary being in "Story of Elobeing - Traces to peek". Challenge movies show five brain cells synergizing in an EIE structure.

Thing and Meaning sees an EIE by imaginatively mixing a Hoberman Sphere with A Spacial Portrait in light.

Stained Glass

Expansion of Consciousness shows an EIE with a flying figure ascending feet first.

Drawing, black and white

The book Light Body has several drawings suitable for coloring. This page and following show several aspects of an EIE in expansion from an ordinary brain cell.

The book On the Way to Machu Picchu has several drawings. Some unique aspects of an EIE, envisioned in carolyoga, are: page 17 (I am Light) and page 45 (generator).


3D color healing from within an EIE.

Journal description, starting with 12 colors of the dodecahedron. Continuing with the 12 colors in a color healing layout.


10 tetrahedrons to explore the five brain cells that synergize in expanded consciousness. Tetrahedrons are the basis of the triangles of EIE. They serve a similar, but expanded purpose of the Tetrahedronal Light Muscle in a Brain Cell. An older version is 5 Tetrahedrons rotated, outline great circle conjunctions of EIE.

EIE walk-in model in Lost and Found. Also, my introduction to EIE: Bump. See a movie of a VRML model of the 12-ring EIE.

6 great circles form EIE, with 12 pentagons and 20 triangles. These pages have QuickTime panoramas, giving a round virtual reality view of EIE. It also has flat views, for those without QT. Technically this form is called an icosidodecahedron, discussed on this page.

Geometric roots and relationships.


An EIE section shows how the geometric model of a buckyball (buckminsterfullerene) relates directly to an EIE structure. See an introduction to this topic in a blog on March 7, 2012.

Geometry of the missing link explores the connections between structures of consciousness. Specifically it looks at how the EIE might form, using the sphere shell and jitterbug geometry developed by R. Buckminster Fuller.


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