Strange catalog anomaly 4-16-2014

On the left, Geome appeared out of place in the Weekly Images. Right images are correct.

Geome Journal 2014

It started with the Birthday 77 geode find for Caroling followed with journal start in 2011, continued in 2012 and 2013.

Here is 2014. Scroll down for the most recent entry.

Geome in bag04-16-2014 Today people shared weird experiences uploading to facebook. I've just had a very inexplicable experience. Strange enough that I look at the camera eye on my computer, as if a hacker were looking at me, enjoying my perplexity. I was rational about it. Looking at the Weekly Images page in my web page editing program, it showed a picture of Geome (shown at right), while in all other respects, coded to show the small picture of last week, of Wallis' helmet and blaze (shown at the right in the picture at the top of the page). I did nothing about it because it was unreal and so could not be fixed. When I looked at the page in the browser, it showed the correct graphic. Anomaly. Writing this now, hey I'm into consciousness, not hacking. I see this as an omen. I must appreciate, use and hang with Geome more.

Immediately I picked up Geome. It is like UV light cooly electric with a hover aura, sort of not exactly fitting in or weighing in my hand. It is friendly like a heart in feeling, organic, like a bird breast and responding, warming in love feeling. This is the way to interpret experience. Don't mix metaphors but allow consciousness to evolve and stick with what is important, crucial, intense, alive, synergizing.

When I brought Geome to group meditation that night, I left it in my bag. I was fully aware of Geome in meditation with the group, as if that part of anything that meditates is the same, not modified by shape or species.

Sirius Xtal in Geome caretaker07-20-2014 This morning found this picture of Geome that I made on 9-3-2013. Shortly after making the graphic, I left New Jersey abruptly, and lost the inspiration behind it. Why was I looking so deeply and mystically into Geome? Higher res (300KB) or best res (1MB) versions also available.

The name of the photo is Sirius Xtal From Geome. Photo of Sirius.

Touching Geome now, slightly warm and also cool, electric vibe aura. Looking deep into Geome, the crystal facets, I've lost the word. It was something like a counselor or coach, but also reflector, where wholeopen vibes doubled and bounced off but also new vibes suggested reiterated. Is inspirator. Inspiring. Was going to add to Geome journal on web and went too fast to get picture done, which caused loss of the word describing Geome's interaction as vibe instigator or suggestor. Regulator? Interpreter? Maybe friend covers it all.

07-26-2014 So what do I think about this beam anyway. Just saying it, I feel it. I don't know why it seems so real to me. Scallops and scallops. Arcs and arcs. So how are the feet and flowers coming? Have to save that crystal. Seems the most important feature. Like Geome can use that. {This is an excerpt from weB log 2014-07-26.}

Crystal skull Geome 11-22-2014 Geome joined the Crystal Skull global meditation.

Sat for Crystal Skull global meditation at 12 noon CST. Fantastic totally beautiful meditation vision. I give up. Visions are us. Visions Is me. My skull became crystal light. My whole skull ignited in crystalline light, which illuminated my whole being. And kind of went zap to galactic center seat and that lit up like little or massive geome skulls, zapping along the channels of the sunrise meditation until peace signs all over the galaxy and other dimensions and multi galaxies. It was like the whole, most holiest whole whole possible all exploding like fireworks. Not the guns but the light glee, the merriement, the awe of glow touching all.{This is an excerpt from weB log 2014-11-22 and the movie web page: Crystal Skull Meditation Vision.}

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