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The psychologist

Keywords: "torso of the Shismed". This keeper is the matchmaker for a soul, to get its left and right halves together. Perhaps the psychologist. Not one focused on tying shoelaces and obeying the law. This is a true psychologist in a deep sense, that gets our opposing tendencies to work together. Only when we resolve the inner conflicts and get the parts to love each other can we fly. That is the victory. This station reminds me of a sculpture, the "Winged Victory of Samothrace" or "Victoire".

A light song from a musical comedy plays in my head, "When you see a guy, with his head in the sky, ... he's only doing it for some doll." The song says that one part might do something extremely impractical (from the point of view of the world), but it is for the love of another part. It assumes that the other part finds this very practical, or needs it, or that it works that way.

The goal is to tune into the love reason we came here for. I could berate myself for past decisions. I wish I hadn't given away my art history books, so I could now find a picture of the victory sculpture. But now is the point of creativity. Don't waste time beating yourself, I hear.

In this war of constant balance, the victory can take place.

Does this station look back to the event, like yesterday did? What was the event? When the wheel went virtual!

So in the sense that it and this are virtual, timeless, spaceless, then they are similar, not linearly arranged in time.

Ah, except for the entry point into virtual. And for this wheel, that was at 10, so this does look back. However there's another in out point at 16, so it looks forward too.

See a globe of light approaching the wheel. The last four steps won't work at all if this sphere is not in place. I'm stabalizing it planted in earth at 1/2, the hemisphere above and below ground. When it is set, I start to see ghostly white beings in there. Closest thing I've ever seen to this is in the UFO in the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." This is close encounter of the best kind for me now, I think. I hear that I'm to remember the pose of victory all day, no matter what I'm doing. Spreading victory of each moment. Creating resonances of victory.

The sphere began to drift away. I willed it back down to tether it to a point under earth. and balanced with ties to a point way over earth. Then saw that I must tether each of the other 10 nodes of EIE (forming the 12 faces of a dodecahedron) to points beyond in sky and earth. This has implications for the instrument and the chief's place.

Very good, ended with shining jewel way down in earth below the wheel.

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