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Wholeo Galactic Symbol/Logo/Icon 2015

This year is Wholeo Galactic 2015. Events of this year continue evolving from 2012 as shift happens. Above is the Wholeo Galactic Symbol that has branched off and evolved from the Wholeo symbol, currently Wholeo symbol, shaman seed eye, 2013. Why?

It's about being at GC, Galactic Center and needing an icon or logo of presence. In 2012 I go galactic. In 2013 shift happens and I advance via EIEbing to Galactic Center, synchronizing with the galactic beam. In 2014 galactic experience expands. In 2015 I reconnect with the evolutionary Elobeing and need to show up and recognize others at GC.

The symbol took form from visions. Starting in November, 2014, being welcomed at GC, the metaphor was getting a seat reserved for me. Taking my seat at GC, I experienced getting a coating that allows me to be seen and to see others there. Journal entries record seeing the seat as the chair at GC. Connecting with the evolutionary child, "I" was to appear at GC as an Elobeing. Following the Elobeing connecting with Galactic Center Consciousness, GCC, integrating with galactic wholeness. Seeing the chair as sequins overlaid with sea sparkle, Elobeing banners and Geome crystal. Thinking of having a galactic icon or logo with Geome sparkles and the Wholeo symbol, the Elobeing banners came to center.

The Gulf seemed to embody the sparkling waves circling to eventually evolve into the logo.

Gulf of Mexico on January 2, 2015

Gulf of Mexico on January 2, 2015

Wholeo Galactic and Wholeo symbol with Grass/PathFor how this symbol relates to my lifelong work, see Wholeo Galactic and Wholeo Symbols with Grass/Path.

Lookout 2015. See also Wholeo Galactic Symbol Goes to Galactic Center.
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