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On the Way to Machu Picchu

Grounding the Feminine Ray in Lake Titicaca

A spiritually guided mission to the answer of the Andes

Get the Point!

The Spirit of the Andes

A Study in the Act of Prescience

by Caroling


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I hope it's true.

I know it's an illusion.

Illusion is where things start.

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By Caroling


Mountain View, California, USA

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This book

On the Way to Machu Picchu

By Caroling

Published by:

Wholeo Books/Online


Copyright © 1981 by Carol C. Caroling

First edition

Printed in the USA

Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 81-90816

ISBN: 0-942488-05-9

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I'm free and flying. The airplane is suspended in a lightning storm at night over the earth's equator. Will this flashing go on all the way from Miami, Florida to Lima, Peru? The closer I get to my goal, the closer I feel to people around me. I feel our common destiny. Lightning ahead, to each side, behind.

The charge must be flowing around the body of the plane. White tracing darts against black grumbling clouds, opening incredible vistas momentarily.

The energy is right. Time to create an EIE. Here at 11,000 meters up from earth, three times as high as where I'll be fulfilling my spiritual mission in the Andes mountains. The EIE is an image, a sphere made of 6 flames crossing in the center. This makes 12 flame points.

It is dark over South America. The plane lands in the middle of the night. Lima smells bad but I get money changed and a place to sleep. u/u/uu///... a new Feminine Ray beat. Are we all being drawn, as Brother Phillip says in Secret of the Andes , to bask in the Feminine Ray, entering Earth around Lake Titicaca?

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In the morning, I want to go see the ancient pyramid of Huallamarca. What a coincidence! It's near here. I walk and there it is. Truncated, made of rounded adobe bricks, piled into steps. STEPS. This thrills me. All spring since Easter, I've been climbing in my meditation, one step each day, guided by 39 color light spirits. One step each day. There were about 40 steps finishing on the day Christ ascended. I count the steps up to the first level. There are 41 steps. Incredible. I know with the lightning knowing of deep intuition that this pyramid is a map of my trip. I have completed the first group of steps. Above me are two more levels to the missing capstone. The middle has 18 steps, the last has 39. In the center of the flat top, I sit to await messages.

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A spirit named Aya is here. Sounds familiar... Yes, Ea, the spirit of Peace, Dreams, and Easter; guide to the first 40 steps; the spirit of expanding nothing within the light. How perfect... the day is Pentecost.

I recall the stained glass design I made of the experience of the first 40 steps. Male and Female, joined in illumination, flying over the dark myst of spirits to the green planet.

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Next morning, when I'm lost, a very nice man takes the time to help me get on a bus. Onwards down the coast to Paracas, working on last night's dream, I find out the main character is a spirit named Tscheschipo . We will meet. As the sun is about to set in the sand, I reach the Paracas necropolis. All is gone, but.. . Tscheschipo is here! It's like the spirit of Ea in a flame. I invite it to be embodied in me because it needs it and I'm at the right stage. We can carry out our missions together.

Early in the morning we're on a boat heading through the bay to the Ballestar Island Wildlife Sanctuary in the Pacific Ocean. Lulled by the waves, I'm one with the water, right to the edge of madness. I am Oannes, the fish-tailed God from Sirius, coming out from the water to teach people the way to the Light. I rise up and place my sign on the hill facing south. It's a great trident, containing the sign of EIE (teaching of evolution) and Candelaria, the guide from Lake Titicaca. I come back down into the waters here as Viracocha. I have created people and taught them how to live. I am one with the ocean again. Now, as Tscheschipo, I will return to the Andes and activate the ancient prophesies. It's time for the next step. Earth will be raised in vibration. We will set the ethereal pattern influencing development and change the archtype.

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Soon I'm on a bus emerging from dust to the luscious river valley of Ica. Dr. Cabrera has found thousands of engraved stones which crowd a museum. His associate tells me their interpretation of the drawings. A race of superior men from space who eat light (the stones show 3 ways) and exude positive electricity, teach ordinary earth people. From times of men fighting with dinosaurs, to doing heart transplants, they include all known human time. The designs are all done beautifully, evenly, and masterfully, timeless in effect. I am very moved by their presence alone. There is a healing energy coming as much from within the stones as from the surface. I feel connected with a larger reality. These are definitely messages from beyond what I have known.

In yoga, I sense an ascension pillar of the artists. The risen city is named "Iea". The artists escaped time and space, meeting the spirits of creation, who entered time and space to help with the stones. Rising up with them I call, "Tscheschipo is here." They flock to the teaching of the radiant nothing. They give me a quipu (ancient local counting device) of 5 knots, to be untied later. Some spirits are liberated and come with us on the trip, on the way to Machu Picchu.

I catch a collectivo to Nazca. Pleasant, sitting in the back seat of the car, gathering the Nazca Light, caught over the desert as a bluish haze before the mountains. In Nazca, a blue cloud of positive energy surrounds me, non-localizing me. Hummingbird insect squeak. A being so prepared will benefit from a flight over the Nazca lines. /uu/uu///

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As the little airplane takes off from the rocky runway, I say, "Tscheschipo is here." I have opened to nothing at my center. Like the Superior Ancestors on the Ica stones, I get energy in my crown chakra, I eat Light, I pyramid my sex energy and I send out positive electricity, the blue vortex. The sun has risen over the Andes to illuminate the desolate sweep of sand. I create an EIE structure of 5th dimensional consciousness. The magnetism towards earth is strong. I hear Oannes set up this magnetic field longtime ago. Bright beaded strands arc down from the sky, a psychic extension of the Feminine Ray over Lake Titicaca. For the progress of the Feminine Ray I must complete Rings, by uniting the magnetism with the strands. Press an arc into a Ring, creating many of these and ask that the process might continue. Then . . . a buoyancy. The magnetic field reaches up and helps create spheres of the beads left when the strands curl into Rings. I take something that has been waiting here (forms for the revision of the archtype) and a spark for evolution is released. The strands are now grounded in the interaction. Calor! I exude heat and healing energy until a flame appears. It is the relighting of an etheric maxin (unfed) flame. I try to cause an explosion. At last, news is sent round the world. The flame is lit!

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As the plane turns, leaning to the right, the pilot points to lines and designs on the desert through my window. They are a jumbled array of layers of drawings, eroding into a river valley. Strange conceptual representations of jungle animals or extraterrestrial life forms, birds and fish. Plus lines. It looks like many generations of flying clubs used this area. I marvel and wonder. Who? Why? When? This wonder keeps the explosion going. As the plane bumps down the runway and we walk, speechless, to the truck, the final message comes to me. It is "separation." The magnetism separates into the gravity down and the buoyancy up, giving the sensation of the head or upper chakras cut loose, lifting from the body. The double of spirit emerges from body. I hear "Ea," the sound of transference of consciousness to the spirit.

In the blue hotel room with no windows, I become aware of generating a powerful light.


small PTG

(Peeling the Grape)

As it flows into Matrix (the red dot on the map I'm drawn to north of Lake Titicaca) it activates the Galaxy People* stored there. This is the light they need to become active agents of evolution on Earth. They begin to resurrect and incarnate as Galaxy Light Beings. They go out to inspire and help people.

* See Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People

© Caroling 1979

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Waiting in Nazca, the hot adobe dusted streets are uncomfortable. I go to the big cool bar of the State Tourist Hotel. As I sit deep in a soft armchair sipping a delightful Pisco Sour--the middle 12 steps of the pyramid come to me, almost all at once. They are the teachings of Yvoannes, (female spirit of Oannes) given by a circle of 12 women.

  1. Kathea teaches going into the dark shelter in the EIE of Goddess where the gold flakes are in the archtype. It is the pure point of nothing.
  2. Kerenoannes teaches the use of alcohol, or "spirits." Become drunk and feel your feet rising as the Nazca and Paracas gods with the floating feet.
  3. Ann teaches clarifying the aim; seeing the figure clearly. The flow is from below the heart up out through the armpits and shoulders. There are three stages: (graphics)
  4. Theodora teaches creating the wind. The wind will flow out through the figure, sending the gold flakes of the archtype to help purify the world. Send from the soles of your feet up through your body, effortlessly.
  5. Georgioannes teaches how to get your child to the teacher. Separate yourself from your child. Go where child can learn. Close your eyes, clap 3 times, spin 3 times to the left as your child spins to the right. Say, "My child is ready to go to school, 'Come Azul.'" When you feel a brushing on your hand, the teacher is there.
  6. Clearinda teaches giving the child to the teacher. Say, "Goodby child, I shall return when school is over."
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  8. Charazani teaches the chant: Bru-hu-ho, Ar-ju-na-ho, Fer-a-zil, M'hail-kree. Each syllable is related to one of the transition steps.
  9. Aziuliama teaches repeating this prayer to someone and/or the sending of flakes.
  10. Sandera teaches total compassionate caring coming from the Feminine Ray, binding us together.
  11. Tsora teaches drawing out the strands of the Feminine Ray until your feel it recurring. When you have Feminine Ray Rings, expand, feeling bliss. Expand circles to furthest reaches.
  12. Sihkuoanni teaches balancing voluntary sounds. Center any incoming sound in your inner ear and balance it with Om, sending the balanced sound on.
  13. Featscha teaches balancing involuntary sounds, the sound of each atom there is.

When this is done, hold hands in a circle with all the teachers. There are 13 of us altogether. What cuts sound is between one sound and the next. Try to balance the interfaces between all sounds. When done, go get child from the teacher.

Waiting in the bus station, Yvoannes takes me in spirit up to the top of a pyramid at the height of Lake Titicaca. She gives me a coronation. The physical drop of oil passes through. I gather the 2nd drop--of spiritual oil. It is promise of the capstone of the pyramid when I ascend the last 39 steps.

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The bus rides in the night through ragged, angry cement hills. At last we turn and mount the Andes. About noon at 2,000 meters up, we are in Arequipa. Appearing as a glowing light, Yvoannes becomes my main guidance now. She does my bidding. I serve the Light. I will spend several days here, getting used to the altitude for the ascent to Lake Titicaca.

