Elobeing galactic logo or icon in action

Wholeo Galactic Symbol in Action

Lookout for 2015

Elobeing Galactic logoThis year is Wholeo Galactic 2015. Events of this year continue evolving from 2012 as shift happens. To the right is the Wholeo Galactic Symbol that has branched off and evolved from the Wholeo symbol, currently Wholeo symbol, shaman seed eye, 2013. Why? See it on its own page. See it going to galactic center or featured in Caroling of Wholeo.net 2015 trailer.

The logo of a flat circle and a flat Wholeo symbol is not truly at the center of the galaxy which is multidimensional. See the photo above. In 3D, galactic presence and action, the Wholeo symbol is several ribs instead of just two. That is, a torus core. The circle itself coincides with the plane of the galaxy. The galactic torus with a black hole in the center.

The Geome sparkles connect to everything. They're transducers. They're like vitamins. They're like reporters. They're contacts. So it's not a separate kind of logo, it's a continuous logo. It is making me incredibly happy. It seems like coming home.

Galacting or Galaxying about the earth-moon-sun spin figure by R. Buckminster Fulller.

When doing LeoElo meditation there was a backward E open cavity, L open, and O open forward and back. Also when I did yoga, swinging arms at the end, taking from g and gc and gcc at heart center and swinging it out to this world. Explanation: g=galaxy, gc=galactic center, gcc=galactic center consciousness. Transducer m I. See the full rendering below.

Being there

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