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The vision: is, "Twisted gate: latch broken off/ Not straight". Station 14 is to fashion a latch and get through a maze. This native American is the gate keeper. We must open the gate to let the next stations in to connect with the process happening in the previous stations.

The ceremony is opening the inner gate for two-way traffic. The spirit animal comes to meet the healer. The healer might start from the outside, and the animal inside. When they meet at a station there's a blink where they can get along. I am the healer and I invite the spirit animal to come.

The steps are:

  1. Offer the gifts of your chakrad prana. (That means acknowledging the radiant rainbow quality of the vital force you breathe in. Raise it through your energy centers.) This touches the latch on the gate.

  2. see the spirit animal and

  3. accept its gift, to

  4. cause a spark, opening the latch, in which you

  5. instantly traverse the maze.

    Body mudra For me the gate consists of doing these exercises everyday. Each person has their own gate and has to find their own.

  6. Do a figure 8 (as explained in Station 13).

  7. The spirit animal teaches snarling to help evolve energy center shells to start transmission through the gate. Chant: "gate gate para son gate bodhisvaha". Chant: "om namo shiva ya". Chant: "you are the beginning, you are the center, you are beyond the end".

  8. Add: "I love you so, you help me see, see you in all, see you in me". This is to the spirit animal.

  9. A final push is seeing how the figure 8 going through your middle stimulates the energy centers to be reciprocal. If perfectly balanced, when the energy center sparks out in back of your back, the reciprocal will appear in the symmetrical position, out in front of front. This is related to opening the gate.

  10. Kind of like the swirling wood of the bristlecone logs, a mighty transformation happens. It is cosmic. As if each cell steams and bursts into flames, not cooled by breathing oxygen or fed with blood. Free at last. But the whole is sort of a minaret, mosque top, pineal shape, has a flocking to it. I don't see the cell spirits separating. I reorient the axis of the energy centers. Swing the axis from horizontal to vertical. I reorient it along the body axis over crown at the top of my head. Shines. As if a 7"-wide beam of light turns on.

    This is a teaching of gate breaching.

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