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For background, see the Wholeo symbol page.

Using content from Wholeo Online,

The copyright for the stained glass dome Wholeo is registered under the name Caroling, my fictitious business artist's name. The Web site images have the default copyright. I encourage you to use any part of the content in any not-for-profit way with respect to Creative Commons license (see below) or as long as:
  1. my copyright notice, the Wholeo icon and the Internet location are prominently displayed respective to the content use,
  2. you send me a copy of the content use, including the entire brochure, book, paper, publication, or Web site URL and
  3. you obtain my written permission granting your one-time use of each image or quote.
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For the display, see How to.

Using the word Wholeo or its icon

Other people have used the word "Wholeo", that's not mine. Notably the domain name "wholeo" was once derived from "Who Leo?" the name of someone's friendly neighborhood squirrel.

But if you use the word Wholeo to refer to my work or my concepts of a visionary search for the whole self, please give me credit. Credit can be in the form of a link to Wholeo Online, that is, or any of its pages, whatever is appropriate. For details on the icon, see Wholeo Symbol.

How to

Copy the image to the same directory as the page where it will appear. Copy the code to the page source. Of course you can use relative paths or recreate the code in your page editor, if you want. If you are linking to another page or anchor on Wholeo Online, you'll have to add that page URL or anchor to the HTML code, too. In late 1999, the icon is evolving, but any form is OK, pick what you like.
  1. Link

    • Note, 2013, Flash buttons don't work on all devices and the symbols need to be rotated 90°, so their use is not recommended.

    • Wholeo Online Wholeo Online logo by Caroling, .

      <A HREF="">Wholeo Online<IMG SRC="woWhite.gif" WIDTH=34 HEIGHT=30 BORDER=0 ALT="Wholeo Online logo" ></A>by Caroling

    • Wholeo Online Wholeo Online logo by Caroling, .

      <A HREF="">Wholeo Online<IMG SRC="woBlack.gif" WIDTH=34 HEIGHT=30 BORDER=0 ALT="Wholeo Online logo" ></A>by Caroling,

  2. Credit

    To give credit for content use, use the appropriate text, if needed, the copyright notice, and use a link as shown above.

Other uses

Let's talk. I'd be happy to work with you to share Wholeo Online in every imaginable way. In the future, if the Wholeo logo changes, if I know about your link, I can send email about the update. Another idea is that I might like to link to your site, pointing out how you have used this content. If that is OK, let me know.

Creative Commons

I'm considering the following change, adapted from

Creative Commons License
The original author is; except as noted, the work on the site,, is licensed under a Creative Commons License. In other words, the Attribution should link to this site.

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