Wholeo Galactic and Wholeo logos with Grass/Path symbols

Wholeo Galactic and Wholeo Symbols with Grass/Path

Wholeo Grass/Path

The painting Grass/Path contrasts and unites the Wholeo Galactic and the Wholeo symbols. It stands for a division in my mind and work. In the screen painting, a footprint is at the start of a division line. Choose the defined path to the right or the undefined path to the left. In 1963, the idea came to me while walking on the pavement in a park. The sidewalk had a clearly defined, common goal, shared with others. To the side was a grassy hill. If I stepped off the path, I was free to go in the direction of my choice, with unknown destination and sharing.

The Wholeo Galactic symbol is in the grass. It is mystic and associated with the nagual (a term defined by Carlos Castaneda denoting the unknown). It is the visionary part of me involved in art, meditation, imagination, color and evolution of consciousness. She knows no boundaries. The Wholeo symbol is on the path. It is earth and associated with the tonal (also Castaneda, everything we can talk about, from dirt to God). She is the nature-loving part of me that is the photographer, hiker, technical writer and mother.

Up until 2015, the Wholeo symbol has stood for all of me. Now I'm going off the deep end into the wild, blue yonder. Some of you know that I'm already off the deep end. True, it is not new, but my commitment to the adventure is deepened. For me, the Galactic Center is what astronomy says is physically beyond the stars and a point our solar system turns on. But greater than that, going galactic is far out, beyond reach of my earthly senses, an uncharted evolutionary direction. As risky and tantalizing as a black hole. It needs and has claimed a new symbol.

See video of Wholeo Galactic Symbol goes to Galactic Center.

Lookout 2015.
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