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The event master in a different light

Keyword: Channel. Native American: Event master. Instrument function: alignment and staging, capacitance, tethering. The story is making yesterday happen. Sound: Chant bristleconeenoceltsirb

Bliss Stations after 10 point backwards to the off-site. Interesting symmetry in time. Kind of a relief from having everything subject to the "relentless heropass" (as Gurdjieff calls the linear forward march of time). The event of yesterday was a prototypical event of my encounter with this group and its story. But to experience it, I must activate parts of the story non-sequentially.

There's a transparent feel to this station. The event master aligns events without getting personally involved. A channel is not to flavor the event but to help it happen in accordance with greatest good of destiny and the whole and the individual contribution. Amazing how each station seems better than the last.

To see how each station looks from this perspective, maybe read each station backwards to 1.

Thinking about the near term future and its constraints bounces me back to the past. I keep ricocheting in time. We all do this constantly in creating our stories. But at this station I do not look to the next step in the future. I only channel what happened yesterday. It is a great relief from perpetual busyness. It involves total attunement.

The event master needs the help of the devotee, seeker, aspirant, and bliss within. This station is very contemplative for an event-oriented station master.

Chant aura travel

The event master brings a chant and visual experience to the preparation for the off-site. It is an elaboration of the Sequoia-aioueS chant with shape-sharing-shifting. The idea is to chant a word forward, then backward, while moving the aura as desired. The words are: Bristlecone-enoceltsirB-Bristlecone-enoceltsirB. Each word represents the visualization of a step: Using this chant and visualization I imagine myself as a bristlecone tree, from within. Once in the bristlecone, to get back involves the same four steps, done in reverse.

Station 11 does a round to the bristlecone, with the emphasis that it is not the treeness, but the channeling ability of the tree that we're chanting to. The channel station becomes connected to the expanded channeling of bristlecones, with expansion of consciousness.

To try it, start with yourself as if you were a tree. Feel your outer aura. Then chant down through your leaves, needles, branches, trunk, to the tips of your roots. Pause. Continue chanting through the ground into a bristlecone.

You won't know which tree or where it is until you have gone a ways underground, so it is hard to know the target. Sharing the essence of the tree's being from within is very different from observing its outer appearance. This is also different from a chant where the target is known and in sight. Just thinking about being beyond rootips underground and bridging the gap to an unknown target is very much like channeling.

At first it is scary, like being buried alive. Then go into it. The best way to understand is to do it. You go up into an unknown bristlecone guide or channel. Then you come back and at end feel a rapid expansion like bristlecone roots out of your outer aura. The extensions are rounding back sort of permanently to the bristlecone, extending your abilities.

Another aspect of this chanting is that you can pick a time other than the present as starting point of outer aura. Yes, it is elastic in time, free in time elastime, freetime. Raisintime.

Also, I'm doing this as a group of 16 or so native Americans at the Campito meadow medicine wheel in dreamtime. Feel the chief's long feather headdress as extension to the aura.

Ritual happening

See the medicine wheel flowing down in time-lapse visions over epochs, as meadow erodes and stream bed caves in. Eventually the logs will tumble down on the road at the bottom of the valley.

All of a sudden I felt a great contraction of me, like dessication, withering, condensation more than anything. I became a rock within the ground where I had decided to remain. It was a special definition of becoming. Almost like I recorded the experience of becoming a rock in the way these native Americans became the bristlecone logs. Things are not what they seem. Left it poetic as to whether I spawned a rock or just virtually experienced being one.

The story has a mocking comic aspect too, like slightly poking fun at the pompousness tone of it all. Even more preposterous, the rock shell becomes a continuous sphere. This hums with power. The shell/core rock image is important for the instrumentation aspect. It has a capacitance, which is, perhaps, stored energy of the event.

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