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Concepts Glossary

Note: the glossary is incomplete because most concepts have a main page, are defined, or a site search is a better locator.
A search for the whole self is an adventure in perception. Often the percepts lack definitions or concepts. I pick up and invent concepts to match the percepts. This reference page explains useful concepts, honors their sources, and describes use in Wholeo Online. Concepts are in Table 1. Use definitions are in Table 2. The source or use is linked directly to more information. If the use is a particular example, it might not be the only use, just typical. Click the browser "Back" button to return to the use of the concept that linked you here. If the definition is not OK, please let me know.

Images and concepts are covered separately. To see the image related to a concept, click the image icon (image icon). A red star ( * ) marks the most complete or essential item.

Table 1
concept meaning source
breathing gap image icon Spirit of between and transformation; gate to spiritual being book 10 ky, Wholeo dome panel, Elobeing
CLB image icon Colored Light Being vision Whole self, light being
curling the C ascension techniques visions otwtmp pages 51 and 64, zen0 jrnl5
maxin unfed flame of illumination book 33 otwtmp
MET and banners image icon Major Event of Transformation and members of an Elobeing guided, dream, invented, vision Elobeing
navaz unseen energy current book 65-66, 168, 271, 364-6 otwtmp
Noint Joint between divided and undivided book zen0, Noint Joint ritual space
null still point(s) journal Elobeing conditions
peeling the grape 1:1 energy interaction artifact otwtmp, journal topic, movies
raisined concentrated with greater surface area, as in a crenellated brain. Bringing parts of the whole self together. Related: octopus, sponge, wrinkle invented BMW chief
reach out image icon image of empathy consisting of an orb with about 12 star points. see element Color port, Elobeing, Gaia art, Not White Mountains, Passage, Shower, zygote*
red hand image icon healing energy, ancient order book, dream otwtmp, image and links
tonal things we have words for book 121 Wholeo
Tscheschipo spirit guide dream otwtmp
XWC Chaos Winds of Change (5WLB) vision Elobeing history

Table 2
use description
BMW Bristlecone Medicine Wheel
ky Kriya Yoga
otwtmp On the Way to Machu Picchu
zen0 Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero


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