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Access to Wholeo Online -> wholeO Onward

In 2017 we moved to wholeO Onward and haven't updated Access. Web changes faster than I can. For example, on a desktop I click a QR code image for and jump to this page but on a phone I am at the intro.

Here are the current and planned ways for you to access Wholeo Online. For information about Web site design, see yours or mine. External sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Google+, for example, sometimes have Wholeo content that is linked from related pages. Or you can go there directly. See a collection of connections at External Sites - Access.

Current Access

See access basics (including appearance, plug-ins, and indexing), mode, and maps.

Planned Access

See access level and kinds of access.
  • Access level. Three access levels vary with the degree of consensus reality required, ranging from the objective to the subjective. For example, consider accessing information about my trip to New Zealand. The plan is to make the access level selectable. It should be like gears that you can shift. In hi-res graphic access you might zoom along a highway, and shift levels by clicking near the top of the window. To move up, you click and drag up. This accesses dimensions beyond 3D.

  • Other kinds of access. There are other kinds of access I'd like to provide, which are outside of the scope for the foreseeable future. (Except as implemented in isolated cases.) Some of these are:
  • Web site design

    You and Wholeo Online

    Pleased that you are here. I'd like you to link to my site and spread the contents of Wholeo Online far and wide, if we can agree on a few terms. The terms are under construction, but up and running.

    Wholeo Online site design

    Here are some clues to help me remember how to create web pages and notes on helpful resources.

    How 2s

    For starters, here are readme files for:
    1. making a hybrid CD with web browser access methods
    2. making an object movie with QTVR.


    For links and thanks for specific things, see Credits for help with Wholeo Online.

    The author (Caroling) was a member of The HTML Writers Guild . The graphics email list from HWG was helpful. Along the way, useful email list groups were JavaScript, Netscape, SuperCard, and the millennium (talk2000). In June, 1998, I haunted a number of QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) lists and lurked on the earth rainbow network (ERN) and spirit web lists. In 2000, Flash and web lists. In 2011 it's video and social networking And so on.

    Made With a Mac

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