Doing dawn yoga, I will learn the secret in bringing the subtle to the physical. The pre-dawn light is called Navaz Nergy. As the physical light comes on, I learn to blend the 2 lights to bring the benefits of the invisible to the visible. The quipus of Arequipa given by the Ica Artists are gradually untied in these morning sessions.

Day by day I'm less tired. Visiting the Convent of Santa Catalina, several nun spirits awaiting ascension join our merry band; on the way to Machu Picchu.

The 3rd morning I send Nergy from under Mt. Misti by Arequipa to under Lake Titicaca, activating the great sun disc around the lake. All the spirits help send by "pooling," visualizing two glowing egg shapes. I need to set up 5 EIE's (in me, Matrix, Lake Titicaca, Mt. Misti and Crucero Altero). I'm told I can make them all at once. I must function increasingly outside of space-time on the principle of "collapsing." It is as important as "separation."

Page 17
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  1. I am Light
  2. I create Light
  3. I transform Light Hark!
  4. I am beyond Light
  5. I eat Light
  6. I send Light
Page 18
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The last morning all the teachings fall in place as the I AM LIGHT series; to be repeated many times in the days ahead. Thank you Tscheschipo and Yvoannes for this great teaching. It is the full moon.

  1. "I AM LIGHT" Visualize EIE with Navaz Nergy streaming out to 12 poles from a center Point.
  2. "I CREATE LIGHT" See physical light streaming from the Point to 6 poles and Navaz Nergy streaming to the opposite 6. This sets up wavy interaction between opposite poles as seen on the Ica stones.
  3. "I TRANSFORM LIGHT" The light waves expand to form 12 spheres at once. The brightness attracts light seekers. This leads to dissipation. Announce "HARK!" The tiny arcs on the outside of the EIE become increasingly fine and thick, forming a skin. The light in EIE is transformed from waves to sphere-arcs. The skin acts as a protection too.
  4. "I AM BEYOND LIGHT" Expand nothing from the center Point. Annihilate the EIE while making its light available for the next step.
  5. "I EAT LIGHT" Throw 6 rings of positive blue lightning of protection around the old EIE, capturing the transformed light exuded at step 4.
  6. "I SEND LIGHT" Use this light for yourself and send it as nourishment for those you love and healing for all.

These steps added to the 12 are the middle 18 steps of the Huallamarca pyramid. I get up and walk to the railroad station. Taking the train up the Andes, which look like concrete filled with aggregate, many wind spirits are sensed. They help to activate the wind blowing the gold flakes from the archtype as I do the middle 12 steps. I know it by heart now. The flakes go very far--to all Peru. Some of the wind spirits come along--on the way to Machu Picchu.

Llamas and lichens. I stay in the circle with the 12 teachers.

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Listening between sounds I get information in a kind of layered language. This taps into a whole set-up, like mental ruins, able to be reconstructed. The interface between sounds seems like the matrix of present reality. If I repair these ruins between myself and ancient civilizations, then sounds will be harmonious and healing.

Just before Crucero Altero, the high point on the way to Lake Titicaca, a strange thing happens. I approach the ancient civilization of the layered language in a light bubble. They let me in. They take me. Now this me here is just a copy. It's OK I reflect. Now I will be able to act from ancient guidance.

At Crucero Altero (4,500 meters) I pee. Then do yoga breathing of the high marvelous air. My purpose is to create a sensor, a spiritual outpost here. In Arequipa I was given a vision of a standard bearing a banner to place here to mark this event. I imagine it on the hill above town. I feel weak, bubbly, tremulous.

On the peak beyond the 2 lakes (reminding me of pools, the meditation technique of making two pools glow) is an old standard like mine. Tscheschipo as Viracocha on his way out, put it here, long ago. On a huge (15 m.) rock I create a light cloud as a connection point with my real self.

We follow a river on down to Juliaca on the altiplano. It feels up and light. I'm excited. As the train nears Puno I watch the full moon over the lake. At last, the LAKE. The center of the Feminine Ray, where I've been drawn for 5 years. The Lake, appearing in my visions and meditations with increasing insistence and significance. Lake Titicaca, the challenge of my trip. And who am I? Will "I" be able to function with my real self held captive in unknown ancient civilizations? My sureness seems about as big as the moon out there in the dark, its reflected sun light fragmented on the surface of this mysterious lake.

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In Puno (almost 4,000 m.) a dream leads me to feel the Feminine Ray and enter its energies. The necklace is an initiation present.

Doing the 12 middle steps, the wind spirits from the west side of the Andes get the gold flakes of the archtype going all over the world. My mind wanders some as a protection against the stronger Nergy here. I see Nergy is making what is dense (spirit) into what is rare (matter). Spirit is concentrated in nothing at the Point. Manifestation can be seen as the Light of the spirit.

Going, walking slowly.

I take a feather from Paracas and dirt from the coast I have washed from my hair and lay them in the garbage rimming the lake. I say, "I pay my respects to the Spirit of the Lake. I have come to enact the Feminine Ray and Matrix. Tscheschipo is here." A few flecks of white drifting down from the sky are melting snow.

I take a tour car to see the "chulpas" (funeral towers) of Sillustani. I have a strong feeling of connection with my self in ancient civilizations here. When will I be together again? Cutting up the hill to the left, I meet the best preserved chulpa with the smoothest joints between stones. I create an EIE with the I AM LIGHT steps. On "I AM BEYOND LIGHT," out stream waiting spirits. They teach me. "Place the chakras in the palms of your hands over the cracks between the stones. Sound with your heart to connect with the light stored between the stones. Suck it in. Store it between heartbeats. Store the Light of Sillustani." I'm very moved.

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Many spirits come with me. Walking down the stone pathway, I get the point. Here's a round stone fit right into a larger stone, only possible in the making. These stones were placed by STONE MAKERS.


Bringing energy to a point, The Centering Ring

Gathering Energy

Grounding Pit

Initiation, Dedication, Sacrifice

At dawn, I walk down the dusty dock and find the boat going to the island Amantani. A boy chants musically, "A-man-tan-i, Is-la Ta-qui-le." uu/ uuu/u A new 9 beat Feminine Ray chant, I like.

Packed in colorful bundles, everyone is chewing coca leaves, eating tubers and speaking Quechua. Gliding, watching the beautiful greens of the Totora reeds glinting in the zircon of the lake.

A glimpse here and there of Uru people who live on floating reeds. Past the bay, out into the main body of Lake Titicaca, we go. Little flags of rags wave on the chugging motor. I think of the great rushing black and white windy spirit I dealt with last night. With Yvoannes help, I got it focused in my inner eye and ear and anchored in my heart where I mastered its reverberations. It is balancing the input of the Light between blood-out and blood-in, the antipodal storage moments. "Chicha!" men yell, They take hearty swigs from a bottle passed round.

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The boatman motions me to my host. We walk slowly up the path to his house. From here I can see the whole lake. No vehicles, no electricity, dirt floors. For 4 days I will eat what they raise: oca, potatoes, quinoa, eggs and delicious water. At 12 midnight the moon is straight up. I feel I can dive into the stars of Sagittarius. In yoga I go from light through mists and drapes to brighter lights; deeper and deeper. I get to the source of the Feminine Ray. A shaft of light falls into rings. I bring them back. They influence the propagation of light in some way. In the center of the ring is the capstone of the pyramid, full of light. The experience is vivid, like a physical event. In I CREATE LIGHT, I use the peaks of this island (male and female) as poles for grounding the Ring.

At the top of the main peak is a round enclosure for Pacha Mama, the heavenly earth mother, in the shape of rings! I extend the Feminine Ray Ring to all Lake Titicaca. Many spirits appear in an ascension column and are invited to come along, on the way to Machu Picchu. I'm told to close the ring of light from Sillustani. At dawn Pacha Mama comes to teach. She says that working on my light body and ascension is not separate from her. Love her. Accept her watery nature, the unconscious. She says, "It is right to go to Matrix next. The way is prepared." I'm looking where I believe Matrix to be. I see a figure on one of the peaks. What? It beckons. "Beyond Moho is a lake. Go there and meditate in a cave." The red dot on the map is close to Rosaspata.

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The map says there's a hotel and restaurant there. But look! There is a little lake that I have overlooked. Now I know where to go for sure. Thank you Pacha Mama. The next days are unconscious, except for one line, "Bill is here."

Back in Puno, today is the big holiday of Inti Raymi, the Inca bring-back-the-sun day (following the solstice.) I intend to break the psychic spell started when the first Incas emerged from the Lake. There's a new vibration, a new leadership ready to spring from the oracle of the lake. It doesn't negate the old. It fulfills its prophesies and resolves its contradictions. In yoga, I'm charged with a new energy. The healing spreads out until I open up to the goodness of Mt. Shasta, holy mountain of northern California. As if a bicycle chain wrapped around a huge mill stone begins to turn--this is the activation of the sun disc. It gains momentum and begins to whirl beyond perception. This will effect great changes.

The second bus of the day takes me around the top of the lake to Huancane. This whole area is within the aura of Matrix. I feel parts of myself functioning that were merely ideas before. I had to get here to do what I have to do. How to go on? I want to reach Matrix by June 28th. This will be the most powerful day astrologically for me all summer.

I catch a truck going south. It's hard to stand and hang on. Someone tells me there is no hotel in Rosaspata. I'm uncertain and go to Moho on the truck. I'm told there is no transportation north tomorrow. The spiritual energy here is higher than ever before--as is also my desire to escape. I want to go home. I hate Peru. The most subtle temptation intrudes. After all, this trip is really all in my mind. Why not just go to Rosaspata astrally, now. I lie and see a vision of Candelaria--dark virgin of the lake.

I remember the advice form my spiritual healing group at home, "Don't let protection get in the way of guidance." My faith in my guidance has been tested by: 1. Anger at my landlady. 2. Considering going with the handsome young man with a car. 3. Sensitivity to kids laughing at me. 4. Discouragement. 5. Materialism. 6. Laziness. I ask Dream Power, "What should I do in the morning?" I sleep a little.

