Crystal skull vision from sunrise and global meditation on 11-22-2014

Crystal Skull Meditation Vision 11-22-2014

Joined global meditation at 12 CST with my crystal, Geome. While sitting with the Crystal Skull World Day group remotely, I was also inspired by sunrise meditation with ECMS. Here is a movie of the experience: YouTube or Vimeo. Journal entries give background in the weB log. Read the entry, then scroll up.

Here is the description that appears in the blog and and movie.

"Fantastic totally beautiful meditation vision. I give up. Visions are us. Visions Is me. My skull became crystal light. My whole skull ignited in crystalline light, which illuminated my whole being. And kind of went zap to galactic center seat and that lit up like little or massive geome skulls, zapping along the channels of the sunrise meditation until peace signs all over the galaxy and other dimensions and multi galaxies. It was like the whole, most holiest whole whole possible all exploding like fireworks. Not the guns but the light glee, the merriement, the awe of glow touching all."


Crystal Skull World Day was organized by The Crystal Skull Hearts Council and co-created by the Crystal Skull World Family. The Facebook Event page I saw was not available when making this page. Event related pages:

See Wholeo Galactic 2014 and Lookout 2014.


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