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The group of Whole Sound Beings (WSBs) is definitely within the flare of a funnel. Another horn of earth. But the rim is rippling, as if releasing raisins of sound. See the native American musicians centered around a drum with their feet together. I believe they have some sort of mouth flutes but it is the way they focus together with respect to Gaia's expression that makes their sound unique.

Get the feeling that the ground is stretched like a membrane here, like I've felt at Panther Meadow and Gray Butte on Mt. Shasta. But here is a porousness, something like the voids between the boulders stacked at Huana Picchu in Peru.

The horns are fashioned from bristlecone branches, so look wind-swept. Musicians feet are stacked together, so the least toe-tapping of any one moves the bunch. So they beat in rhythm.

The instrument function is a sound aperture for galaxy persons (GPs). The instrument calls forth the stuff that the beings on the Ica stones eat. See page 11 of On the Way to Machu Picchu, "a race of superior men from space {read from bristlecones} who eat light {read vibrations} (the stones show 3 ways) and exude positive electricity, teach ordinary earth people." But this instrument is on a practical level of manifesting that underlies previous visions.

I'm awakening this vision with great trepidation because of the power it evokes. One blast could wipe out all life on earth or something extremely unexpected. The effects of this blast will take a long time to manifest in 3D, 4D spacetime. In the dreamtime I'm in, something wildly catastrophic has just happened, in spacetime, it's just a thousand years, an age, an eon.

Looking at the Ica stone in the book, which is the image for this station, I relate to the lower cloud, the hollow diamonds alternated with ovals. That's the food evoked here from Gaia.

There's a cave aspect here. See galaxy persons (GPs) going in, thinking they'll emerge from earth elsewhere. That's not direct, they contribute to earth's evolution. But some merge with GPs coming out from Mt. Shasta and Peru caverns, shining Whole Light Being (WLB), WSB qualities.

What could a combined whole light and whole sound be? Definitely more wrinkled and raisined than imaginable, thinking of how vibrations can ripple sand. Think about carrier and modulation waves and how this is a whole way of this happening.

Were the Bristlecone logs here once a single tree or group of trees and part of the spell is their separation? I must reassemble the original tree to break the enchantment. As I assemble the chunks, some are missing. The missing parts are greater in bulk than what remains, but simpler in structure, so should be not too hard to picture. Perhaps put colors bliss orange and deep blue energy together as parts of dynamite to provide final energy kick for manifestation.

This group of WSBs holds an important clue and key for reassembling whole energy being. Maybe just one. How could anything be as lonely? To be dismembered, transformed into a story, and left to the mercy of the elements by a stupid alien planet.

It seems like the stuff of a fairy tale and a metaphor for my lost whole self. The search for wholeo is my whole self that I'm always lacking, trying to find, and maybe I've just projected it out there to find it within.

So do the Shaman, Storyteller, and Singer see the whole energy being (WEB) from the Mountain where they walked yesterday? Yes, are still up there. Energizing up above, opens up atmosphere to higher radiations. They share a vision.

There's another way to see the Ica stone man. That the 3 ways of eating are lower, higher, and combined, as shown by the feathers to his back. The feathers of the headdress are expanded consciousness. The mouth flares are expressions, as is the hatchet. The hatchet might be discrimination. Think it has to do with the bubbles brought back in feather breathing. Need the Ica hatchet to channel the bubbles for WEB (whole energy being) use. Diamond is change of direction in whole sonic/light raisining, Ellipse is containment or harnassing energy of changes of direction.

This step is to create socks or shoes or void spaces for roots to pour or reroot, where they used to be. The music of this group describes the former bristlecone being or the WEB; it looks like a bristlecone. As they play, it appears, it is growing.

There could be many alternatives. That is, I saw tree roots and bristlecone being but someone else might see an elephant or a butterfly or a flower or clouds or a UFO or a flame.

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