Peeling the Grape

Note, curly braces ( {...} ), contain explanatory comments that are not in the original journal. Three dots ( . . . or ... ) show missing parts.

June 11, 1981 after flying over the lines in Nasca, Peru


But let me tell you about the flight. There was haze but we could see the lines, back along the highway to Ica. First I said Tscheschipo is here and affirmed set up of nothing center, energy in crown, eating light from above and pyramiding below and sending out vortex. Felt the magnetism as gravity, heavy, felt the strands and quickly created an EIE. Feathers in and out.

The first thought was: for the progress of the feminine ray, I must complete rings, by uniting the magnetism (in earth) with the strands, (in sky) it was like pressing an arc into a ring. These relate to rings around MET bodies -- void light etc. So I created many of these and asked that the process might continue.

Then I felt a buoyancy. The magnetic field ceased to be a drag and reached up. Then the strands made spheres. (These may have been left when the strands part curled into rings.) The spheres fit inside the rings and felt even more a completion of the feminine ray. Something that has been waiting here, I'll take with me. In a sense the strands are now more grounded and interaction started. This all set up, just waiting for the catalyst.

CALOR calor. I began exuding heat and healing energy, best I could. Concentrated until flame created. It's the relighting of the etheric maxin flame, a local variety of fleame. This is powered by Nazca light and possibly spheres. Spheres are material to power explosion. Then I try and try to cause an explosion. At last I feel successful. Explosion sends message of flame carried round the world.


June 12, 1981 in Nazca, Peru

I woke to do yoga at 1:30. Very pleased and good feeling.

spirit Felt lots of the "god" spirits helping. This Nasca is a sieve for me. I've got to separate. It was clear for a change. The spheres of yesterday. A point is found on the surface. The whole surface can then be peeled, forming a spirit coil type disc. The hovers before me. Product of separation. Then it is bashed in the center by a powerful force and twisted away. Or should I say, "spirited away" with ever increasing speed, in a twisting motion. I feel my main consciousness staying here in this part, but a part goes with and the speed and vibration is higher than ever before. Now I have a dual feeling.

. . .

{In my mind,} I went to meet Irwin {a friend of mine that I lost several years previously}. Veils of his old appearance fell away as I perceived him as pure dazzling white light. ... I come to him as discs but the points don't relate. I go back to being spheres.

Two grapes. I open.


This reminds me of markings on the ICA stones and visions at Nazca.

Peru glyph

{I see this as interaction between the two grapes or spheres.}

June 14, 1981 in Arequipa, Peru

energy sphere With light . Take physical light and put it to Male end of Grape. Take Navaz energy and put it in Female end of grape. Then allow their power to expand waves out to sphere. This of course has 6 manifestations in EIE. More of the Navaz gets thru at the higher altitude, cuz there's less atmosphere working with the physical.

I'm going to do yoga. I'm really getting out of shape. This a.m. light is perfect for it. The window opens here. Important to have direct, not thru glass. I did the homage to the sun yoga. And affirmed the M-F physical and Navaz energizing of EIE. Also spinal twist. Learned that if possibly can do the sound OM balancing at the same time, I'll create a peaceful uninterrupted atmosphere for the M-F and also make it send out better.

I'm going to do the Tibetan yoga breathing too where I rub the suns in hands together and the suns in feet together and bring it to bear on Kundalini while breathing in. I forget what to affirm on the hold but here I'll run the M-F in EIE energy and OM then the breathe out is the increasing force, loosing the arrow. Maybe it's the sending of the blending. I will be sending it to storage for myself at this point. Breath of Fire is really exhausting here. I think one result of higher altitude in increased NAVAZ, at least as potent a factor as decreased oxygen.

December 12, 1994 in SF Bay area

Was through eyes, talk, touch, senses, now focus on perception of spirals closing and opening. Spinning that back and forth is what causes " peeling the grape."

peeling causes

The graphic says, "Instead of skin, XMT and RCV {meaning transmit and receive signals} are the juice and meat of the 'grape'. "Out and in twist movement. Concentric movement. Radial movement."

{Most entries in recent journal are about evolutionary images.}

August 25, 1996

carolyoga peels

{In carolyoga.}

Today, the grapes at ends of the column and omlulu are the waves of the peeling. See drawing for a hint of how fingers can help trace the waves, from pointing top and bottom, to raking out along the middle.

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