My dreams tell me that unconsciously I want to go home, but it is possible to go to the "leadership meeting." As the sun comes up, I lighten my load, shoulder my pack and walk up the road. I feel amazingly good. There's no sign, but I turn off on the road to Rosaspata. I'm the only one making tracks besides the sheep, llama, alpaca, dog, bird, donkey, bicycle, human, and motorcycle tracks.

A short ways up over the hill and I'm looking down an increasingly lush river valley. Above are the peaks seen from Amantani. Where the figure had appeared is a frenzied show of shapes and flashes, a promise of ascension. "Jump for Joy," it says! Soon lost to sight behind the foothills. The people are shy as their animals. I wave but they don't see me.

All of a sudden an old woman is walking fast towards me. We shake hands. (I forget to do the Feminine Ray handshake.) She's grinning like the welcoming committee, apparently overjoyed to see me. She feels my clothes, speaking Aymara. I put my hand on her shoulder and say, "I'm so glad to see you." Then she rushes off across the field. Could she be an emissary of Matrix?

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In town I get a bed in the restaurant lady's room. The next morning there's a blue Navaz Nergy lightening. It's a dynamic step beyond the Nergy raring. I radiate this lightening to permeate this area with my purpose. Today is the big day--June 28. There are 3 lakes, not one. The restaurant lady's teenage brother and his friend will guide me in exploring.

After an hour up hill we reach Lake Ajoyani. Up to the right there is a hill that looks like the Matrix of my visions. It could hold a pyramid. Over the ridge to the left is a large round valley. The lake below is heart-shaped. We find its edge oozes all over the valley. On the way back is a small perfectly round volcanic crater lake filled with fresh blue water. It must lead to the tunnels to Mt. Shasta. The day has been full but I'm not very sure.

The people here seem to like me but are puzzled. Why don't I have companions to laugh with? And where is my camera? And how am I going to get out of here with no transportation? I say, "I'd like to go camp by the high lake." They can't think of any objections. The land is not privately owned. They hit a sensitive spot on the companions issue. I believed somewhere along the way I would meet others on the same mission. It seems so compelling, so obvious. Surely I can't be the only one. Now I have to face it. It is me. Alone, here now.

In the night my legs ache from the past two days walking. I feel the Red Hand is near. In imagination I take a small egg of crystal light from the palm chakra of the Red Hand. I heal my legs by slowly mentally massaging each muscle back and forth from hip to ankle with the egg. I surround myself with green, the green planet past the first 39 steps. Last year I heard green is the gateway to the higher colors. It is also the first color at the base of the capstone of the pyramid of light.

Surrounding Hills. Lago Willcayecsso. Chulpas. Matrix. Lago Volcanico. Lago Ajoyani.

As I set off from town early, a farmer looks at me in agitation saying "Where are YOU going?" "Up to the lake" I say cheerfully. He shakes his head, "no." I don't know what he's saying and I don't want to. It's not his land. I turn on my way. This is it. Either I find Matrix or fail. The sense of adventure is keen. I don't remember so many forks in the path. About halfway up I rejoice. I see the track of my vibram soled hiking boots--we must have gone this way yesterday. How good it is to reach the high lake. I rest and then strike into new territory to the right of the lake. On I go, then stop in my tracks. There is a print of a vibram sole that exactly matches mine. We went the other way yesterday. Hopes flash high. Maybe I'll meet my sole-mate up here.

Climbing higher, I find water. I'm so happy, I forget my concern with the shepherd. Looking up, it occurs to me that I should be able to see the snow-covered peak from Matrix. Or hopefully my friend on the peak. As I come up the hill in the direction I'd seen years ago in yoga (60 degrees east of north) I have to circle counterclockwise in heading for the top. The sun is hot but I'm refreshed by the cool breeze. My spirit is perfection. Climax! It's 12 noon. And I am here. This IS Matrix.

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The white peaks visible from this hill are near Crucero Altero, where the lakes are; where I lost my self that I must reclaim from ancient civilizations. This is a very special place in being in a sounding valley, ringed with higher hills, with vibrator lakes below, admitting only the far away light form Crucero Altero to the central peak, Matrix.

There's a cleft in the top of this hill running roughly north and south. Facing south is a sunken portion with a little cave to the northern end. Its opening focuses about at my heart, although I can't get in it. The minute I see it, I adopt it as my cave. Here I will meditate and sleep. Below it are some smooth paving stones--evidence of the stone makers. To the northwest is the outline of a possible door to enter a pyramid room in the top of the hill. I have been there many times in my yogic visions of Peru. To the west is a marvelous "feel-vibes" rock. It sticks up like a sea lion's head and is all warm. Even its shadow side is much warmer than the other rocks. There is a walled in seat facing the setting sun. At the very top of the hill is a knee-high pile of rocks with a big flat one on top. I stand on it. Belle Winde, Matilde of the Red Hand, St. Germaine, St. Michael etc. all surround me, giving support. Some farmers are looking at me. I'm afraid they won't like me standing on a Pacha Mama shrine. So I get down.

I excavate my cave a little and settle back comfortably on my foam pad and sleeping bag. I eat. Buddha never had it so good. I see the Red Hand chakra covers the whole top of this hill. I do I AM LIGHT and create an EIE here. This is the place to send from.

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Everything here is magnified and communicated to all earth. I go through the steps. In I AM BEYOND LIGHT, I go down into the cave. I pass through layer after layer of shelters until I reach the tiniest shelter within me. I expand the nothing archtype of Earth. Suddenly I'm doing the 12 steps all at once, holding hands with the teachers, between sound. This is the way to ancient civilizations to reclaim myself.

Step 1

I'm in the temple in the hill where the Galaxy People were stored. We're one now. I feel their support, surrounding me. I run through a tunnel saying, "Caroling, real self, I want you back." It is amazingly easy to get me. I'm in some kind of fantastic city at the end of the passage. What a sense of well-being in reunion. This is the first of the last 39 steps.

Step 2

The 2nd step is only out from here, the real self. Never again move from any other place. It has to do with the green dot which you see here centered in the diamond crystal chakra in the middle of the Red Hand.

I open from my heart out, in my heart, all the treasure, knowledge, magic and spiritual values of ancient civilizations. This is a process of will, a fight to miniaturize and internalize all that has been external to our culture and which has been capable of capturing me. Using the leverage of what we have developed in the 20th Century, I include the present and go on to the evolutionary future. I see a very fast series of technologies of light power, impossible to capture verbally or pictorially. We will do it through honest following of guidance.

Will it. Will to know, be and do all that civilization has mastered. With a magnifying glass concentrate the rays of the sun on your hand chakra. This is how you focus the light. Heat is needed by evolution.

It's 4 o'clock. Time to get ready for night. From the right a solitary figure, as if an animation of the landscape, strides from the right, playing music on a flute, like a deep trumpet, filling the space. The gold hills slowly lose their glow. I'm awake in the night, watching the stars passage. What a wonderland.

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Before dawn the piper comes striding back the path. I'm afraid he will see me and jump down. The piping stops. In my cave, the water is frozen. Vision of blue haze over the top of Matrix, covering the hill. Down the sides flow red rivers. I see last night's vision of spinning lines, as though seeing the stars in time photography. My mind is now so slow, the stars appear as tracks of white in the black sky instead of points of light. I keep going to sleep, being so slow. This makes me angry. My goal is for reality; I don't want this to remain a fantasy. I want changes; I want it to happen.

Step 3

I command Yvoannes, "Teach me how to do SLOWNESS without going to sleep." A coiled thread appears. "Imagine yourself to be in it, then draw in the ends of the thread. When you have achieved it, a bluish-pink color will appear, the color of haze on the far away Andes."

Step 4

I do it. I need a lock to hold slow consciousness while taking other steps. "Attract stone. It is first seen as grey pebbles surrounding the thread of time. Gradually thicken and darken it to solid stone."

Now I want to stop the bleeding, the red ooze from Matrix. What is it? "It is guidance that is not being used. We will gather it, channel it, make it to flow from our heart, as our earth's life blood. Mother Earth is a higher being. First we must impregnate Matrix metaphorically and then form vessels of circulation. First imagine it. Persevering, you'll find yourself doing it."

"Ancient civilizations know how to bring physical light to Nergy light without creating destruction. Learn from them. Imagine love of Matrix. Evolutionary impregnation is not you vs. her. You play all the parts enacting the process as a hologram in your imagination."

Step 5

Doing it seems so vivid, so real. I visualize 6 sperms of physical light in EIE pointing toward 6 Navaz Lightenings. Let deep spiritual love flow. Matrix is inseminated.

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Step 6

Most circulation we know is a T, a branching off the main vessel. In L circulation the Ts are opened up. Expanded nothing is induced to circulate. The Earth archtype, the shelter, the space between sounds, messages and energy of Matrix are made available. The 'ley lines' of circulation will be drawn out over the Sun Disc. Start around this lake and extend to Lake Titicaca on your trip. If done properly, it will enable Matrix to print her being and the circulation will become world wide.

BeTle is the key to circulation

Step 7

I walk to the top of the hill. The sky is rayed with thin clouds from north to south. I go to the place where the doorway would be. There are 9 white flowers growing on the ground with no stems. I cut one root out and peel it. It is white and juicy. A yoga guidance had said I would find and eat a white root named "lantana" at Matrix. I ask Yvoannes and Matilde if this is right. Affirmative. I put it in my mouth, chew well and swallow. Sweet and cucumber-celery like with a bitter peppery aftertaste. I'm afraid it will be fatal. This is surrender.

Step 8

In resonance in channels of circulation one wavelength is sent over the whole. Then increasingly more and finer. Circulation is not from inner big to outer small. Small and large touch each other. They are affirmed in succession, but happen all at once.

Step 9

Next comes the teaching of the 3 lakes as one. 1) The High Mountain Lake gathers gently and is never dry. Just be nothing. 2) The deep Volcanic Lake wells up from below. Push nothing through channels of circulation. 3) Down in the Valley Lake oozes out to all around. Ooze out circulation and return back through 2 to 1. Out and in goes the circulation.

