Figure 1130.24, Curvi-wavi-spiralinear paths by R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics 2 *

Galacting or Galaxying

Where is Fuller's use of this term galacting? Not. He says "the ever-more-complexedly orbiting, spinning, and galaxying Sun-Earth-Moon team". Here: That page has a link to the drawing on this page. Terms for me are difficult. In thinking with them and about them, I often inexplicably morph and assume they are something else. I don't know where "galacting" came in. Fuller's term "galaxying" is the same thing. It's about human take-off from our home world into a galactic scenario, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

With R. Buckminster Fuller

This year is Wholeo Galactic 2015. Time to look at this great art by R. Buckminster Fuller (Bucky) seriously. This sketch first appeared in in 2013 when I go galactic. There I give references to the drawing but give no clues to understanding it. Since Fuller gives no direct explanation except that they are "curvi-wavi-spiralinear paths", here's what I see.

R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics 2, figure 1130.24, 'Galaxying' colored

I colored the CENTER OF GALAXY spin path purple. The sun's path zooming around GC (Galactic Center) is red. The EARTH path zooming with and around the sun is green. The MOON path zooming with and around the earth is blue.

At A earth has been traveling on the green short-dashed line from point B where it crossed the sun path on the red long-dashed line. It looks like the earth path would cross the sun path again near A and dip below. Earth's path must be spiralinear although only half a spiral orbit fits in the drawing which equates to half a year.

Points A and B could indicate the equinoxes. If so, the March or Advance Equinox is at point B. We see April, May, June or Inner Solstice, July and August as shown in ellipses drawn around red circle dots like the one labeled "SUN". They are between March and September dates of the equinoxes. The high or farthest away curve of earth's path is roughly aligned with GC. Is this the wavi- part?

Note that the ellipses around the sun dots are short-dashed lines like the earth path. One is turquoise-colored. They could be reminders that earth is orbiting the sun. They also could show the angle that the sun is tipped with respect to the galactic plane and earth's path. That's the curvi- part.

Similar circle dots are labeled EARTH on the green earth path. So could the circling ellipses (such as the small turquoise colored ellipse) be reminders that moon circles the earth along a schematic plane of the solar system?

Why are there 21 earth dots along the earth path? There seem to be about four between each of the six dots on the sun path. Maybe they indicate phases of the moon (new, first quarter, full and last quarter)?

Note at point A three arrows indicating the direction of the paths of sun, earth, and moon around the center of the galaxy (GC, shown at the top). This indicates we are traveling clockwise around GC or counter-clockwise (CCW), the other way, depending if we are looking from the outer edge or from GC.

In studying this sketch, I realized it is loosely drawn with inexact proportions. It is a suggestion of how to conceive of our galactic location. It is not a map. Or perhaps I have not comprehended the meaning of the many irregularities. Following is imagining the earth path completed for a year showing the September or Follow Equinox, October, November, December or Outer Solstice, January and February.

R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics 2, figure 1130.24 as extended for the other half year, September through February


In the movie Galaxying about R. Buckminster Fuller's Figure 1130.24 I explain it, given these assumptions. See a 1.5 minute YouTube or Vimeo version. Offline: Direct.

* Fuller's paragraph 1130.24 on page 10 of the Synergetics PDF (or direct link here: says, "As the humans complete their daily local circuits, the Earth spins about its axis and concurrently orbits the Sun; wherefore the critical spiral path of progressive accomplishment that led to humans reaching the Moon and returning safely to Earth involves not a linear months-and-years progression but a complex of millions of spirals within spirals of an around-the-Sun-by-Earth orbiting and an around-the-Earth-by-Moon orbiting progression, wherein we progressively establish one feedback circuitry system overlapping another, and another, and so on as the year goes around."

I don't know if "galact" or "galaxy" is what galaxies do, or rotate galaxy style, or what I'm doing in wondering about a galaxy. Let's say "to galact" or "to galaxy" is to expand your sense of space, viewpoint or travel beyond earth to a galactic one. What we need now is a Stephen Colbert-type word such as "galaxyness".

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