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Whologo blueOriginal Wholeo Symbol button symbol 2013 Wholeo symbol shaman seed 2013Wholeo Galactic Symbol 2015 Wholeo symbol Beyond 2017Wholeo symbol or logo is an expanded circle or sphere. It often has a central inner eye and radiates vibe shapes. To the right is the original online version.

Wholeo 2024

Wholeo 2024 Symbol 2019

Beyond 2017

Wholeo Galactic symbol 2015

Wholeo Beyond Symbol 2017

Galaxy 2015

Wholeo Galactic symbol 2015

Wholeo Galactic Symbol 2015

Seed 2013

Wholeo symbol at the Noint Joint

Wholeo Symbol 2013

On July 11, 2013 A seed arrived. It was by slightly flexing the arms of Wholeo symbol so they overlapped slightly and in the junction was the shaman seed. See Wholeo symbol 2013.


Wholeo symbol 2012, shifted

Wholeo symbol at the Noint Joint

Wholeo Symbol at the Noint Joint

Wholeo symbol 2013 onOn December 21, 2012 shift happened. Wholeo symbol rotated 90° counter-clockwise (that is, to the left). The symbol has spun and rotated at the Noint Joint before, as envisioned in the movie on that page. Also as visualized in the pineal as shown in this movie. I guess I'll find more to say about the profound implications of this turn of events in time. Usually image (vision) precedes words (expression as verbal meaning). It will take time to propagate this change where it applies throughout this website, wholeo.net. Also there is more to the vision than the skeleton, the opened circle. To come. Promises, ... promises, ... enough come true to keep me going.

As a symbol, it is an idea that can be expressed in many slightly varying forms. The tiniest yet was the one at sito.org Wholeo logo at sito. (By 2004, SITO enlarged the logos.)

Wholeo Symbol 2012 from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo.

Where did it come from?
In 1975, I needed a picture rather than a word for the concept of the creative principle of the whole, such as God, and the search for the whole self (which I called Wholeo). One day I asked the question directly (how does Wholeo look?). Immediately the answer came in a simple vision of the symbol. I've used it ever since. bowl-shaped field emitters as Wholeo symbolOver time it has deepened in imagery and meaning. In 1996, related to Böhme's symbol. In 2009, a related root in Labrys. In 2011, use of the wholeo symbol function within the Place of the Noosphere in Cosmic Evolution poster. In 2013, as "bowl-shaped magnetic field emitters" demonstrated scientifically in The Primer video series. See related images.

What does it mean?
Consider a circle. Commonly, a circle is an expression of wholeness or completeness. It can encircle everything. Buckminster Fuller helped me understand that whenever we inscribe a form, we usually think of what is inside the form. But the form consists of what is inside and all that is outside the outline we have drawn. For example, if you draw a circle around the equator of the earth, what is inside your circle? It could be that you have outlined the southern or the northern hemisphere on the surface of the earth.

The circle is a good symbol of consciousness, with the focus as a point in the center. The Wholeo symbol collapses what is inside the circle of consciousness to the point. That is the eye of Wholeo. The Wholeo symbol wraps the outside of the circle to two outward facing cups. These cups are open to all. The cups leave the all undefined and unenclosed. It could be described as an interface to what is within and without.

The vibe shapes radiating from the center express the awareness at the point of consciousness contained in the Wholeo symbol.

What is the use?
The Wholeo symbol helps describe abstract concepts such as the big bang, body positions such as the spiritual experience of doing a back bend, historical symbols such as the chalice, geometric dynamics such as parts of a torus, or anything with a dual focus. It can be a modifier or a verb. I will provide many more graphics.

Digital images of Wholeo, the symbol, are collecting. Time to start a gallery. Here are some images from lostNfound (studio).

3D wholeo 3D wholeo 3D wholeo

vibe WholeoFrom the Vibe Coloring Book, another view of Wholeo, also painted on the house


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