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Step 10

The skin, clothing and communication of the being is the next step. The chakra, the healing energies of the Red Hand obscure it and envelope me. There is nothing but this diamond-crystal body. Red is not mixed with, but vibrates with: Red-green, red-blue, red-grey, red-yellow. This is the end of the bleeding of the Red Hand of Matrix.

Step 11

The blue haze, seen at dawn surrounding Matrix is the spiritual functioning (also mental and memory.) We now 'incarnate' or 'incolorate' it. Blue is vibrated with each color too.

Step 12

The colors are called down from the capstone of the pyramid through the green planet to the Sun Disc. The being of Matrix will not truly exist and function until the capstone is in place, until all the steps are taken at once. The stages in the coming of colors are: Fire, Plant, and Color (Tsches--Chip--O).

Step 13

I look at the paintings in my dream last night. Remember the giant cleaning equipment? That's the energy for a great purification. The 1st is light blue and white jets of water, showering. On the next is written "fearing is furring, fring." The dance of spirit evolves. The 3rd image is "bound, un, re-wound." Rewinding with old bindings. The spiral windings are what is constant in change. They make a switch-over in the very basis of something.

Step 14

Cosmic juices float everywhere. They are our link to power and the 1st step in any being. Common are 2 layers green sandwiching gold. But here they are different. They appear as the green planet lined with red, with a center of gold. They can be sent, sent everywhere joyously. These psychic structures are facilitators of Matrix.

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Page 31

GOOD GOD! After repositioning my gear at the top of the hill, I sit in the pink sunset light, eating. Over the hill I spy a man. Fear. Maybe he's coming to offer a prayer to the peak. I say. "Buenos Noches," trying to sound friendly. Then another man. He has a noose in his hand. Will they hang me? Then more men appear around the top of the hill. They each have a farm implement in hand. The spokesman says, "Porque usted no duerme en casa?"

Page 32
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He's excited and speaks too fast. I say calmly that I don't speak Spanish well, please speak more slowly, indicating in my tone that they are gentlemen paying me a social call. I explain that in my country camping is common. I find this place beautiful, especially the stars. I'm working on a book. They look at my drawings with no comment. They all go over to the sun seat. I remember when I was drying my shiny silver mylar space blanket there earlier, thinking it must make a powerful reflector. Maybe they thought it was a giant signal. They look and look and find nothing. They come back around me. I can't understand what they are saying. I wish my Spanish were better. Maybe some of them only speak Aymara.

Finally the spokesman says, we leave you. I notice one of the men is the one who tried to detain me as I left town. His vibes are no good. Was he the one who got up this group of vigilantes? I lie down to finish eating. What if one of those guys isn't satisfied with the group decision? I feel extremely vulnerable. It's dark. No moon. Up I get, pack quickly and sneak off without my flashlight on. I seem to have a light at my back. I turn around a few times to see if I'm being followed. Down the hill sheep dogs come at me from three sides. I jab my light at them shouting, "Go home," in English. It takes awhile to find the path beside the lake. Then I brush past a man looking like a tree, carrying a towering load of hay.

The stretch of the Milky Way I have never seen before, from Crux, the Southern Cross on down ends right over the town of Rosaspata. It's as if a few stars had sprinkled down in the dark valley. I walk as fast as I dare, lose the path and follow the stars, find the path as it goes over the river gorge bridge. I run. I bang on Amanda's door. She answers. I cry, "Ocho hombres...terrible!" She hears my story and gives me the room alone. I'm rather thrilled and energized than tired.

At dawn I'm up and off, glad to be on the open road. I turn to look at Matrix. I cry. "Matilde (guardian angel of Matrix) I tried. Was I before my time?" I sense some of the spirits stay in the ascension pillar that springs up there. I stop and turn many times to look at Matrix fondly, from my heart. A pilgrimage to find the object of my yoga dreams after so many years; to be with her with such great inspiration; and now to leave after 2 days. Sad and yet wonderful. I feel nothing but unconditional love for Matrix. My union with Matrix goes on.

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At the far end of the valley is a perfect red cone. Practicing "bringing the Inner to the Outer," I create an EIE. At "I SEND LIGHT," I surround individual animals with I EAT LIGHT spheres, asking them to transmit the events and truths of Matrix genetically, biologically. I walk up to the red cone. It must be an outer gate of Matrix. I can't see Matrix but the white topped mountains are visible again. I wave Hi to my friend.

Step 15

He wants to come with me as a jolly yellow disc I name Bill. He's a guardian angel who has been helping me for a long time.

Step 16

At new moon time, 2 p.m., I'm at Vilque Chico, on the main road around Lake Titicaca again. A truck picks me up, so I jostle quickly back to Huancane. Glad to get my room back to rest and wonder...what happened to me?

Next morning, meditation is extraordinary. Matrix tells me I have come to center. I have inseminated Matrix, started circulation, given body and enshrined spirit of Matrix on earth. The Red Hand spreads news of Future Civilizations. I go to the body of the Red Hand. As if in a flying saucer, I let myself go, hearing Om. Strong vibrational currents, climax orgasms of extreme fineness and duration, a color time of great complexity, a shape of light from my feet up my spine. There is all the delight of total communication with color light beings and spirit dance. A time of myriad candles. Tiny radiations, as though each tiniest aspect of me has become a star.

Step 17

I'm a cluster of these stars going someplace. I merge with Central Intelligence, a steady central light from the heart. This is a profound experience.

Step 18

I feel something pressing down hard on top of my head, extreme pressure inside my skull on the Cave of Brahma, the hollow within.

Step 19

To experience Future Civilizations more deeply, I shut out the sound of Huancane with earplugs. Listening, I hear high trills of bells which I allow to vibrate all of me exquisitely unto a sound climax with gongs and subsounds, like blowing over the tops of reed pipes, without fully sounding them.

Step 20

If I move awareness from Central Intelligence in my heart to the Gravity Center in my crown, sound is created. This is "calling." It is steady, single, outside of time.

Step 21

The Heart and Crown collapse and I know the Capstone is here. This is the highest I can go. The sun comes in the window of my room.

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I can't move. I'm like the physicist who lost his sense of scale contemplating the vast spaces between atoms in a molecule of his floor. He became afraid to take a step lest he be lost in the void. I see that could have been a choice, to retain the special insight he had attained.

Step 22

My next step is to maintain the highest consciousness while functioning in this reality.

Reviewing my journal, it said last spring, "When you see Candelaria, go west over water to get to me." Since I saw her sign in Moho and Matrix, I am now in that position. Candelaria is the patron saint of Bolivia, called the Dark Virgin of the Lake. I know she has much to teach about the Feminine Ray.

Step 23

Suddenly she's here. "Swirl the sign of Candelaria both ways at once!"

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Step 24

To get on with the biology of the 5th Dimension, take the slivers from Inseminating Matrix. Use them to fill in the "5th Socket" of the pyramid Capstone to create a pentagonal pyramid.

Step 25

Next day I get information on how to proceed. Go counterclockwise around Lake Titicaca. All along the road do Implants. Chant: "Bru-hu-ho Ar-ju-na-ho Fer-a-zil M'hail-kree" 3 times for Flames Plants and Colors springing up from ancient civilizations. Then to ground the energy springing down from Future Civilizations to meet them, chant: "Des-dun-ka," one time for each corner of the pyramid. Then: "da-da-da-da, da, DA-da," a few times. This will consolidate the results as the Sun Disc. Create the Candelaria mandala and do circulation patterns at each of 4 nodes: 1. Huancane 2. Puno 3. Tiahuanaco 4. Sorata.

Step 26

Finally I ask for a healing from Matrix. It comes simply and totally as opal colored light. This wholeness, peace, and love is what I basically want for me, to spread around Lake Titicaca and then to the rest of the world. This is the essence of what we need. I get it. And go.

Pressed into an old bus with a crowd, riding around the top of the Lake, I chant inwardly, constantly, Going to Crucero Altero psychically, I go between sounds and connect with ancient civilizations. Then I do the Implanting with the Bru hu ho chant. I imagine a release of the flames fanning out to the middle of the Lake and out to the edge of the Sun Disc each time. Then I go to Matrix, listen, moving awareness from crown to heart, calling until the light comes down the Capstone. I do the 4-fold Des-dun-ka and then several 7-fold beats to put the tops on from Future Civilizations. I surround the people on the bus and the whole town of Juliaca with I EAT LIGHT spheres, asking them to transmit these events genetically.

Step 27

In Puno I visualize the Candelaria mandala. I take the next step which is the state of the open Capstone, admitting light from Future Civilizations, while the gold Cosmic Juice is risen above it as a halo. It is steady, perfect, maintaining.

Step 28

Next is to radiate, connect and ground that energy. I do it by Pools--a technique learned long ago in a dream. Glow 2 small ovals. I make equal pools of light, concentrating the brightness from Matrix and amplifying the glow at the receptor.

Step 29

At one point the Earth appears as formless. How awesome. When the Capstone light is truly transmitted, grounded, Earth is seen as spiritualized, formless. Me too.

In the morning sun glinting off the Lake, I devise How To Do Circulation. I do the I AM LIGHT steps, creating an EIE at the node. In I CREATE LIGHT, I do steps 5 through 13 of the last 39 steps. In I SEND LIGHT, I send the liberated Cosmic Juices along the channels of resonance (circulation) and send one to each Implant of the Sun Disc.

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This a.m. I'm out before dawn, almost frozen when the collectivo (car) pulls up. With each turn of the road, watching the mountains across the Lake getting closer is thrilling. At Desaguadero, I take a bus into Bolivia still at 3800 m. In Tiahuanaco I walk down a dusty road. A white peak is far in the east. Behind the fence is an amazing wall. Giant organically shaped stones stand at intervals. It's locked for the night.

I get a room with a straw tick bed on the floor. I light the candle as an altar to Michael, Melchizedek, Matrix, Yvoannes and all the concerned spirits. Today I did the Sun Disc Implanting chants all the way. The Capstone became solid white, still, with flashing gold light coming down through.

