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Instrument: time travel. Native American: remote healer. Keywords: bushy fox tail hair tips, a new kind of shower.

Christopher Pirsig has the look of the remote healer.

This healer has a great ability to time travel, to be free in dimensions, to relate across timespace. The presence is flattering and exciting. I'm pleased to have tapped into it. About 15 minutes into it, there was a loud whirring, rushing, manifesting of dome panels. They weren't solid, being composed of between-microwave meshes. But the panels were solid compared to the being that appeared after about 3 layers of the dome roared into place. There was just a faint trace of the being.

It was a young boy, a child, an orphan, who had been the chosen one. The story is that the boy had a fierce accident with a wildcat, that left him mentally feeble and unable to mature. He became totally dependent on the tribe, which was ekeing out an existence. Sometimes he was not properly cared for. He died young. This set the tribe back for decades and such a one was never found that could match the strength of the aura love of this young one, before the accident.

I got very involved with the cat and the incident and why it happened and clearing up a misunderstanding. The cat was the boy's totem and they now are reconciled. The cat and this boy are duals. That means that together they provide the meaning of this station. The wheel has never gotten past this station. Now it can because the station cleared and began to function.

paths At this point in the ceremony, one participant takes the part of the young boy. Another becomes the cat. They dance around the wheel. They walk figure 8 paths. As they approach each other, they blend auras at the point of the junction of the paths of the 8. It can be seen as the blinking of a light. Kind of like the pineal light seen in the brain cell. Then we all go to sleep to await the next station.

I peeked and saw it was a gate. How can the latch have been broken off if it hasn't been used? It might have fallen into disrepair and the wind broke it. Part of going through the gate is to make sure it can be closed securely. It is not supposed to be an open door. In fact, after restoring the latch, the next task is to find out how to open and close it, then what the passage involves.

One person can do this ceremony by taking the part of the boy walking on half of the 8 and at the switch point, taking the part of the wildcat walking the other half of the 8.

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