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The medicine keeper upright or in colors

The Native American is cook, bartender, herbalist, and medicine keeper. Keywords: turner, Wholeo.

impressionThe creative cook works in a reverse way to normal. A normal cook finds and gathers ingredients to prepare something nourishing to others. It is sieve, dish, and funnel. But this station is to funnel, dish, and sieve what people produce as food, modifying earth to be habitable for people. Maybe chemists and genetic engineers are doing something like this now. Powerful. It is a chicken/egg sort of thing. It helps answer the question, "how does it come that earth works for us?"

This is not for ordinary survival. This is extraordinary evolution. This circle is not around a homefire but a pilgrimage, place of magic. So the cook teaches us to modify our own food for our own evolution.

What is tiny, the medicine keeper magnifies into a dish, and sieves that for information to the sap at Station 5. The instrument, like a microscope and antenna, can resolve for recording into forms available to our senses. But like a cook, the instrument is involved in alchemy. It is a creative instrument. It doesn't alter reality but forms a vision of altered reality appropriate to the sensing system of the target.

Sound is of escaping steam, hiss.

The story is happening now. The previous bristlecone people (stations) will gather for a blessing and to see the circle from station 10. Everyone is down from the hill.

Station 10 is related to Station 5 as conveyor and communicator of sap. This is not a reverse of cooking. It is different, like creating a state of sacrament. Maybe it is kind of like steering or a thrustor to altar a course of a path. Creating the state of a sacrament provides the context (environment) where the person with medicine can get where they want to go. The keeper provisions the context to enable passing through the membrane.

Interesting how hard it is to grasp a new truth. We don't journey here to do something we've done before. We're evolving. So the gathering today is to learn about this, improvise it, do it. Funnel, dish, and sieve?! Wholeo. To become my whole self.

Don't make the mistake made once before. Don't look back. When go through the sieve, don't be aware of what is retained, but what gets through. That is my task. Learn to roll the medicine wheel off-site at will. That's not some other site. Is a state of site, like /0, non-localized, for this ceremony. Through the sound of yesterday and the final wheeling from funnel point out to funnel cave entrance, into the dish, and sieve.

Dish Dish and Sieve sieve.

Last seen wheeling along the hills, going North along the White Mountains. When I'm in it, it is stationary, but when I see it from outside, it rolls away.


Allow profound altered consciousness in meditation. Then bring the wheel back to Campito meadow.

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