Closing my eyes to do the 3rd node of Candelaria, I find myself very centered. Tiahuanaco feels timeless. It doesn't pull one way or the other. I do the EIE and circulation for Matrix as at Puno, and the middle 12 steps. "Tscheschipo is here," I announce. The spirit of Tiahuanaco prepares me for tomorrow with rich dreams and pre-visions. I dream that the brown road is bent up at the end. Then I get a terrific shock through my whole body. In the next dream my house if full of wonderful areas of self development. The piano's keyboard is cut short (like a synthesizer.) This morning I tune into Cow energies. The last meaning of the Oannes' trident at Paracas is the Omega of the cow's horns. At 9 a.m. at the gate, I study the map of the site. "Largely unexcavated," it says. Once in, I wander enraptured.

I've never been in a place that seems so old and so continuously added to over the centuries. Some stones are bare, some are covered with lichens. In #4, I sit on one of 2 4' almost square stones. The corners would make a pyramid with my head.

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I "see" my double facing me on the other square. Lines from the Book of Knowledge echo. "Tiahuanaco is one of the most sacred places in South America." "When the Capstone of the pyramid comes to Earth, Melchizedek will open the Treasury at Tiahuanaco."

At the restaurant they say the tea, Mate de Coca, is expensive because coca leaves are hard to get. That's a laugh!

Following last night's guidance, I go 50 paces past the Gate of the Sun to an excavated pit. The information is that the "Treasury" is how to harness the halos of freed Cosmic Juices that rise over the head in Capstone of the Pyramid consciousness. They are to be sent as blessings. I see the tips of the cow's horns as points of light.

Step 30

In #6 is a standing block, perfect for balancing Male-Female energy. The next step comes. Extending the high and low notes beyond the piano keyboard up around the Cosmic Juice captures it. One can release the energy by sounding a certain note. Many notes give a different effect than a high or low one. Then plunge the keyboard into the center of the Juice. "Ompress" it (compress). In #5 I place my head on the neck of a headless statue. It tells me, "Surround the sounded Cosmic Juice with stone."

Back up on the enclosure of #4 is a 12' square rock 80 paces from the main gate. Standing on it. I get to the center of the Earth.

Step 31

This is the Treasure! The Cosmic Juice becomes very focused, zeros in serving Earth, feeding the Earth archtype.

#2 is a large irregular mound with a deep oval depression in the middle. The bottom here is caked--it has held water. The lake is the birthplace of humanity--a womb symbol. I walk out a spiral path, sitting sighting Mt. Illimani through the cleft to the east.

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I practice the last 2 steps, harnessing the Cosmic Juice and plunging it to the center of the Earth. It provides the power to transform and evolve. The Gravity Center in my crown chakra expands without losing density .

I walk down hill between #1 and #2. The free-standing wall is the best of the Stone Makers' work I have seen. The whole surface undulates, the seams between stones are as if drawn on the surface. They look like a big rock which has been cut up without wasting a chip. This must have been the women's dressing room for events at the lake. From between the stones comes a light that is strengthening and expanding the high and low notes. I face the wall, trying to simply be at the still point, but my thoughts wander. A grasshopper lands before me. I remember how I charged biological forms to transmit messages of events. Now one has come down from the past of Tiahuanaco to teach me. Teaches that there is a pillar of ascension here. Many ascended.

Step 32

Remember the Blue Vortex from Ica. Put out positive energy. Bye, friend 'hopper.

I go down the road to Puma Punku. An incomprehensible shape is silhouetted against the sun. It's a COW! Her message is that when I was meditating, I was suffering from the shock of the powerful light between the stones. My mind wanders to protect itself. But I can separate the charge of 2 horns, as pools. Not polarity, poolarity. This way I can use the light.

Page 39
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I awake at midnight smelling llama dung smoke; feeling more and more intensely electrical. Using the 2 golden horns of the cow increases my power potential. I connect with a powerful presence here--a blue electrical positive energy. I begin to send it out. The Treasury holds a storehouse of Blue Light here. They knew how to use it. I send it to Future Civilizations. This leads to experiencing an ethereal ochre, purple, and blue architecture. Is this what Tiahuanaco has become? I wonder if the Sun Disc has anything to do with these lakes? Is it significant that Puma Punku is a square around a lake, like the nodes of Candelaria? Titicaca has been translated "Rock of the Puma." Also, "Doorway to Other Dimensions."

The unleashing of the Blue Vortex encourages the Chakra of the Red Hand to manifest. In it for me tonight is the experience of the Twin Flame. In endless ways I unite with my opposite. Each conflict jars us into greater union in a ever-unfolding discovery of mutuality.

In the morning the bus is jammed with campesinos and faint with dust. I catch stunning views of the Cordillera. I imagine going up into the vast snowy peaks. At the rim of La Paz, we spiral down into a cup of increasingly modern city, 3,600 meters up.

In the morning there is a white sparkliness about the Capstone. I have coasted effortlessly in my dream, but someone is missing. In Yoga, I decide to look for him. Immediately Mauritimoreal , an androgynous spirit of the Great Light Brotherhood appears, asking me to write. It says:

"It is time for those in the world committed to evolution to listen to the spirit, secret and mystery of the Andes. This is the gathering point of vibrations dear to your heart. Listen. I will tell you in words what you must do. Go as close as you can get to the Cordillera Real which is Sorata. Find the low point under the mountains with your spirit and listen. Listen to me. I am under the Lake and under the mountains. Here you can hear me. It is time for you to take on more; for you to sense more and be more. The 5th dimension IS HERE NOW. Work with the sparkles from the Capstone."

"See the sparkles form a separate pyramid. Then do the step of using the slivers from Inseminating Matrix to form a 5-sided pyramid. Go under it. What you are going to do is thread these expanded 5th dimensional pyramids on a cord running from above your head down your spine into Earth. This will be your own pillar of ascension and will guide you to be 5th dimensional now. You are a seed. Do it now. Then keep writing."

Step 33

I do it. There are 14 pyramid chakras. One under feet, feet, mid-calves, knees, mid-thighs, root, below navel, below heart, heart, below throat, throat, below crown, crown, over head, the shimmering Capstone.

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Mauritimoreal says, "La Paz is a higher Lima; a connection of 20th Century international culture with the spiritual leadership of on high." I leave the elevator, phone, doorman, hot water and red carpets. I go to the Hotel Torino which is so old the floorboards to my room are so thin I step from joist to joist to be safe. In a vain attempt to find out about the other side of the Lake I go to bookstores, Instituto Geographico Militar, and Calle de Brujos (Witch St.)

In yoga I discover a really grand solid sparkling immense Capstone. I let go of my desire to control, center balance in Self and clear. The Capstone becomes round, then formless. I flex my 14-fold 5th dimensional spine. All of a sudden I feel the separate power of spirit. It is like a fierce oil of magnetism. It has brown, black, white, blue facets of liquid viscous jets. This energy is so attractive; separate from my body. I decide to move in it. It comes to be a pure mild soft flying saucer. All is wispy breathings of high delicate sounds. My Gravity Center expands. The pyramid has a straight glowing central channel of bright hot volcanic light. The high and low keys of Tiahuanaco, instead of curling around the Cosmic Juice, reach out straight up.

Step 34

Then I simply join the Great Whole Light Brotherhood, a substantial event. Spirit is dense. I enjoy the state of being although I'm not able to define it. Not lost, very content, I feed my Self with Spiritual Presence. It's the Blue Vortex, positive electric energy. I need to mountain climb. I relate to elementals and ask that they recreate the Capstone spine as long as necessary. Thank "you" for my initiation into the Brotherhood.

On the street, a rush and tremendous noise of a helicopter descending. A man with a machine gun nudges me out of the way. "What's happening?" "El President!" I avoid the crowd.

Next day I take a bus with the Bolivian Andes Club. My Brazilian seat mate and I smile a lot. I feel lighter, gayer, finer the higher we go towards Mt. Chacaltay (5,300 m.) Near the top is an emerald green lake. Above it a deserted adobe hut. People once lived here! I take 1/2 Diamox pill.

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We pass the "Observatorio de Fisica Cosmica." They have set out little white pyramids as "detectors" in a network over the sides of the mountain. The rocks are all colors, metallic, striated or bubbly. Past the unused ski chalet, the snow has melted off the path to the peak. At the top is the purest wilderness of rocky snow covered peaks I've ever seen. Except for misty Lake Titicaca, all the air below looks thick and grey. Only above is rare clean sky. Up is where I want to be.

Step 35

In meditation I do the middle 18 steps. Facing east I feel a volcano of light through the Capstone. As a Brother I rise up over it. I need the Blue Vortex of positive electric energy from my Self and the Peak. I bring it up in a "vesica piscis" over the peak and capture the flame of the Brotherhood. I bring it down into my heart. Now I am a keeper and giver of the flame. Part of me stays here always. The cook returns some money I lost, so I send her the flame in healing.

In the morning I miss the bus to Sorata. After rushing far uphill to another, my fingers are tingling with exertion. Mountains to the right. In Achacachi I get a taxi. We turn from the beautiful Lake Titicaca slowly descending towards the Yungas (jungle). I take a great liking to the twin peaks Ancochuma (7,000 m.) and Illampu very close to my right. I have been doing the Sun Disc Implanting Chant the whole way. Now I get sucked right under the mountain where a flame has been keeping.

Step 36

On Bru-hu-ho, the flames of the implants that had been 1' high, spring to 12'. This extends to all the flames of the Sun Disc so far. The plants are enormous too and the colors billow out like smoke. Without this amplification, everything would have remained in the beginning stages. I make a pyramid in and then over the mountain. Its spirit generously expands the Capstone and zooms it out to hover over Lake Titicaca and the Sun Disc. The mountain is delighted to help. In Millipaya, I change to riding in the back of a truck, along the luscious gorge.

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Step 37

In Sorata (2,700 m.) I enjoy drawing in the garden. I do the 4th node of Candelaria. One morning in yoga I revisit under the mountain. In there is a blast of light. This is the treasure of light I'd like for the center of the Sun Disc. She agrees to beam it over there in exchange for information about how to go on in the 5th dimension. In the afternoon I take another step.

