Chief's Home Page, Station 1

Chief Welcome to the whorl. I am the chief.

  • Chief reaching to the sky

    Must be meditation-pure-cleansed to enter this wheel. To be raisined is the password. Now I'm in. Oh, in there are native Americans doing a ritual. These are not logs at all but the spirits of a killed tribe. They had turned into trees to escape their enemies. This is a myth so it can happen. When the logs were sawed up, the spirits ensured that the tribe remain imprisoned in the wheel until someone sees it. If we get the messages right here, we could liberate the spirits of the tribe so long held captive by the spell of their own magic.

    The person with the keywords, "geode, mirror" is undoubtedly the one they call chief. This is the one who makes the decisions and holds the social power for the group. The one who wears the headdress. Is a spiritual chief too, I think, because to him I give the power to see the geode mirror. Or does he provide it? He has the ability to consult geode mirror as a crystal ball. The geode is a spiritual beacon hovering above this area. Using it as a mirror is a function of the tribe as instrument.

    Looks like my grandmother. Gma Chief Leah

    The chief's instrument looks like a tipi with three main poles as tetrahedron struts.

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