Full moon after Inner solstice 2014
First full moon after the Inner solstice

Wholeo Galactic 2014

This page continues the shift that began in 2012, evolved in 2013 and became established in Wholeo Galactic.

Inner solstice June 21 Inner solstice June 21

New moon after Inner Solstice 2014 - go galactic New Moon June 27

Full Moon July 12

Sirius Day Out of Time July 25

Galactic Synchronization 2014 Galactic Beam Synchronization July 26

Enso zeroes Enso Zeroes

Global Meditation with Unify 8-8-2014 Global Meditation with Unify 8-8-2014

Carolyoga Color Healing Carolyoga Color Healing

Crystal Skull Meditation Vision Crystal Skull Meditation Vision 11-22-2014

Major Event of Transformation (MET) in Blue Pool video Blue Pool video

Outer Solstice December 21

See also Wholeo Galactic and Lookout 2014.

Here is the Banner of Peace, which flies here in support of the Roerich Pact and the awareness of beauty.

Banner for Peace, Roerich Pact, the awareness of beauty will save the world

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