Step 38

I'm thinking of the Summerland Light Center and my friends there in California. How they are almost like a synapse for light. Now that the Feminine Ray is grounded over Lake Titicaca, it reaches out. I feel the outlet, with connections all over Earth. Where there is appreciation of light, this light connects. It's my job to facilitate these connections.

Tomorrow is a celebration of the 1st Bolivian Declaration of Independence from Spain. In 1809 Murrillo said, for Freedom, "This torch I light, let no man put it out." I ask that this be extended to Freedom of Spirit. I awake to a powerful yoga. In the cave of San Pedro is a lake. By it, chant: "Ca-aaaaaaa-Roooooomomoaum-Pi!" It brings the vibes to peak at the top of the mountain where the brotherhood is gathered at the point of power. It's everywhere, the opposite of centered. This fuses all the released Cosmic Juices in the Implants into one solid surface of the Sun disc.

Step 39

This is a powerful signal to Future Civilizations. They can SEE it. It begins to function as a Communication Disc.

Now at Full Moon past Solstice, I look to the sun, inviting Sun People here to supervise developments of the Sun Disc.

What more could I do? My task must be over. I reread my journal counting the steps. Yes, they total 39! I finish the list just as dinner is served.

Page 43
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  1. Get Self from ancient civilizations.
  2. Move only from real Self.
  3. Draw in the ends of the thread of time.
  4. Surround with stone.
  5. Impregnate Matrix.
  6. Will circulation of the nothing.
  7. Eat root.
  8. Resonance channels of circulation.
  9. The teaching of 3 lakes.
  10. Skin stops bleeding.
  11. Spirit mixed in skin.
  12. Through green, the coming of fire, plants, and colors.
  13. Purifying.
  14. Gold Cosmic Juice.
  15. Cosmic Juice freed, as Bill.
  16. Vilque Chico, external cone of Matrix.
  17. Star of Central Intelligence in heart.
  18. Center of Gravity in crown.
  19. Listen.
  20. Move awareness form Crown to heart; calling.
  21. Capstone is here
  22. Maintain highest consciousness.
  23. Form 4 nodes of Candelaria.
  24. Form 5th D. Capstone with slivers from Inseminating Matrix.
  25. How to Implant the Sun Disc.
  26. Healing from Matrix.
  27. The open Capstone with risen Cosmic Juice.
  28. Ground the above.
  29. Earth and I are formless.
  30. Extend high and low notes around risen Cosmic Juice.
  31. Plunge it into Earth.
  32. Put out Blue Vortex of positive energy.
  33. Mauritimoreal and 14-fold spine.
  34. Join the Brotherhood.
  35. Capture the flame of Brotherhood from high mountaintop.
  36. Sorata mountain amplifies Sun Disc, puts Capstone over Lake Titicaca.
  37. Sorata mountain beams light to center of Sun Disc.
  38. Send Feminine Ray from Sun Disc to all light centers on Earth.
  39. Chant, fusing Sun Disc, inviting Sun People caretakers.

I watch the torch light parade and wonder what to do next? Must I finish circling Lake Titicaca when my stomach is this upset? The bad brass band marches around town making noise for independence until 3:30 a.m. I have diarrhea on my sheets. What an anticlimax to the 39 steps.

I dream that a woman is looking for a place to put the Women's Center. That tells me what to do. I'll go to Copacabana in the middle of the Lake.

I take buses to the lovely straits of Tiquina. There's a bunch of flute players with dancers whirling around. Soon on a truck, I'm watching a rainbow to the left of the sun. It's over Copacabana, Puno, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, and the U.S.A. The sunset is beautiful over views of hills, the part of the Lake I didn't go, fields. A great crystal moon startles me from behind. It is all that there is.

Page 44
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At midnight in Copacabana the full moon is straight overhead. In meditation the Capstone is solid golden opal, like the skin of Matrix. At the same time the Capstone is loose, kind of opening and dissolving. I Am the Capstone. A wonderful thing happens. I raise the vibration of Earth one step. First there is light flowing and expansion--the basic gesture. Since it has all been raised uniformly, there's no dazzling, no shock. I feel the pure gold of the Earth archtype sending gold flakes in formlessness.

To substantiate this I create an evolved EIE centered in Earth with the outer limit past the EIE made over the equator. I do the 12 middle steps and I AM LIGHT and repeat the last 39 steps. The teachers, Matrix, ancient civilization, Future Civilizations, the Galaxy People, Sun People and the Brotherhood all agree to help maintain Earth at one step up in vibrations.

I hope it's true. I know it is an illusion. Illusions are where things start.




At the market, I meet 2 friends drinking Api. It's hot and sweet; made from purple corn, cinnamon and cloves. It heals my stomach.

Visiting the shrine of Candelaria, known in the church as Nuestra Senora de Copacabana, I ask for her aid in spreading the light.

She's a doll, an idol, a focus of energy. In the nave of the church is a monstrance with the sign of Candelaria I saw in vision long ago. At sundown I climb the religious hill. From a church on up to the top are 14 massive stone Stations of the Cross, which are now also 5D Inseminated Capstone Chakras due to my affirmations. Past the last cross are seven glassed-in shrines to the 7 Dolors (all traumas) leading to the peak. It is the Virgin. Her whole attention is up-turned in fervent prayer. Obviously this is the Women's Center. Seated at its base, I meditate and ask that vibrations of Earth be upped one more step. From here I am so moved to see the Island of Amantani. It seems so long ago.

Page 45
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The next day, I will meditate all day on a large private deck with a view of all. All morning I sit. At noon I take a sun bath. I need to be exposed in every way. I never knew how much I like meditating. It is the best thing in the world to do. I begin to feel lighter. I am the embodiment of lightness. I'm in an arena with Candelaria. It gets clear that EIEs are what spirit needs to manifest the 5th dimension. But for the Women's Center we need an all Navaz Nergy EIE. Is this possible? One is made. The participating spirits are 10 high females. I have a hard time including me, but I must. This doesn't mean I'm on their level, but we are working together. The top and bottom are left open to "Invite the Light" energies. We congregate. We send out replicas. Then EIE collapses. The 2 Navaz sides meet in a hemisphere. It reminds me of the Virgin's halo on the hill--10 stars around. It pops back and forth like a piston. It's a generator.

Caroling, Belle Winde, Yvoannes, Marea, Peacea, Candelaria, Leora, Matilde, Essie, St. Germaine.

Page 46

At 6 a.m. I wake from a good night's sleep and go right into deep yoga, in the Navaz EIE. I love it and the company of the female spirits. We extended to co-exist with the grand EIE centered below Lake Titicaca, and the great Earth EIE created when the vibrations were raised. It is done easily. In I SEND LIGHT we send the Navaz Nergy light to the center of the Sun Disc. The sun comes up at this moment. I ask help of the Sun People. They're delighted. So as not to be overpowered, I send via 2 pools as horns. One to what needs healing and one to Matrix. A big circuit is set up of beautiful power flows. This special Navaz light is now available from Sun Disc to world. This is the Feminine Ray Benefit. I'm totally overjoyed. I've never felt so happy as I am today. Walking to market, I'm afraid people will think I'm on a drug trip. Back in meditation, my space is an expanding space vehicle. Out come pale spidery life forms. They resemble the UFO, with lightning legs. They can live where the Feminine Ray is exerted. Like lichens on rocks, they'll lead to higher spirit forms later.

I exchange love and greetings with St. Germaine, Feminine aspect of the Amethyst Ray, great New Age guide; and with Matilde, Saint of the Red Hand of Matrix, herald of Future Civilizations and evolution. There's a pressing in coral intensity. I'm being initiated into the Sisterhood. It's different from the Brotherhood and men can be initiated too. I meet Candelaria, the first human to follow Matrix and establish a Female Center at Lake Titicaca. With each spirit I exchange essence. Belle Winde is my perfect mate--me so slow, her so fast. She's the little understood representative of Chaos and Power, messenger of the Nagual. Leora, Saint of the 5th dimension, guide for transformation, I find so hard to meet. I'm not ready yet. Peacea comes teaching me whirling pools with dark centers. As much darkness as is needed is available. This helps me conceive the brightness. It is a flame, intensified. Peacea is a Feminine aspect of St. Michael, archangel and personal guide to Ascension. Essie, the Pomo Indian Shaman, bringer of great wisdom, appears as the tiniest black dot, non-existent, the essence of a point, having no other dimension. Marea, the Mother of Christ, most effective Ascended Master for many people today, embodies Sacred Heart, Goddess, and St. Elizabeth. She teaches steam, where the water of Self is burned in the Flame of the Sisterhood and is contained with the high and low notes of Step 30.

After the initiation come the freedoms.

  1. Freedom of Expansion.
  2. Freedom of Speed.
  3. Freedom of Sound.
  4. Freedom of Brightness.
  5. Freedom of Joy.
  6. Freedom of Stillness.
  7. Freedom of color.

I favor and explore the last freedom. How can all colors be in one place at one time? They can. I blend it with the others, partaking in a great Sisterhood exercise of Freedom. What a turn-on. This has replicas and can be communicated by the sun Disc.

At noon in the sun bath, I'm getting interviewed by Sun People, there on the sun. They have news and I'm on it. The topic is the progress of the Sun Disc and the grounding of the Feminine Ray on Earth. It doesn't take the form of logical exposition. Sending a kind of beam or X-ray, they "get the picture" directly. I feel better and better all the time.

Page 47
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Later Gaia comes. She is the spirit of Mother Earth. She gives me a process including making an Earth EIE of mysterious Still Light and the formless Point. I do it. She tells me this is the ultimate of powers available through the Sun Disc. They are:

  1. Communication.
  2. Gold, released Cosmic Juices.
  3. Navaz Nergy EIE.
  4. Sisterhood initiation Freedom Celebration.
  5. Still Light Point EIE.

As the sun nears the horizon I hear that Tscheschipo is here. He has finally reached his destination. It is circulation with Still Light Point EIE in Earth with Gaia. A bell in town clangs! Meditation is done for the day. I wonder what I'll do tomorrow. Could go to the other side of the Lake, to the Island of the Sun, home, etc. In 4 dreams I wildly try to adjust to the new insights. Life changes are always hard for me.

