Shaman Seed as given on July 11

Wholeo symbol 2013, 2015

During meditation on July 11, 2013 seed arrived. From blog: "It was by slightly flexing the arms of Wholeo symbol so they overlapped slightly and in the junction was the shaman seed. Everything I gain during this trip will be like layers of a seed. Maybe the nutrition and the this and the that parts are to come, but this is the core."

"Did artwork of the shaman seed new Wholeo symbol 2013."

Added Geome crystal centered in the symbol. Read the context on August 18 and September 5.

Shaman Seed with Geome crystal center

In 2015 added a Wholeo Galactic symbol. Compare Wholeo Galactic and Wholeo symbols with Grass/Path.

Wholeo Galactic and Wholeo symbols with Grass/Path

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