Singer Home Page, Station 8

Meet the singer and be in her song.

The singer is singing, rejoices, praises. The conjunction of the full moon and the comet last night demands a song. In fact the storyteller, the shaman, and the singer are improvising, on the spot.

Sings hallelujah. Seems strange for a Native American, but these songs get around. Also a hijah hey hey upbeat dance song. Wow and the group is going around. Everyone is dancing. The singer stands for the full moon at station 8. The storyteller at station 4 stands for the comet. The shaman at station 2 is exhorting. Singer works especially closely with storyteller and shaman.

Walking in rythym to this story, sing hallelujah. then heyah hey, heyah hey. Heyah is from moon to point and hey is the comet. Like a kind of exclamation point.

The story here is that the singer has been voice-fasting since the new moon to give the galaxy people power and sympathy and to lend force to the transit.

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