The day does not dawn. It's cloudy and I'm depressed. I meditate again. A depressed day is just as real as a high day. It takes me all day to find out that I wish to send healing from the true center of the Women's Center. The shrine on the hill is the outer gate. But the Point is our altar. True healing comes from the Point.

Next day I catch the bus for Yunguyo and for Puno. I concentrate on the sparkling state, feeling Earth upped in vibration several steps.

In Puno mobs of people want to go to Cuzco. The trains are full. I take the bus--like going on horseback. Our spirits are kept high by musicians. We rise into snow-capped mountains, leaving the bleak Altiplano. My heart tweaks. At the pass I say, "Tscheschipo is here," mentally bashing the news over the heads of the mountains. A dirt leak develops over my head in the bus. It reminds me that Tscheschipo culminated in Copacabana. Serves me right.

Cuzco (3,500 m.) is nice but I'm drawn to Machu Picchu.

At 5 a.m. I'm the only gringo jammed into a 2nd class train with the people, descendants of the Incas and the spirits who ascended from this land.

I get off the train into an awesome place. There's a thrill of excitement as the bus switches back and forth up the vertical hill with views of jungle plant-covered slopes woven with misty skies.

Page 48
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I step onto Machu Picchu. I see Candelaria and candles on all the hills. On this shelf there once was water, for blessing.

I feel at home. "Tscheschipo is here." I say. This is the last time I say it.

Three rocks in three rooms give a clue to the psychtronic generator for Matrix circulation of the Nothing Point.

Sitting in a flat triangle, I catch a pendulum in my head. I hear, "Calor", and I go up a string to spirits who come down over me as a mantle of feathers.

The ruins are intricate, fascinating. Rooms, passageways, terraces grow out of natural rocks, grassy areas and hills in a maze. I now go towards Huayna Picchu, the dominating peak.

Page 49
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I climb Huayna Picchu.

Incas built a stone path up the steep sides to the top. If a stone gave, I would crash far to the river below.

After an hour I'm at the top perched on loosely stacked 2 meter diameter boulders.

Energy smokes up from within, below. An ascension pillar rises overhead. This is ascension peak. Actually the energy is an experience of the Point of the capstone of the pyramid. This is the yang Earth point that picks up vibrations from Matrix and amplifies them for the world.

I create an EIE here, more to the Point than ever, setting up permanent reverberations with the Sun Disc of Lake Titicaca. I get the message there is a flame waiting to be liberated below the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Page 50
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I come down from Huayna Picchu. Standing on this rock, the flame comes into my heart. I walk to the great Altar, made of finely finished, huge stones. I bow my head in prayer.

A French couple interrupts, asking me to stand aside so they can photograph the Altar. Moving back, I ask for light to surround them. The flame is kindled on the Altar! It's time to go on the bus down. But I'm not ready to leave Machu Picchu. I walk down the railroad track to Aguas Caliente, a little town by the roaring river. In a room with 5 beds and 4 families, I lie, intent on extremely compelling visions. I'm given Orchid color in the Capstone and a chakra-style pillar of ascension; material for keeping the flame going. I'm welcomed into very colorful spirit surroundings.

It is clear that I have lived at Machu Picchu in a past life. I felt it today. I knew what everything was for. This has all been a projection. Really, I, She is an Incan Initiate. This trip to Peru has been her task mainly. She incarnated in me as the perfect partner for her aim. Now it is almost finished. She returns to her place; her time. The people in this room are her genetic connection. I am simultaneously Caroling from California and Tschiripaiya of Peru. Realities weave together. We have done well. I wake early and escape the mildewed room, forgetting my sun hat.

I think to look for the brightest star Sirius. It's about the time of year Egyptians began Sirius-worship. Over a peak is Orion. Sirius must be just below, a bit ahead of dawn.

Page 51
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My feet are remembering the path up the hill now. As Tschiripaiya I have taken this path often. It comes to me--the Stone Makers came to Machu Picchu's heights before this path was made. They materialized on top--no need to climb.

Strange information about their ways come to mind. I realize this will be useful to Tschiripaiya in her ascension. They "curl the C" around the Lake. I am reminded that the Liquid Starlight of the Mind uses Gold Juices. Stone Makers can go straight to the source of Cosmic Juices instead of transmuting them as we must do.

This reminds me of beings I met in last night's meditation. Each had a secret about dematerializing the body, said to be the same (extended) technique used to cut and move the stones. Tupurac Amaru. Princess Tsilba and her teaching about "Eoauam" beings. Vishailya, Princess Chelda, Oromaya Pankeke Chinchimaya, Equeko, and Totalia.

The air is clear and dawn filters down between the peaks. Inti! The Incan name for Sun. Today I will worship in T.

On the most difficult path is a tree of orchids. Does this relate to the Lantan plant, the root at Matrix? Is it now flowering for me to eat this living color? I chew some of the juice. It's sweet and delicate like the root at Matrix. I always have had a passion for orchid. I wear the flower over my spiritual heart.

Page 52
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Home to Machu Picchu. I go straight to the Moon Cave. It is said to be the Royal Tomb. I marvel at how well the "natural" (made by Stone Makers?) giant slanting boulder is used for one wall with shaped stones filling in between. I stop first in the Preparation Room, sloping the other way. In these rooms one must face the problem of balance. The rooms throw one off. The altar or Moon Hitching Post is hard to sit on without careening over. Everything tilts differently. It is time for me to know absolute straightness, inner balance. I tell the photographers I will not move for their pictures.


preparation room

Page 53
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The moon, Navaz Nergy, the Point -- sustain my meditation. I come out and above into the sunshine. At the upper field, snow covered peaks are visible to East and West. The two great stones at the entrance to the Altar hold my balance. I center in the Point at the center of the flame.

I find my niche. It fits me exactly.

looking down on the Moon Altar

Page 54
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I come up to the small raised area around the Intihuatana, the Sun Hitching Post. Here is a group of people doing a ceremony. My heart rushes for joy. At last someone is using a holy place as it is intended. At last, kindred spirits. I could blend into their circle, but I find a small triangular place where the healing guide sits. One by one they each take a turn leaving the circle, going to the stone base, raising their hands on high, kneeling and bowing to the Post, then reaching up once more toward the sun. I center an EIE around the stone. I direct Yvoannes to heal each person; bring the flame to burn in the heart of each reacher. The Capstone spark is given so the reacher will act on information from Future Civilizations.

Page 55
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The Capstone light extends to a sphere the size of the circle of aspirants. I soothe the non-sympathetic tourists. And generally promote this invocation.

The group finishes and regroups nearby. I'm drawn to the Post and its setting. I climb up on the rock studying the Vibe-shaped base. One might spiral in counterclockwise to kneel in the group's position, then take one step up and walk clockwise to kneel facing SW with elbows on the sun stone. I pray and enter deeply into the bliss of ascension, the spirit of ascension. I am not separate anymore.

I hear a loud man's voice approaching, saying, "Look at that! I come here yesterday and there are too many people to take pictures. No look...these people are trying to take over." My meditation is strong. I know he wants me to leave, but I feel this is my time, the fulfillment of my task. I am preparing to ascend. "You know," shouts the man, angrily continuing to berate me as he stomps up on the stone, "this is not your place. Now get out of my way. This is my place too!" He sits right down on the Sun Post top, pinning my sleeve under him.

The blessing comes through me. I get the Point. I am healed. I can heal. I am strong in spirit and this man is very needy in spirit. I place my hands on his back and chest, surrounding his heart. The energy flows. Nothing could be more beautiful. The man is unaware, yet moves not under my hands. I say, "You can't separate this place from the people using it. They should be in your pictures. This place isn't only the way it looks."

West Side View

Top View Kneel Kneel

Page 56
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"Feel this energy. This is what this place is all about." He gets up threateningly, the closest he can come to acknowledging the intensity permeating us. I stand aside. I say, "I hope some of the spirit of this place comes into your picture. And then into your heart."

Page 57
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He rushes to frame it, to shoot it. He tries to "get" it, but he has missed the point. The camera may be a more dangerous discovery for people than atomic power. But someday, the healing will reach him.

A friendly man approaches and shakes my hand. "I'd like to apologize for my friend there. Sorry he bothered you. He didn't know what he was doing." I smile, "Thanks." A few minutes later, a couple of other people from the spiritual tour group give me their sympathy. "I was so mad at him I wanted to push him off the stone." "What right did he have to interrupt you?" Her friend adds, "You really understood our group. You were one with us and this was your turn." Another comes, "I almost felt you were part of our group. You really added a lot." Then I sink into a real Greater Bay Area hug. How fine to feel formless spirit together. I whimper with spiritual relief. "Thanks, friends."

I go down to the Pacha Mama stone, the gateway to Huayna Picchu. I chant AUM with a couple from the group there. I AUM silently into the Point and the formless.

Page 58
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I continue through the various teaching stations for ascension.

Down below the square field is a tilted triangular rock with heart height rock (L) in front of it. I pray, facing east, getting a great rush of energy for ascension.

Sitting in the center of the square (M) is where to learn of the 5th Dimension. I set up Candelaria nodes at the corners. Tscheschipo and Tschiripaiya celebrate Altar (alter) with me. I pour water ritually. This is where to "ring the bell" alternating consciousness from Gravity Center to Heart as in Step 20. When I dematerialize, where do I go? I see EIEs deforming, zooming into new building blocks.

Walking south, by the big rock is a crevice (N) big enough to stand in. Face the rock, do sound healing to self and Gaia to find Inner Eye conducive to clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Next, an interesting triple triangle stone (O). Walk up steps to where a tetrahedronal pyramid capstone would be. Experience awareness below the knees.

Then comes a triangular cave (P) pointing towards Huayna Picchu. It is at the same level as the natural rock hill above Pacha Mama Rock, (Q). In Incan times, someone sleeps here constantly. I ignite the Flame here too. It fills the cavern. The one who stays here amplifies energy to the top of Huayna Picchu. This one will be next to ascend.

Then there is another rock-shadowed space (R) for initiates aspiring to ascension. Many sleep here, waiting to graduate to the first cave.

