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Five Vision gifts

This is not a series of beings. This is a series of manifestations open to beings. Any being that you meet past this gate might manifest with a combination of these being qualites.


Because you have to turn around to watch your back, your back is largely unused, except where you store repressions. That is why if you go through the gate forwards with your attention forwards, nothing happens. You see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing.

If you sense information that you have repressed down and behind you, you could try to get at it. You could gather repressions from behind and squish it around in front. Today I can learn a new behavior and a new way of being. To acknowledge what is repressed, yet not compress it to my forward awareness, I have to come halfway into the unknown, from where I am now. (Actually, I have to come much farther, given that I don't recognize a lot of information that is right in front of me.)

vision fields This graphic shows getting closer to the use of Wholeo, as far as being a wholeo being. That is, a being who is a whole self. The 127 degrees is where I focus in front.

So what do I have in the sphere to the back? To me looks like I have as far to go as bristlecones' change in awareness from the last 4,000 years!

  1. OK here is first principle: Find the enclosing circle or sphere.enclosing vision fields

    The outer red circle is the whole consciousness of the two, greater than either one. Now think about drawing the back sphere in so that it intersects with the forward one. I don't need to compress it to make the back available to the forward consciousness.

  2. Secondly, here is what I heard: membrane

    {Note: I'm including this diagram and information without further explanation. It might or might not be of value until later, when these pages are more complete. 2006: See related guidance for Arcturus UV.}

    "Expand an accordion pleated membrane between a pair of rings. This can act with the unseen part of your world in ways you will learn.

    Generally, ask Gaia and the heavens for your evolution into a wholeo whole being status. You have to know your needs and options and what the hidden part of the world is like. You're like a baby still in the womb. You need to be born to the back world and learn to mature in it.

    vertical shaft

    This flag pole and base camp vertical shaft has more to it, that you'll learn. You can leave it here in the medicine wheel today."


When doing the station hand positions here, the five vision gifts come to each station, now that the gate is opened. This helps bring the first nine stations up to the ceremony at Station 10 and the rest back there. Good action feeling.

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