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Healing energy - Center of Vision

The center of vision refers to what Sanskrit writings call the "Cave of Brahma" in the center of your brain. There is a movie showing an imaginative spin of the center, called Hallow Hollow. The energy of the center is visualized in the movie, Into the Void. Vision encompasses eyesight and what you envision, or see with your mind's eye.

On the Hieloheal page, I say the "The focus of consciousness shown is located in the third ventricle of the brain. This cavity is sometimes called the "Cave of Brahma." I learned about it from the book, Nuclear Evolution, Discovery of the Rainbow Body by Christopher Hills. Figures on pages 595 and 986 show the location. The text is fascinating, such as, "... 'The Cave of Brahma' at III referred to in the Sanskrit texts as the seat of resonance with the ONE ocean of cosmic vibrations."

In 2005 I found some good external reference pages that are gone in 2010. They use terms that are outside of my practice, such as Hamsa soul, but I translate into what is meaningful to me. Here are the historical links:

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