Above to the right are 9 curved ever-widening terraces, one for each Chakra. From the top wall (9th) protrude 8 ascending stepping stones (S). During the climb, a cleansing of Chakras and a healing of spirit by spirits.

This leads directly to a massive stone suggestively shaped as an ark. It is the map stone (T); the mandala and centering stone to the whole place. Also called the funerary stone. Here I talk to ancestors, have interaction with spirits. We make new contacts and exchange learning. Here I help a woman from the spiritual tour group be reconciled with her husband, who has passed away. Her gratitude is heart-warming. I ask "what is my path now that I'm free from my Peru task? Who am I?" I see red blood flowing down the stairs. The message is: sacrifice is the red carpet to ascension. My main feeling is cellular, atomic, nuclear. The Point of the pyramid is brought to each lowly body part and chakra.

At noon, while the spiritual tour members meditate at 4 sacred sites, I invoke the 5th D. climbing the Inca Trail up to the Gate of the Sun (U) where one first sees Machu Picchu when arriving on the trail. I throw my orchid flower (imbued with heart healing) asking that each entrant be given a Flame, Capstone Point and sphere of EIE with I EAT LIGHT, to raise the vibes of Earth and here. I ask the devas and spirits of Machu Picchu, Dream Power and Yvoannes to do it.

Page 59
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Machu Picchu map key

A Shelf

B At Home

C Triangle Rock

D 3 Rocks

E Huayna Picchu

F Flame Stone

G Great Altar

H Orchid Tree

I Moon Cave

J Sun Stone

K Pacha Mama

L Heart High

M Square Field

N Crevice

O Triple Stone

P Cave

Q Rock Hill

R 2nd Cave

S 9 Terraces

T Map Stone

U Sun Gate

(Alphabetical locations are not exact)

stairs road footpath.

Aguas Calliente River Railroad


I'm exhausted with my effort and achievement. I hardly notice the passage until I wake up in Hotel Cuzco. I'm feeling so strange now that Tschiripaiya has gone. I see how she had to etherealize and ascend. Even Tscheschipo and the spirits are gone. Somewhere on the way to Machu Picchu they have found their path. But my burning question is who am I now? I feel so free of my past.

In Cuzco I find Vida Integral, a spiritually-oriented restaurant. Here I feel totally nourished and inspired to bring spirit into ordinary everyday Earth life life.

In yoga I see glistening colors, a congregation of complexity approaches. I'm given a wooden staff of leadership from the Incan angels who haunt Cuzco. I'm to use it to promote hierarchy. When Tschiripaiya ascends, each initiate rises one step. We're all connected, bubbling up. Ethereal organs of Direct Transmission through the Sun Disc could lead to perfect Spiritual Government. Here's to Health.

Page 60
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Before dawn, the morning when I will leave the highlands, I see the star Sirius. I'm not alone. Sirius' energies and the Sisterhood surround me. A piece of material from the star is embedded in me. Its aura shines through mine to help give the leadership of Health to Earth. I cry big sobs. I'm all wet, remembering my failures. But the star in me is bright, stronger than tears and dries me out. Boom!! A cannon shot shakes the atmosphere. Today is the Peruvian Fiesta of Independence. For me it celebrates new inner light.

A stone monument at the airport seems to represent Incan windows in flight to the Point. I mingle with the spiritual tour group again. We meet a shaman from the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. He says my preparation was not right for going there. I hug him goodby.

I fly, mind misted as the sky, watching the beautiful river curving ribbons in the jungle. We come down beside it in Iquitos. For days in the oppressive heat of the wet jungle air it will be impossible to separate from descension. I'm in mourning for my old self. I hate Tschiripaiya. She believed in what she was doing. I hate her for using me and leaving me this dirty future with nothing to look forward to. I'm a middle-aged woman in an ugly foreign city. I can't seem to get to the bottom of my grief, it seems so much greater than I, a jungle I can't quite reach. I'm sorry Sisterhood, light vibrations, gold Capstone. She was the flower then; now I'm the faded, crushed, withered blossom. Maybe the Sirius star piece is illuminating my negativity. Everything is crude, dull, meaningless. My indifference may be a mask for disappointment that this long-awaited trip was so meagre in actuality; in fantasy, rich. I made a good story out of paltry scant material. And there's only a shred of evidence in its truth or goodness--the group connection at Machu Picchu. Can I rest my case on such slim proof? If I do believe the story, the let-down of having been deserted by my main personality component is unbearable.

Thank Goddess! I reconnect in my yoga with the gold Cosmic Juice drop of the ethereal Sun Disc of Lake Titicaca. I get the feeling I could increase it. I await the consensus of the Sisterhood Council of EIE and seekers of the Cosmic Juice. I can make a giant puddle out from lake Titicaca to Iquitos and all around.

Page 61
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The Spiritual Tour Group, devotees everywhere, Galaxy People and band of spirits gathered through Peru and Bolivia help. The flow is started and a solid sphere Earth Cosmic Juice drop is made. This will enable us to function on a higher plane.

I go through multicolored small wiggly worms to communicate with colored light beings. Then comes the after-image state. It is pale turquoise blue--soothing, electric, most refined. It hits me--that's the color of the Earth aura. I experience ascension into formlessness. This uncreated state is fully available here and now. It's not a different place. Ascension is a state of mind. It is best to acknowledge the tremendous potential of Earth. I tune into a thick turbulent energy, the undiscovered riches and the plants, the vision of paradise, Paititi. I go out to talk to the plants and animals here. My mood is evanescent. One moment I have no faith, the next I feel on the brink of discovering Paititi.

Awhile ago, St. Michaiel told me to look for teachings from the Amazon on new moon day. This has been it. I have decided to be law-abiding, to follow the lessons of order and hierarchy. I'm not going to import these coca leaves. I'll chew them here where it is legal. "Yvoannes, bring me the best healer spirit in the Amazon area. Bring it right before me on the bed. I place this piece of bark from the jungle for it to rest on. I offer these coca leaves, this llipta (lime mineral) and this ring for the joining of our spirits. I have come here to the headwaters of the Amazon of Spirit. I come from the Incas and the north as a friend. Yvoannes, call."

The coca leaves taste green, good. The llipta to mix with them burns my mouth. The first movement of consciousness is the water in the river, wind, and sap flow, snake. Grasp or emulate with your spirit, flute song. The Lake's name may be Paititi Cocha. A circle of 13 tiny healers appears around the bark. It grows to a great succulent, irridescent flower bud on my bed. "Yvoannes, allow me to experience the leadership visions of the Ayahuasca Vine, the Yaje leaves, and the Vilca Yopo. They must see me too. It must be real."

The flower glows phosphorescent green. The room becomes the jungle and the flower is the fire. About 13 of us around the campfire. We are snakes and tigers and trees. The jungle closes in so we are tight. We rise up as the smoke of the flower fire. We travel on our electric blue positive charge on the surface of the Earth, snaking towards Paititi. It's on the magnetic equator, near the river Alto Madre de Dios. I'm really there. That is, it is here in... At this point all the electricity goes off. Paititi cannot co-exist with the electricity here. The message is clear in the dark. I go in the flame in the center of the flower. This is the 3rd flame of my initiation; flame of Paititi.


Page 62-63
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The ring closes around me. Ring of healers? Ring of the Feminine Ray? The M.E.T. body Twistor?* All are similar images. Maybe they have a common identity. The ring squeezes the flame until it finally cuts it into 2 flames, top and bottom. Pool them. This starts a chain reaction. Top and bottom are ringed, subdivided. The more divisions, the faster it goes. This fills my body, my surroundings and goes out to fill the world. The flame of Paititi fires the Cosmic Juice sphere.

As a tiger I'm watching the fire. I become a drop of dew which rolls down the trunk of a tree, sinks into the Earth, is drawn into a root and up the inside of the tree, goes through changes in the leaf. I sweat out and evaporate up, rising into the atmosphere. I meet and become fallout. Here's the change. Without the Cosmic Juice affirmation and the spread flame affirmation, fallout causes destruction. It can cause evolution of the whole. Back in the group of healers, I'm told Paititi is a pattern.

I'm molded holographically in its image so I can do its mandala. To draw it, the lights come on.

* See LIGHT BODY by Caroling, 1980, pages 10-11 and pages 12-13.

Page 63
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Tschiripaiya is oiled and given special tea. She is dressed in a simple poncho. Leaving the general ceremony, she goes with two companions, one ahead and one behind. This is the light of morning.

When the sun hits something, there's a song. She hears them singing below as she goes up Huayna Picchu. Near the top, below the big rock, she takes off her garland of flowers and places it over Rosa's head. This is symbolic.

They have studied the story of Lake Titicaca, the Capstone of the pyramid, the Point, the Sun Disc and the fulfillment of the prophesies. Tschiripaiya speaks, telling them their incarnative duties. Warmi is to use the flame to raise vibrations of Earth, a cosmic task. Rosa is to spread this knowledge to the people. Tschiripaiya gives them visions of the future by doing the Feminine Ray handshake with each one.

Page 64
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Standing silently, they review the final steps to ascension. Bring someone up behind you. Concentrate on being "Eoaum," a being able to dematerialize the body. Use a technique like the one used to cut and move stones. Assert the circulation of Matrix and the Earth archtype. Curl out the circulation around each molecule. Assert vividly, knowledge of the Point. Go into the 5th dimension. Draw in the snake, or thread of time to the Point. Encase it in stone. Go up, shine gold and follow the angle of the Inca window. See the Liquid Starlight of the Mind.

Giant boulders are flung at the top of Huayna Picchu. Many spaces slant mysteriously into the darkness. But there's one definite, mine-like hole in. It is big enough for a person to fall into.

They remove their sandals and walk barefoot up the slanted, triangularly-shaped rock. One by one, they walk over the black hole. Warmi and Rosa are reincarnated in 1967. Tschiripaiya ascends, her body ethereally transformed beyond light. It is the year 1543.

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Page 66 and 67
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End papers, same as front (Map of the trip)

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Back cover, same as the front (title and subtitles)


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