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Wholeo Galactic badge. Expanded consciousness beacon at Galactic Center links.

Two-way communication with Galactic Center

Wholeo Galactic

Wholeo Galactic Shifted Wholeo. Wholeo Galactic. I needed a new page for my focus of 2012 and beyond. Or is it my life focus? It feels like the tip of the arrow of my life. Fine. I'll do a page for Wholeo Galactic. But a page in this worldwide web needs an URL, a universal locator beyond the domain. So which of Wholeo sections is galactic?

Or is it a new section? No, in one sense, it contains all sections, as the galaxy contains stars and their planets. But those sections have individual natures that don't need to be contained. There is the personal aspect, so it could fit in Caroling. There are trips aspects, so it could be in several Trips parts, its own or under Art or Imagine. Perhaps it is most natural in Lookout following Shift 2013 and the movie I go Galactic. There are Color aspects, the visionary blue vibrations to be administered. As a Catalog x-ref page it could cross reference galactic references anywhere in Wholeo Online. For starters, I can not think of specific Access issues. But there will be a place for them.

Wholeo Galactic Wholeo Online priorities speaks of mystical adventures to the center of the galaxy and beyond.

Vibe orange vast Wholeo Galactic Caroling I was born at the time of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. On my 36th birthday in 1970 I made a connection with the center of the galaxy. My journal entry is on this page. I had been studying astronomy with a special interest in the interrelationships of the axes and rotational planes of earth, moon, sun, solar system and galaxy. I made a room-size model centered on a celestial sphere to get a feel for the angles. In the book Light Body, 1980, with respect to expansion of consciousness, I wrote, "Greeting light-bearing spirits from the center of the galaxy ..." (Also in the book model for Wins.) In December 1998 I spoke of solstice events and provided 360° galaxy views. Recently in weB log 2013, I expand on these ideas, I'm thinking galactically.

Spring, creation panel in Wholeo Dome Wholeo Galactic Trips In 1970, I recorded the journey of my awareness in the Cosmic Consciousness Birthday Scroll painting. The final image in the 36th birthday scroll predicts the search for the whole self that continues and was the theme of Wholeo, the stained glass dome. Specifically in the north of the dome. The panel, Spring, Creation is based on 60 galactic angle vibes. I grew more galactic, as in Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People. In 2003 Galaxy People appeared at Eastern Lake. Gathering of visions at the time of the first full moon after the June solstice in 2006 is key to the movie, Manifest Evolution. In 2009 a retreat meditation solstice alignment page outlined how awareness reaches core guidance at the center of the galaxy. Matrix 2012 Journal excerpts contain many references to the galaxy. As does Visions on the Night Before a New Era, December 20, 2012. Practicing Carolyoga as a way to tune into galactic and super-galactic orbits. In 2015, see Inner Solstice and Follow Equinox for deeper galactic alignment and channeling Meteor Crater Spirit. 2015 Outer Solstice personal galactic center activation.

I go galacticWholeo Galactic Lookout On December 21, 2012 I Go Galactic as featured in LookInOut 2013, Shift Happens. See the rest of that page for Galactic Beam, Galactic Synchronization, and the Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event links. Ongoing and unfinished.

Wholeo Galactic logo presence in actionWholeo Galactic SymbolWholeo Galactic 2014. Wholeo Galactic Symbol/Icon/Logo and presence 2015.

Wholeo Galactic Symbol goes to Galactic Center WGS goes to Galactic Center, 2015. Galacting or Galaxying.

Wholeo Galactic Color Updates to the Galaxy People in color.

Wholeo Galactic Catalog Cross-references link back to this page.

Wholeo Galactic Access

Galaxy People pointing at me with tips, in an edging all around my body in Poincare Dodecahedral Space

Galaxy People as wedges, pie sections, pointing at me with tips, in an edging all around my body in Poincare Dodecahedral Space

EYEbing with Wholeopen exuding blue vibes on Follow Equinox 2013

EIEbing with wholeopens at GC


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