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The arbiter

This is the arbiter, who teaches that this is not only a tribe, it is an instrument. The arbiter appears as the water gatherer in two balanced loads, like Libra sign. The keywords 'side lens' summarize the instrument function. As the hieloheal is focused from two sources in the perimeter, filtered through two chakras, toward a synergizing point, the side guide keeps the hieloheal coherent and with lens properties perhaps manages it in ways I haven't yet dreamed of.

The arbiter manages the chaos winds of change (XWC). An arbiter is fixed, steady, conservative, and grounded. Here in chaos is where the arbitration must fly, otherwise it is always limited, full of loopholes, and surrounded by challenges. XWC inspiration comprehends all possibilities, so it is a more complete arbitration, if definitely more difficult and never oversimplified. There is a sense here that in tasking XWC to perform this delicate difficult task that XWC must manage itself, paradoxically, to entrain its powerful chaos for a conscious purpose. It takes one to know one. Thus only XWC can facilitate change with chaos winds. The instrument and the other tribe members help channel the XWC function narrowly to prevent it tearing itself apart.

Arbitrating requires dynamic balance. There is no constitution or bill of rights except the nursery school principles of doing what you like as long as dosesn't prevent another from doing what s/he likes and as long as it doesn't degrade the nursery. The task is enabling individuality and quality of all and each part of all.

My daughter is a great arbiter.

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