portrait in colored light

While building Wholeo, which is a stained glass dome devoted to the search for the whole self, I began to do carolyoga. That is a name for a daily routine including journal writing, exercises, yoga, chants, color healing, and meditation. The celebration began in 1973 and continues, always changing and growing.

In 1995 I wrote:

Making yoga is like making a flower. It is a fragile danced creation, aerated with spiritual breathing, colored with gushes of irrepressible love, kind of a thick aura sculpture woven of concerted movements and conscious stillnesses.

And that's not all. For example, in 2012 I began to share qigong energy work or play.

The picture is doing carolyoga blessing the Pineal Gland panel in the colored light of Wholeo, the stained glass dome. Photograph © 1973 Gordon Adelman. Here's his tintype black and white version of the same event, called "Namaste". For links to Pineal see Journal Topics. This link has no tangible content: The spiritual is the link is the spiritual.

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