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Scout scouta.gif Sap rushing downstream. These keywords imply a messenger. Today I see a scout, such as Leo.scoutLeo.gif

Sap is the flow of intelligence and the human is the instrument. The scout carries the intelligence, the adventurous inquirer, who by going there, by flowing, is inadvertently the messenger.

At this point in the story, the wheel, which is waking up to its function, begins to function as an instrument. Messages streaming like sap from Deneb (a bright star in the Northern Cross, the constellation Cygnus, the swan) are now to be answered. Sort of like Hail, Hail, Hail, Hail (over 4,000 years). Then today, the wheel responds: Hail. It takes the whole wheel to really send any more message than that. This is just an ACK. A handshake in computer or human terms. The wheel emits a shaft of energy straight up, like a searchlight.

The instrument function for sap is the instrument's circuits, or the carrier of information along the circuits actually. Sap implies a plant, what does it flow in? It could be in the seal sounder, a sound that it makes under some circumstances. It is as if a guardian angel like Nuit, the Egyptian goddess of the sky, arches her body across the sky. The angel Angelique forms the sap return with her body.

In doing the shaman stomp excercise, saw ring of horns pointed up from the wheel. Each station has a muscial component of the instrument. This one is flared like a horn. Maybe shows the direction of sap flow. Gushorn. Ahh, and the seal sounding. oawrk oarck.

partner This station involved in or has responsibility for in/out balance of tension. It balances centripital and centrifugal forces. Also, can sound carry light? Seems as if the sap flows like sound waves, but it could be a carrier for light that exists here and on Deneb but is not a beam, not manifested in between.

I saw flippant visions of medicine wheel flipping around like a pancake. I was upset and wanted it to stay still, but it said it was a wheel and wanted to roll like one. This is a tendency.

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